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Hotcarver @ 03/05/19, 23:40*
Why download to a USB flash drive if it’s enough to upload a torrent file where it’s convenient, watch a movie in the console’s memory or in the cloud and through Ace Stream.

About the torrent and how to throw it, I realized) but how to watch through ace Stream, I have not heard yet) Can I read more?

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I'll see it in an hour. And can it affect the operation of the flash drive?

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Hi guys)
I watch only hd videobox and YouTube on the console (I don’t watch IPTV, because there is nothing normal for free), and everything would be fine, but I want to see a movie that is not in the HD videobox. I downloaded it with a torrent, and earlier I threw it on a USB flash drive and in a prefix, then from a router (xiaomi and Mikrotik) I made a file server and connected an external screw for 750 GB, and looked from the console via wifi (5Ghz benefit).

And today, I wanted to watch one movie that was not in hd videobox. I downloaded it, threw it on a USB flash drive, inserted it into the console, and Bummer. The prefix does not see the flash drive (I tried 3 different ones.)
Through a router - not an option) Since I change the router once a week)) I do not want to keep the PC turned on constantly (I turn it on every 2-3 months to play something). Shuffling movies from the laptop is not an option, I often leave the laptop at work.

So, how to make the flash drive work with the console ??) Or maybe there are more ideas?)
Thank you in advance)

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But how to install stock Windows?
I did everything according to the instructions from the header, it is installed by the script, but after installation - BSOD.

And why are there 2 folders in the archive? What is hidden behind the Chinese characters?)
Attached Image

The problem was solved) I requested an android from scratch, and immediately Windows. Then it started)

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AKSU @ 12.20.18, 14:33*
Mahasuk11, Take the factory Windows from the header and do not worry.

Yes, I understand that there is firewood)
I try to download, only for a long time it

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Guys, please discard someone backup drivers for Windows, there are about a gig of files there. I have a 6th revision (Hi10 HQ64G42180109805).
After the purchase, I immediately demolished the android, and reinstalled my Windows. I want to sell now, I returned the android, reinstalled Windows, and in the process of dragging firewood, a flash drive with them died.
I had backup somewhere else, but at least kill, I don’t remember where I can’t find it!

I will be very grateful!

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Pormgrelch @ 10.10.18, 10:00 p.m.*
if you take into account that you have a microtic - you separated the network from another? firewall, vlan

Not yet, I thought it would cost a different subnet.
Tomorrow I will do vlan. I do not want to pick the firewall) even though my profession is part of it, but I do not like this thing.

I’m just wondering how the Chromecast announces itself over the network)

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* loquito666 ,
Loquito666 @ 6.10.18, 20:41 *
Yes, it's easier to distribute 2.4 addresses on a different subnet, all with one router.

Well, the main one is my xiaomi, it doesn’t know how) and the Mikrotik (the one that I have) does not know how to 5 GHz)
And I did Mikrotik in another subnet) did not help)

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Atapi_li @ 10/06/2018, 19:44*
* mahasuk11,
the funny thing is, I added the phone there, but did not even connect it with the background procesami

To be honest, I did not understand you)

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Atapi_li @ 10/06/2018, 19:23*
* mahasuk11,
settings - developer options-background processes.

I know about that. Thank.
I am about specific applications)

If anyone is interested) then I found:
Settings - Optimization - Battery
At the bottom of the "constantly sleeping applications"

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Easy.Bro @ 10/06/2018, 17:51*
* bzz11g,
In the middle I have this equipment, I bought it by looking in this thread, but what’s wrong, I can’t understand
[attachment = "14048815: IMG_2018-10-06_164940"]

Here it is, a lot of Chinese stuff)

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Guys good afternoon.
Please tell me where to prevent the application from working in the background ?? I can not find.

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igelbro @ 10/06/2018, 14:38*
Come on! Make two networks on 2.4 and 5 Ghz with different ssid and passwords, respectively.

So it is) different ssid, but ip is the same)

I connected Mikrotik the second, made him a different ip, anyway the chromecast is visible) we mean we will turn the firewall

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Do the guys, like on our little animal, make it so that only my one device could broadcast on the chrome caste ??
I do not live alone, and everyone will get something and turn on their own.
I put the xiaomi router 2-band, at 5GHz I hung up only the console and my smartphone, on 2.4 all the rest. It did not help, xiaomi can not share its networks.

Now I’m thinking, I have a second MicroTic router, I’ll connect it after xiaomi, and let everyone else go on it, but on xiaomi I’ll leave only 5 GHz (the prefix and my smartphone).
Will such a miracle work? I just don’t know how the chromecast on the network makes itself felt.

Thanks in advance for your reply.

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_Fishaffair_ @ 07/18/2018, 2:00 p.m.*
* Swedishmafia ,
Yes, they listened to the song, and it was saved in the cache. The cache is encrypted and plays only in this application.

Yes, but this cache disappears after a while.
Precisely did not detect, about a day

Posted on 07/30/2018, 00:01:

Is there an application to automatically download my uploaded tracks ??
Let's say there are 30 tracks, opened the application, they downloaded. Then he added another 10, it added another 10. ??

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* profann,
I saw it too)
Well, he deleted the android, and gave all the space under Windows. but he didn’t demolish the SYSTEM section, and I wonder if I will demolish it, nothing will happen ??

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Marsian4uk @ 05/29/18, 16:24*
Look in the FAQ / FAQ. There is infa how to do it

There infa, how to reinstall Windows stock) and how to remove android separately)
But is it possible to delete all 14 partitions (or how many are there), and install only Windows (not native) from scratch, not there)
Is there anything extra with those sections)

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Good day)
I purchased this subject, as I understand it in the last (sixth) revision (2018 release).
I do not need an android, from the word at all)
Is it possible to completely delete all partitions and install Windows completely, for example from SmokieBlahBlah ?? I can not find the answer in the topic, it is to this question)

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They are called differently, but ip is from the same network

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Good afternoon, please tell me, can I separate the network 2.4 and 5 ??
For example, I have mi box 3 and my phone is at 5 Hz, and everyone else is at 2.4, but they can send video to mi box ....
How to separate them, such as vilanas.

Upd. Podavan firmware

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