Rep: (38)
Herald @ 16.3.2014, 13:10*
Very compressed photos when sending and receiving. Tell me, does everyone have it? How to make it possible to exchange original photographs in uncompressed form?

Send through documents instead of photos

Rep: (38)
perch @ 16.3.2014, 9:31*
And yet ... Where is the video stored?

1. In the cloud
2. When you click on the download, it is in the cache (at the address that I indicated above), after clicking on this button, the “download” button becomes the “watch” button.
3. A couple of days later this cache folder is cleared and the video needs to be downloaded again (see point 2)
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Rep: (38)
RidgeA @ 11.3.2014, 14:39*
rashpel77, did not met. Which for example? Maybe you have them in the startup, and after the restart run, and then, after some time grinifitsiruyutsya?

The most striking example 4pda ann and game
Overlay in the screenshot is OmniSwitch (recently used apps), the screenshot 4pda not in the list of recently run, and it does not sleep in grinifay therefore need to manually put to sleep, although 4pda not put the check on the service, but it is still always sits in the running
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Farxat @ 27.4.2013, 14:22*
Who knows the cause of which is still on the network do not appear dop.slovari?

What for?
Goldendikt + dictionaries with breaking pisyushnoy version and here's the difference
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Who needs and who are not too lazy to do, there's just a text file to edit ( or something like that), and to commit an in Gerrit.
I have neither the desire nor the need to do so, so sorry.

Rep: (38)
http: //forum.xda-devel...wthread.php p = 50760328?
Updated video driver, just flash across rekaveri and forget. Speak fluently rendered everything someone benchmarks even give better results may seem so simple, but all in one voice say that the body has become smoother and otzyvchevee.

And the truth was smoother everything even though I had never hindered, but now somehow different was :-)
Not the fruit of several consecutive messages. use the buttonChange .

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In today's build of light flew notified when the screen is now in full-screen mode or application (immersive mode, when the status bar is hidden), a notification can be seen by the diode

Posted on 04/03/2014, 20:42:

Tomorrow is likely to be added
Immersive mode
- Front: Toggles Global On / Off.
- Back: Toggles modes (Full / Nav only / Status only). (Hide both panels, only navigation or hide only status bar on the back of the tile)

Rep: (38)
galeip @ 27.2.2014, 0:59*
Failure parsing the package ... alas ...

Only works on Kitkata

Rep: (38)
envy :-)
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Rep: (38)
fromfbi @ 26.2.2014, 12:50*
And now after a reboot does not want to go up the phone, very interesting)
Black screen) hours worked, and after the update of any kind.


Rep: (38)
yktfiresun @ 24.2.2014, 17:09*
The desktop disappears, how to fix it?
zadolbalsya all the time to pull shortcuts

You do not accidentally put GNL? Gugel nau launcher. Only a couple of minutes ago, a man zhalovalsyav topic gappsov that this launcher had permanently lost the third screen

Rep: (38)
ras_fyah @ 23.2.2014, 18:55*
It's all subjective. I answer that there is not worth it. Opportunity is clearly inferior. And developed are any stubborn - do not want to stick the obvious possibilities of customization, and if it does, then only when it is in other Romakh have "a hundred years" as is. At the moment, it can have everything and stuck, but until recently, the firmware was very empty. Russian is also absent. Rum develops, but the pace is clearly very much more slowly than those of other developers. I Put, and looked again at the slim generally, although not necessarily on him. Place, try it.

The reason is probably that in the omni sold everything a little differently, the utility made in separate packages - OmniGears, OmniUtils etc.
Features ported with these support packages, and are often written from scratch.
Russian language - go to Gerrit and translate, almost every day mordzhatsya translation of everything into German and French. Russian deal with a couple of people. I do not need a Russian, so do the commits I do not want to Gerrit. For me, the English interface much nicer and easier to understand than the bulky Russian word, devoid of meaning, which often do not fit into the mold line and ugly dot in the middle of the word. Again, for me it's all in English looks much neater and the main thing - to understand.
Deviate from the omni for the same about Falcon. Once I have done to translate into Russian ...
Good for large screens
Good on the big screens - the length of notice of the phrase?
Sync timeout
Synchronization wait time
Timeout synchronization
Tweet (a) pull the - what avno?
Retweet (a) pull the - What the hell deal with transliteration if the word is so clear, or someone can not read the letters?

On reboot into recovery
Reboot into rekaveri?
Reboot into recovery mode?
Boot recovery
Upload rekaveri
Download recovery mode?

appearance ... during a call
... = (there are not enough words in the English context it does not require Russian and something needs to be added)
Appearance conversation? What kind of nonsense
IM during a call? (Pig for a walk? Uiii uiiii)
Law Institute - Yuri Ivanovich?

Rep: (38)
ras_fyah @ 23.2.2014, 13:31*
It can be the same and leave. Take up little space, do not guzzle operatives.

Why, if I'm still not going to use

Rep: (38)
ras_fyah @ 22.2.2014, 14:24*
And why all these troubles? Just because you can not use the firmware?

You can, just in case ... toad
I bought a long time ago next launcher 3d, power amp, Life oboinu points in style Nexus 4, timely (for a couple of days before it was bought by Gugel and made free), 1weather. Therefore launcher stock I do not need the player, too, a pack of Life wallpaper too, ekscheynzh too (I have all the boxes in Gugel mail synchronized), all there Gugel widgets weather and news I do not need (or is it gappsy? I do not remember), the watch stock - so I and delete folders.
If you would not buy, it can be left as is and nothing would be deleted.
I therefore toad strangling, I bought a piece of software, which is now free of charge or removed from the convenience store, bought the apex launcher (my first purchase was) and then bought NEXT launcher and an apex forgot

Rep: (38)
fromfbi @ 21.2.2014, 12:07*

The trouble is) me 4 hours ekarana of 36 hours in total. I think we must try omnirom.

Attached Image
Attached Image

Hide pictures under spoiler.In this way.

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lyuz @ 21.2.2014, 12:26*
Does anyone more beautiful dolphin in the last two nightie?

I do not use it, but now put, it works
Attached Image

P.S. On the approach blacklist

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zuigetsu @ 21.2.2014, 20:49*
And, accordingly, there is a system partition formatting, but I really lip roll that sews stupidly changed files)

Formats and what? Gappsy stored over there a backup script, Ruth saved, all settings, accounts and applications are stored. The only difference is, if you've removed, for example, the Apollo (player), after updating the new Apollo Knightley returns. Every time I remove the 24 applications after each update through TB ​​exclusive list. Can be in the config file (script) on the system partition to specify a list of AIC are automatically deleted after suturing. I threw in the kernel fleshAfterApdeyt folder and disabled safe mode in obnovlyalke, and after each update in the comfort of my tvrp stitched custom kernel itself, runs the system is already in a ready and working with my kernel and my settings. In that folder, you can throw any zip sewn on hda many throw back hpozd framework and Gravity Unit, each time not to flash them.

Rep: (38)
Rocked update using Opendelta and for some reason the file weighs 300MB, I thought that is downloaded only the changed part of it?

Take the previous Knightley, if you deleted after the firmware, of course it will be downloaded. If it does, there is a check, then swinging the delta, then patch previous Knightley, then signed and checked again, in the end, you always have a complete firmware that stitch every day. But she's going to have you on the phone from the old Knightley + delta

Rep: (38)
fromfbi @ 21.2.2014, 10:14*
How many lives from the screen phone, if you do not play?
And just tell us about the power consumption) A feeling that the firmware version is already little depends.

franco kernel, UV -100, reached 5:00 SOT (how much time the amount was included in the screen), and at the same time the charge was still 30-13% (depending on how the phone worked even on battery). Sometimes 13 hours on a battery of them 5 hours screen worked, sometimes 8:00 in all and the screen 5

Posted on 21/02/2014, 11:39:

If the game is not particularly necessary, it is possible to reduce the maximum frequency of cpu and gpu, the brightness of the screen to a car.
On hda say omni longer holds a charge (probably talking about the kernel that comes with the firmware, there is also the frequency can be reduced directly in the settings ->performance), than other firmwares 4.4.2

On the way the battery saving mode, more info here: disable the mobile Internet, when connected via WiFi, lowering the brightness of a certain battery, and switch to 2d)

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There was a new night light, a drop-down list of Network Monitor in the status bar instead of multi checkbox, plus settings for displaying down-, upload files, and both at once, and live wallpapers in the recently opened applications.
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