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* Sataroth,
Offered treatment camera? If so, how?

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I upload photos internally. Marking on the sensor S11.
If anyone knows how to or can collect firmware - unsubscribe me.
P.s .: DZ09 firmware from becoming, but the touch is not working.

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It seems that vsГ« happiness only in my hands got: wacko:

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I have this sign on the chip MTK6260MA. Need (estno) firmware.
Until then I stood MX7-1.54-COB-Y1-9307BOE-YDT-HSJZ-V09.05-20180915 (if it helps).
On the firmware from the topic FlashTool swears error [2022] - not the iron.
thanks to all.

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Connect to a computer if the computer finds something that has a chance to recover.

Posted on 13/01/2019, 18:32:

ikar213 @ 12.01.19, 20:02*
gps normally catches? Satellites do not disappear after a minute the connection?

Yes, he gets sho .... Well it's MTC!

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As promised unsubscribe.
A week passed, the unit will operate normally after recovering NVRAM backup from someone else's body.

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* 2zero , Sewed up, he gave a week otpishus

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How to enter the unit in the meta mode?

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TASiCo @ 02.01.19, 19:19*
What are you waiting for?


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so what? We will flood or nt do ??? : Flood:

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pl1707 @ 01.01.19, 18:33*
Resetting to the factory to do after filling dump?

Do before and after. And be sure to backup. Without a backup did not necks !!!
And it will be like the fact that I have by Smart ...

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No harm in trying - if you have to choose from.

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KinstZ @ 01.01.19, 18:10*
Someone else probably does not help - will fall off the network, vayfay, bluetooth

It has a network of ...

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Hello, Happy New Year!
And yet, share NVRAM backup smart. M29 firmware.
SpasibOOO !!!

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Well, there is such - only Polish t-mobil accepts.

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And who knows how to untie this device from the operator?

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I need a battery for this device. Let me know in PM if anyone knows.

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deniszelenv @ 16.12.17, 09:46*
Prompt flashed a tablet vKA100207_171206_zx proshivkoi folder he gives me jlink error, please update flashtool or use new sca photo prilogaetsya
Reduced by 85%

3264 x 1840 (1.7 MB)

sewed BeToolS 3.6

Cured ??

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Tablet Bobarry k107se ver 4.1 hovered at Bootle. After Science Experiment found two firmware vKA10170D and vKA100008. There was an inscription "uninit failed". No backup. Treatment options have failed by one?

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