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* Drahos88, how much is?

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* titayo,
* Vlnce
Discussion of the work of playlists from the well-known "Eden TV"

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Volume Booster GOODEV
version: 6.4

Last update of the program in the header:01.04.2019

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Short description:
A simple, small application that will increase the volume of the speakers and headphones.

Your speaker or headphone sound volume. Useful for movies, audio books and music.

Use at your own risk. Playing audio at high volumes, especially for a loss of time, can you hear speakers and / or damage hearing Some users HAVE reported destroyed speakers and earphones. If you hear distorted audio, lower volume (but it may be too late).

It is the responsibility of the user to hold the risk. Consider this to be experimental software.

Not all devices support this software. Try it at your own risk.

This app does not work on most 4.2.1-4.3 devices. It should work on 4.4 and higher.

It is not for adjusting the speakerphone volume for phone calls, I think)
When you set the boost to zero, the Volume Booster will be off. The notification icon is just for ease of launching. If the Volume Booster is running, the Volume Booster is running.

Useful for movie, audio books and music. Does not require Root rights.

This application does not work on most 4.2.1-4.3 devices. Should work on 4.4 and higher, as well as on devices below 4.2.1.In any case, read the description of the program.

Android required: 4.0 and higher
Russian interface: Yes

Developer: [email protected]
Google Play:

Version: 6.4 Mod Volume Booster GOODEV
Version: 3.3 Mod Volume Booster GOODEV (Post CMAPTOC # 86531923)

Past versions

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* Malfurion, : congratulate:: drinks:

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ES. @ 06/25/19 12:46*
This is the firmware from Klyde.

is she worse than her own?

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ES. @ 06.24.19, 20:39*
whose firmware is this.

Chinese sent by mail. I wrote to him, they say the jamb with time, he asked for mail and sent. By the way, mtsu last, yesterday looked at the menu.
screen or photo of your gu

there is a smallvideo

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Denso @ 06/23/19, 23:23*

I looked and realized that my radio is crookedly working ..
1. The twister does not work
2. Channels do not remember how to
3. Search by arrows completely different
I think you need to pick the factory radio settings ...

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* Denso, Sori), apparently the Internet was weak. I shake

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Denso @ 06/23/19, 23:23*

does not open(

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Denso @ 06/23/19, 10:41 PM*
recently sent

yes, a week ago)

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* ES., such

Posted 06/06/2019 22:18:

ES. @ 06/23/19 22:12*
link to the firmware?

1. new version mcu
https: // usp = drivesdk
mcu updating video
2. new version system
https: // usp = drivesdk
system updating video

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ES. @ 06/23/19, 21:33*
How did you put it?

The Chinese sent a new firmware with the correction of time, there is a radio.

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Denso @ 06/23/19, 20:25*
I can upload video

I will be grateful.

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Denso @ 06/23/19 20:04*
long tap in number program

With a long tap, only the name changes
Attached Image

It also seems to save the station, auto search is triggered and switches to another station (

Posted 06/23/2019 at 8:16 PM:

* ES.,
Magnifier is looking bad. and not all channels are needed

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Guys who
such a
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radio, tell me how to set up channels ..

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Discussion of the work of playlists from the well-known "Eden TV"

Other providers in the topic are not discussed and deleted without warning!


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Link to the working epg for edema playlistHere
How to watch smart tv through Ott player? -Answer
Channel Icons-1 , 2
IP address of different countries for ping
"How to watch the archive on smart TV (Philips)" -Varian 1/Option 2
Who does not have Russian channels in Ukraine - a solution
IPTV setting from Edem service for Dune HD TV-301 player with Myiptv version 2.2.2 plugin.

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Polls archive

about edema archives
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Which CDN server do you use for
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what you choose to view? (you can choose several options)
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Work of eden
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DiscussionSamsung Galaxy Note 10
Picturecodename DaVinci
Description |Discussion » | Purchase В»| Accessories В»| Firmware В»| A source of information

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Additional Information:

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You can double-click on the circle on the remote

and there is

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Ruslan Abramitch @ 06/15/19, 15:24*
The main thing is that these heels on you (a common expression, without focus on someone) should not be. } -): laugh_wild:

so it is not recognized, it will spit bile, but it is not recognized. : laugh_wild:

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