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Vvaldd @ 07.21.19, 01:00*
G6 on 7k two days without tension, on 8k sometimes not enough.

if the brake and eating 821 in G6 is stretched for 2 days, then the G7 is quiet enough

Rep: (2308)
Proves will be?

https: //www.theverge.c...g-oled-display-samsung

Rep: (2308)
LG G7 Fit - Discussion

Rep: (2308)
Andrei 64rus @ 07.20.19, 16:28*
Masha, the iPhone X has a buee screen: beee:

Also, the screen was produced by Samsung. And the quality matched
Andrei 64rus @ 07.20.19, 16:28*
It is on the Xs and Xs Max that they have amoled out to another level.

of course. the displays on them started shipping LGD

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who cares @ 07.21.19, 19:28*
turned out to be incredibly annoying almost from the start.

than? size? lags raw nougat?

Rep: (2308)
f-f-f @ 07.21.19, 21:35*
Someone tell you the alternative?

LG G7 Fit - Discussionand nfc and ip68 in stock

Rep: (2308)
fforward @ 07.20.19, 15:47*
Soon shallow: umnik:

Leading anal itik called brand losing popularity. And Samsung is the first in line to disappear from sales

Rep: (2308)
fforward @ 07.20.19, 15:37*
Phonebook, search by first letter after space

nobody will do such a thing, at a time when search is built into Android, and even there is a button with a voice assistant that understands "call Natasha." koryabat something in the call is like a pre-revolutionary relic

Rep: (2308)
You can go to the and see how much waste was bought and how much LG was bought.
And it will immediately become clear to whom and what is needed.

The classic explained everything about this:concrete obelisks, in semolina 2 sausages love our people
And why, and because everything is floodedadvertising calling to buy this waste

Rep: (2308)
Nameless Anonymous @ 07.22.19, 19:16*
Who said: "This is not lags, this is animation?" : rolleyes:

so it was an animation. : comando: if it was turned off then the lags disappeared.

Rep: (2308)
fake or replica T1?

Rep: (2308)
Prozak! @ 07.21.19, 23:28*
The LG G7 Thinq is not serious by itself with a drain chamber, the lack of stereo speakers and micro-lags, even in the native shell.

animations in Pie visually, now the ski animated cartoon from stock android, and lags from their old shells left

Rep: (2308)
Prozak! @ 07.21.19, 23:28*
and mikrolagami even in the native shell.

And they no longer have a native shell. In the Pie on the G7, all the animations from Pixel already exist nowhere. pure stock android just your lancher

Rep: (2308)
djex1989 @ 07.22.19, 18:32*
so that to whom it does not bother - I agree, a good option

Read the reviews of those who tipal this bang and when bought - do not notice

Rep: (2308)
What can he surprise?

so he is the leader

Rep: (2308)
JuraREC @ 07.22.19, 10:43*
Android devices as close as possible in terms of video quality with iPhone?

lg v40

Rep: (2308)
Anneeta @ 07.22.19, 13:32*
even having increased the budget, I find nothing according to my requirements if I put the most comfortable screen for reading as a basis.

coming to Poland forLG V40 - Discussion

Rep: (2308)
Nameless Anonymous @ 07.22.19, 17:14*
is it from the incredible demand for glorius dumped from all the CIS markets? : rolleyes:

No, I think it is from the trolls that 20X in the size of the tablet replaces the dialer and the camera

Rep: (2308)
djex1989 @ 07.22.19, 15:36*
Looked at - LG V30 + and Meizu 16th (but they are also oled)

in the G7 there is a 3.5mm, and a DAC, and a weight of 160, and an IPS, and a microsd slot, and all that is needed

Rep: (2308)
Gramual @ 07.20.19, 14:49*
And the fact that autonomy is the objectively weak side of this phone. And why try to prove that it is not - I do not understand)

foreigner4 @ 07.20.19, 14:43*
disadvantages associated with autonomy,

when you all the trolls help themselves without helpBeckerMaria, -_doc_- and theirs haloperidols and start to compare already comparable? G7 has autonomy at the same level as its competitors in the mass-dimensional niche, such as galaxy S9, iPhone X and the like mi 9 se. People, most of them, do not need any shovels like Mate 20X, OP7Pro, MI 9T, Galxy Note 9 and the like Compact phone, summer 2019 - is there hope?

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