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We are selling

Yes, I see, the Blackberry section is completely devoted to advertising your own business :)
What else can I say?

Perhaps about anything. I'm not trading ...
The topic is called "How to buy a Blackberry, on the example of St. Petersburg." There is not a single sane shop (except for the salons of opsos - not counted).
And 100% of my acquaintances who like blackberry products buy it directly abroad.
I think everyone will draw conclusions for themselves after reading this topic.

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Not so you got into a discussion.

God be with you, where is the discussion here? ..: lol:
If "hands are not from that place ..."

I agree, unfortunately this is very often.
Therefore, there will always be demand for technically advanced consultants, and further it will only grow, given the trends.

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Allow me to answer - I am the owner, one of the online stores (the oldest) in Russia selling exclusively BlackBerry, as well as dmitrik - in Ukraine.

And we do not buy this.

Let me ask you - what kind are you buying? European assembly? Generally speaking, there are differences from North American. However, what this is all about ... Advertising your own business and services is certainly commendable, you write correctly about "You buy on all kinds of ebay, and then bring to our technical services and start crying - oh, how bad things are with my bb , help, "because that's the way it is - they get a beautiful phone, but after a couple of hours of fruitless attempts to find Skype and Navitel in the device, screaming" why I bought it "they run into the service, instead of reading a few articles on the Internet and at least understand what it is and why it is needed at all :)
We are talking about different things - here people ask, because they want to save money, and this is understandable - not everyone has the opportunity to purchase the device directly in a foreign store.

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Yeah, especially this one:

And about this:
you probably have not heard?
Kindle_for_BlackBerry.rar (745.89 KB) Downloads: 0

Or about it:
BukuReader_1.2.3_BlackBerry.rar (1.17 MB) Downloads: 0

Can you imagine, heard ... And what, already Kindle Store has opened free access to e-books, and there is something to read in Russian?
Or is the font size in the second reader enough not to view the screen through a magnifying glass?

Posted on 02/16/2012, 2:32 PM:

Are there free readers for this platform that will burn fb2 and epub?

By the way, other than fb2 other formats no longer exist? Convert to txt and there will be happiness ...

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Mobipocket Reader for Blackberry, nothing is better yet invented.

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Gelsomino @ 02/15/2012, 20:02*
I thank for the description of 9900, but I form my opinion on the basis of the invoice. About half dead batteries for the first time I heard from you.
Share a link on the topic, it will be very interesting to explore.

I will not post here links to well-known thematic sites, so as not to be considered for advertising, there is information, quite a good google.
Fully supportmyrainbow , made a very informed choice, just for comparison, I will give you the main characteristics of 9700 and 9900, which can be crucial:
- the usual screen 2.44 "against capacitive multitouch 2.8";
- 480x360 against the monstrous 640x480;
- battery 1500 mA / h versus 1230 mA / h.
Summary: if you have eagle eyesight and spend the whole day indoors with a bunch of sockets, then 9900 is what you need :)
I used 9700 for two years, and this model behind the scenes remains the leader among ROME products, because:
- it has everything you need (without fanaticism);
- the battery actually holds 5 days, or even more;
- at 9700, it becomes beautiful as a five, as well as a six (I’m talking about the axis, who loves what, loves one).
Name at least one such model?
From here, prices are still quite high at 9700, and see how much the 99's are sold almost immediately after purchase ...

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Northern Sky @ 02/15/2012, 2:05 pm*
And nothing for 9860 ...

Look here - programs, themes, wallpapers ...
However, what prevents to make the wallpaper from the most suitable picture? A pair of mouse clicksfree faststone editor :)

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About ebay - especially pleased
What do you think - what percentage of what you send to REF?

What pleased you? :) The point, as they say, is master's - buy in muddy Russian online stores, where the percentage generally tends to zero.
I repeat - this is where RIM products are discussed. In the topic of Symbian, we do not write about the Chinese Nokla, which littered the entire Internet?

Posted on 02/16/2012, 07:11:

So this is the real Storm, only ref (assembled from various spare parts, various Storms - "on the knee" by Chinese craftsmen).
On ebay you can meet such ... and not only Storms.

Let me ask you: why are you buying? Why not buy a genuine machine, assembled in Mexico, for example?

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Section about phones RIM Blackberry.

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The shaft of this shit ....! but it can be seen from afar confused with the original phone as it seems to me hard

Show at least one ... Or give a link.
And what does it mean seen from afar? On the site is quite a specific list of models. If you are talking about Chinese phones, this is a completely different section of the forum.

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Use ...AT)

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You just do not know - there is no Chinese bb in nature ...
9900 - this is not the best choice (half-dead battery and other shoals for the first model in the line).
As for the purchase, it is better to order on Amazon or buy on ebay, if you do not want to overpay to intermediaries, and you can always download the russified firmware from offsite.
If you are confused by the lack of Russian letters on the clave, then you can find it again in the flea market. The same keyboards are sold in Moscow with a premium of 200-250%.
So everyone chooses for himself - in time and money.

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Mr.mishany @ 02.02.2012, 22:54*
Help. The problem is this: there is an MMC mobile (kingmax) -2Gb card, in the phone and the camera it works without problems, but when connected to a computer through a card reader it writes "the disk is write-protected". Read from it - please, and format or write to it . I tried different card readers, connected to different computers, formatted both in the phone and in the camera, the problem did not dare.

Probably damaged controller.
Try some simple manipulations:
1. Download the programChipGenius v4.00.0022 RC3. Insert the card into the card reader and use this utility to determine the type of controller.
2. On this pageenter the VID and PID of the controller, get a link to the utility (or through the Search).
3. Download the found utility to repair / restore the controller, read the readme and continue to follow the instructions.
From myself I will add - I used it many times to restore flash drives / memory cards. The probability of recovery is 50/50, there is a probability of losing the carrier during inept actions, so at your own risk! If the formatting in the computer is not critical, continue to use as before.

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