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snack-bar serving patties
version: 1.3.1

Last update of the program in the header:04.12.2012

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Short description:
Client for easy reading site.

Client for easy reading site

* fit
* cool
* archive
Search pies
Ability to share the pie

Russian interface: Yes
The program supports installation on SD (OS 2.2+)

Developer: Anatoliy Shulipov (itolianezzz)
Google Play:

version: 1.3.1 http: //

Past versions

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Version 1.3.1.
  • Fixed the applications after updating the design of the site

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Attached fileru.spb.itolia.perashki-v.1.3.1.apk(705.46 KB)

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Version 1.1:
  • Added display of pie author

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Attached fileru.spb.itolia.perashki-v.1.1.apk(702.75 KB)

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Version 1.01:
  • Reduce the size of your APK

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Attached fileru.spb.itolia.perashki-v1.01.apk(822.35 KB)

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Let's try: rolleyes:
there is still an addition to synchronize with ToodleDo

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On android 2.2 nicht installed: resent:

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I normally work)
hero with custom firmware 2.1

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Defo @ 17.5.10, 10:54*
For some keywords to search on the Market?

I find the word "bank" (Russian program w;))

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OlegKrikun @ 6.5.10, 12:32*
Poklast file in "/ sdcard / MobileBank" devil.gif

Potestit not yet on what, as long as there is no sms, so 6opo9a, CrOm83 and itolianezzz - check sveta.gif

This trick is only for android 2.1? 2.1 worked, and 1.5 crashes force close when opening the program ((((

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mozgi_na_stene @ 7.5.10, 13:03*
Tried to do a full wipe and zanogo firmware to roll, then rolled forward without reloading the latest radio and reboot?

I'll have to try it.
Just using gps test check program. Barely barely saw 1 satellite. shows that happened two satellite spots (their values ​​skip from 19 to 32) does not use them (like at least 3 to determine the location should be used)

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On BeHero + I can not make gps :(
I tried:
  • Sew radio with included gps, wi-fi, bt
  • Sew the previous version of the radio

Nothing helps. Advise still a thread method

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CrOm83 @ 4.5.10, 11:26*
I sberbankovskie sms come on behalf SBERBANK (formerly came from the number 900).
how to add them to a list of numbers is a word?

Same with the beginning of April the number has changed to the word parsing and stopped working (((
Still can not wait to fix (

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The player is cool. Only it is not clear how to use mood player.

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