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Hi people. I have a p1 xl phone, and there was such a problem with it. last night the phone was discharged to zero and turned off. when I arrived home I put it on the charge, for a while, the red charging indicator simply blinked, then the phone vibrated once and the screen lit up, there was some strange ripple on it. after another 10 minutes the phone itself booted into recovery, I chose to reboot into the system, the phone turned on, but now the battery indicator shows 0% and “charging”, it took 20 minutes and URA! He shows 2% ...
Please add to the header that you should not discharge the phone to zero! : dirol:

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give a link to the firmware for p1xl to return the available memory 8GB, not 4

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* Sergei111555,
connect the phone to the computer, debugging on yusb is included.
with the help of this program, run it, enter the unit and press "Enter" :)
But at the expense of drivers, in the header there are links to all the instructions that are needed, study carefully

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what firmware?
deliver through cwm niisp 803

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at startup, the phone should have suggested which language to use, in the settings* Woland666666,

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This is how I installed the 803 firmware
1. I bought a Huawei Ascend P1 XL phone with installed firmware 4.0 not EmotionUI
2. Installed CWM.
3. Installed firmware 710 EmotionUI, and before the release of 803 used this firmware.
then I wanted to put 803. After a short dance with a tambourine and a change of firmware and loaders I came to the conclusion.
So let's go.
To begin with, everyone who has the phone freezes at the download stage and sees only the logo.
1. You need to install a standard recovery, and flash the phone through dload on the Intermediate pack.
2. Next, I flashed the phone through dload to 710 firmware.
3. Install CWM recovery.
4. We throw in the root of the map archive with firmware Niisp_U9200_b803_EMUI-2.0_lite.
5. We do wipe and flash.

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Poke your nose into a patch or instruction so that all memory is available in P1XL
Threat firmware 803 for CWM

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Now I tried to flash the 710 official through dload, it did not work. worth emo recovery.

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* niisp,
I used to have firmware 4.0 not emotion, I installed CWM and through CWM I installed 710 emotion.
Apparently, now I need to flash through dload on emotion, and only then put 803?

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can try to put immediately 803 through dload?

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also something doesn’t come out to put the B803 Niisp
I used to set normally 710 niisp, through a digital computer, wipes do everything several times, and put the firmware 2 times.
hangs when you turn on the logo of the huavei, and FIG what you do

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and how to return the standard theme without deleting the program?

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Who knows where to download the Pro version?

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trash removal patch
who put share experience.

on windows 8 x64 will your patch work normally?

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Has anyone been waiting for her already? Where to get widgets on it ??

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Someone would write normal instructions and attach files, otherwise it would be sad for several hours to search and not find everything

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need a program - a replacement for a standard SMS client. it is terribly not comfortable)
I would also like to install another keyboard (as in android)

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Sony NWZ-E444 8Gb + Philips SHE8000 ears
a very good and convenient player 2 years yuzayu and happy as a boa constrictor)))): lol:

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I'm afraid to sew this Chinese. surprisingly, it works fine with standard firmware. modelwonder media wm8650diode is blue. is firmware suitable for it?

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and when flashing will support new usb modems?

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Which melon moment is the most normal of the present firmware?

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AlchemyDoes anyone have this?

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