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Thank you, guys. Put all wipe, except for the date format. It can as often happens in the great ranodom xiaomi. And I just do not fortanulo). Well, sort of found a way out.

Who cares, and one with shutter lag and lags at turning applications. Found a crutch, these logs do not allow. You do everything at your own risk.
To do this, leave the full-screen control buttons (not including gestures), I at the same time lag is not noticed.
Install Fluid Navigation (better to download the full version with PDA), customizable gestures as you want, include autostart applications hang on lock app that would not unloaded. And in the application to disable the navigation bar (but who uses the client 4pda with such disabling the navigation bar will not open the photo in full screen in the client), it is possible through build.prop or module via magisk.
After that you can safely juzat through gestures Fluid Navigation without lags in the curtain and folding applications.

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Hello. The subject did not come for a long time. I am sitting on kostomah since unlocking the bootloader (half a year). I decided to try to return to miui. Staged yesterday Masika extremely unpleasantly surprised that the shutter lag is lowered to the unlocked phone (on the lock screen shutter is released without lag), as well proposes animations when minimizing the application. All these logs appear when you sign inclusions, without gestures going smoothly.
My question is, no one he uses gestures or just my data lags, or is it the norm? Maybe there is a solution of this issue? Or is there a firmware which does not lag gestures and blind? (After the new year put some firmware there were also problems with the curtain because it went back on custom bikes)

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MaZBox @ 9.04.19, 8:34*
Good morning! No one else PE Caf deadline, when the power button lock screen, occasionally, for about 30 seconds can not unlock?

There is such a bug.
Plus a network icons are spaced so far that even the wifi icon does not fit, can accommodate only one battery and sim card.
Settings or what not. Except as smooth (Mokee little bit inferior in smoothness), for yourself or anything good is not found in the firmware.

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* hack2000216 How many are not sewn on to Pie custom bikes, all firmware Youtube full-screen displays.

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That's why not open the photo in full screen in the clientsavagemessiahzine.comI have. We had to turn off the navigation bar across the system, and I have through the application fluid navigation gestures were disabled.
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* icewell , * icewell ,
At the first assembly of Pie, when there were schools with departure Yutuba and VC. Then do not upload photos on Avito, just like in the Facebook application. Now it is fixed a, and Aex photos loaded on 4pda. And on the Havoc are not loaded. In principle, not critical, you can live with it)
I want to try more Oxygen.

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* icewell ,
Havoc on 01/22/19 I do not have such a scanner.
I have not uploaded a photo on the full screen in the client 4 PDA.
For the rest, it feels good.
Before that was Aex left with her phone did not sleep on it.

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* IgRom7 , In the screenshot, that is above in the green box is the latest version on which the machine, as I understand it fresh the latest firmware on the website (but not exactly). A link to our already lower. With her, it is necessary swing.

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IgRom7 @ 23.01.19, 10:30*
And what kind of "Rom" weighs 360mb ???

It is not in our unit. On our 744 meter weighs.
If you are talking about the havoc
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* amik1234 ,
In miui not. Swipe from the bottom only all.
There are some gestures
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ussqa @ 19.01.19, 23:55*
this is what firmware do you have?

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Too sympathetic clock and battery are cut off at the edges.

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* vano2z
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* riabchun ,
On PE there are no gestures. On crDroid, if memory serves there are some gestures, well, they are not really. I put fluid navigation gestures for sign language.

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Maybe then someone will write who in the PE that does not flies, which versions of applications installed (vayber, VC, YouTube)? In the last PE, all the same, the same fly out of the Market application. Kate mobile working, does not take off.

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PE is also liked by the smoothness. All quickly, smoothly. But there is no additional configuration. But in crDroid additional settings and have a bunch of like everything translated.
If not for the bugs with applications that would remain the same on the PE, and fell back to miui.

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* Niko_8080 ,
Happy for you. I have none kastomov not these applications work. Apparently, not only from me, someone wrote above, that does not work Vayber.
EC official takes off, put another client (it even tried to elk), is not an official working properly. Just off Youtube crashes. Well Vayber too.

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* Diy2210 ,
On crDroid I have the same trouble. VC Vayber, Youtube fly.

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On PE Youtube crashes (crashes), Vayber hangs crashes, hangs VC flies, it is 10 minutes of use, I noticed that, while recovering applications. On 15 elk so it was sad (

I went to try Crdriod

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* alex_flasher ,
Put on December 14th.

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lizaagapova2015 @ 16.12.18, 7:27*
no soap, but so much noise

How much noise, and under what conditions? If you're shooting during the day in good light, the noise should not be, because ISO minimum. And if you're shooting in low, low light, it is not surprising that popping noise. At high ISO 3200/6400 and above, even a mirror in which the matrix of an order of magnitude longer than the phone and the noise. There's no go, for photos need a light, no light there is no photography. If not enough light output two: increase the ISO, or make a slower shutter speed. Stock chamber does not want or can not put a long exposure, so lifts the ISO from this popping noise, running squelch turns soap (oil).

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