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He sets himself 14.2 build 136 Premium. At first thought, and I said run that injected with YouTube is not supported, Song for saying good: D

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Guys, reread the branch, but did not understand, is it possible on the stock firmware to connect to the existing wifi network with 2.4 GHz Internet and distribute the Internet with another SSID through 5 GHz or 2.4 / 5 GHz interfaces?

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Guys, tell me, what is the optimal transition procedure to Mira + HEN 1.5 on HEN 1.7?
1.7 runs faster, but after it starts all installed games are asked to buy into.
You can just reinstall the top and continue the saves? Or make backups / recovery?

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Guys, look in the main spoilers description and characteristics. So one of them claimed that WCDMA 2100, and the other has WCDMA 2100/1900/850.
All the same it's fair? My question is that I want the device to be compatible with chan_dongle and that he was able to work in voice WCDMA 1900/850.
Prompt, it need some specific version of the whistle? Or anyone can make money in North America? Gugleniya nowhere leads distinctly} -)
PS: I see that the GSM quad-band, but there is no GSM o.O cover

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evl99 @ 28.12.16, 05:27*
Consumes 0.1 A, an external HDD WD consumes 0,5A to 0,7A load.

Thanks. tplink 3020 consumes 0.17A at 4.9V, so I buy nexx

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Guys, connect someone apparatik via USB Doctor. Interested in how much it consumes power at 5V when it is loaded.
I decide that apply to battery power. Subject or 3020 from tplinka.
Thank you very much

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Guys, something I brake. Soldered Thins, was 3.55 FSM poured into the NOR-ku: rolleyes:
What's next? Hard reset on your computer, to throw back and pour immediately Habib 4.76?
Or pour 3.55OFW c zeroed Hardy, get out of the FSM and pour Habib?

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often use remote desktop, ie rdp with the animal.
after installing 1.35 and post-installation procedures of all I was delighted firmware
but when you come to a remote computer, the fonts obtained beaten, very large, and they spoil the picture with remote machines win xp.
1.30 everything worked fine
how to re-set "Remote Computer"? : Sveta: or should wait for a new release 1.xx: blush:

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Guys, how to get Claudia standard gestures in 6.5?;d=1239994238

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in wm6.5 on HTC unfortunately not switch to the standard keyboard, only the "Touch input"
who knows how to get the standard, and where are the files? : Sveta:

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myrainbow, pumped 1.17 instead of 2.07 and yet still have not found a standard keyboard.
Standard stitching it is, and it can be selected instead of the "Touch input"
Kindly tell me, on their own, I can add a standard, throwing files? : Sveta:
Because of the lack thereof, it is simply unrealistic difficult because Gesture on the keyboard work from 2002 to the present day: thank_you:

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Help to return the old keyboard with ala gestures:
I downloaded version 2.07: rolleyes:

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