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Hello! And thanks to that responded quickly to my questionAsus ZenFone Max ZC550KL (MSM8916) - Discussion (Post demuz7 # 62543832)about poor GPS performance.
I did as advised and received a "brick." Of course - he is guilty.
How did this happen? I disassembled, modified and assembled. Then he noticed that the screen like a little loop naperekos. What the devil pulled me to correct him ... At the same time forgot to pull the ribbon cable from the battery, ie, corrected "nagaryachuyu".
As a result, a black screen while the phone call takes.
Suffered in the service, the conclusion - to change the motherboard. But they somehow nowhere.

Now the question: tell me where in the Ukraine, you can buy a motherboard for our machine (or can be ordered in China), it is a pity to landfill was a good phone.
Everyone gave Google, phoned - not available. While other models have all ASUS.
I would be grateful for the tip! : Thank_you:

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Call recording, I used all the time Call Recorder (with other devices). Honor 8 I have recently. Established a program, records only me. Prompt configured to write both subscribers. Or maybe a program that works correctly with this unit.

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Greetings to all owners Zenfone Max! Prompt, who works as a GPS-navigation?
GPS-test program shows that the phone finds the satellites, sees them, but information from them zero or almost zero.
The geo-enabled mode transmission settings "from all sources".
But the most that can be achieved from it, it's here:
Attached Image
Attached Image

As a result, when using navigation persistent reports that "the connection with satellites is lost," is a pointer jumps and a long delay.
Samsung S3 phone showed another very precisely, even to be seen which side of the street you go.

So I wanted to know who is working as a gps-navigation?

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* werest55,
Well it sounds, I found it gdo it should be regulated.

Well, where is it? Where to adjust the volume of the incoming call? Tell a secret!

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* werest55, It is not MTK processor on snapdragon does not.

those. None of this can not be correct ?!

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I note that some engineering settings are not in place, for example:

- The volume of the incoming call would like to have higher (rocker gave full, but often this is not enough)
- Vibration longish, to make it short, just to be seen that the phone responds, and then it is straight "out of the housing bending over backwards"
- Screen brightness in small automatic mode, although the brightness of the stock in a large manual mode.

I understand that all this can be adjusted in the engineering menu. But all the codes, which I found in-HETE is not reached.
The only responds to the code * # * # 4636 # * # *, when dialing a window appears with the name "Test", and there is information about the device, statistics, wi- fi info. Engineering is not a menu.
Who managed to get into the engineering menu?

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RoStHa, tj2012 , Thanks for the tips!
Set Dual sim selector, everything is simple and convenient. However, works correctly only paid version from Market. Versions with pills - buggy. Apparently, the new iron + pretty new OS.
Try True phone and DW Contacts.

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Thanks for the answer.
Why not? Everything is! Setting parameters dual sim card. Push a voice call, and select.

Here you can set a time for all the rooms, with a card call?)
And if I then need to call another card?
Well I described in the Samsung S3 Duos can be set for each phone number to call with any card. And for which do not specify - ask.
This farm ...

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ZenFon Max bought for my daughter. While the birthday has not yet arrived, he decided to drive a little machine. Basically all happy.
But that's not quite gethow to manage simkarty !
I have a Samsung S3 Duos, everything is clear and understandable. In the contact list, a long press on the phone number displays a context menu where you can choose which SIM cards to call on him. There is no such menu. There is no widget for a SIM card, no indication of what the sim card is active. Only if the number is dialed on nabornike, you have a choice, with a card call.
Help plz!

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Hello! An interesting program, set from the market.
Is she treated here?

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Well, at 9 inches eyes can count pixels)
On my of 2048 x 1536, the eyes are not counted.
You can take a screenshot (both the power button and VOL-) on the computer and look at the picture resolution.

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crystal effect or graininess of the screen due to an internal film

as for me, a great screen, I do not see any crystal effect.

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Maybe something else surfaced, some kind of school with charging or tachim ...

I bought 3 months ago. All is well. If I have a cant with charging or with a touch, then it will be a cant withmycharging or tachim. And this does not mean that you should not buy this tablet.
Everything I wrote in January is relevant now. And read the three pages!

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I ask the owners to briefly describe the main pros and cons in the tablet.

The first post read, there just about it. And the first page too.

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And which program sees the default NTFS flash drive?

I also use the ES-conductor. I inserted an OTG cable with a USB flash drive, in the Explorer menu on the left, in the “Local Storage” section, an image of a card with the usb icon appears. I poke it and open the flash drive. When I need to disconnect, I poke at this point again and it disappears - safe removal.
Fat32 supports up to 4GB, try downloading 8GB.
And you can just look at the properties, which I did. And it says "NTFS file system". In addition, I myself flash drive and formatted for NTFS.

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At leastofficial websitethrough which the manufacturer sells, the description even now states "USB: USB 3.0" - this is a lie.
Moreover, I used this word consciously, because they still had several "annoying errors" that I pointed out to them: at the time of the order (and I ordered my tablet exactly there) the battery capacity was 8200, now they write 5800 mAh. ROM was indicated 32GB, when I poked my nose - they fixed it. After I asked why so many mistakes and everything was for the better, they stopped publishing my comments on the site.
china eat china ...

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In theory, android does not have NTFS mount firmware.

I think the Chinese took care of this. The OTG cable on the tablet works without problems, and it also needs software by default. The same OTG cable on the original Galaxy SIII does not work.
NTFS reads 100%), I just have big movies on this flash drive (more than 2 Gb). But microSD has not yet verified.
The fact that microSD is fast is good. But here I do not agree! This is not USB, this is a different controller. The manufacturer claimed that it is USB3.0 on the tablet, but unfortunately it is not.

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Yarchik, thanks for the message.
install software for connecting flash drives with the NTFS file system
My default reads flash drives with NTFS.
By the way, with USB 3.0 they lied, the flash drive on the tablet reads at a speed of 3.7 MB / s. For comparison, the same flash drive on a computer 50-70 Mb / s (from it to the SSD)

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Now, what else to do next)

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Installed CPU-Z. She's lying)
Here are screenshots
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

As for USB-3.0, it copies from a USB flash drive via OTG at a speed of 3.78 MB / s. A flash drive can give up and 70. Ie Either such a trinol chip, or it's still 2.0.
But this is enough to show 4K video directly from a flash drive without brakes.

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