Rep: (421)
Upd Clean Master VIP

What's new:
Optimize product speed & performance
More powerful antivirus engine & scanning
Fix some known bugs

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Rep: (421)
F-Droid 0.46 from 31/05/2013

What's new:
* Worked around a bad interaction with Google App Verification (relevant only to proprietary software users)
* Minor UI improvements (layout, spacing)

Attached files

Attached fileF-Droid_0.46.apk(447.18 KB)

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Rep: (421)
F-Droid 0.42 from 24/03/2013

What's new:
* New option to launch installed applications directly from the client.
* Improved repository update checking performance. (Including etag support)
* Fixed crashes when searching with 0 or 1 results in some languages ​​(e.g. Italian)
* Lots of translation updates, and some new languages.

Attached files

Attached fileF-Droid_0.42.apk(254.54 KB)

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Rep: (421)
* elthebest oh ... this is cho ...
Sanctions from meil ru? :))) hd .. It seemed ...
.... naern tracks greedy labels / copyright holders .. frightened by claims)

Rep: (421)
* Evilllgang , yes to you, look Qms, (pm) threw off the modified versions of the keit mob with background playback. music, sewn proxy and other usable and necessary functionality.
I suspect that not hspot is guilty, but VK. :) But I can not say for sure, I did not check it. Gplay version Keit mob :))

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Rep: (421)
* OsanovSergey ,
Cache delete over and give permission for date. Phone reboot or
sharing dates hpota help :)

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Rep: (421)
You can mod version / patch Lp. & with Kate mobile sho will be: happy:

Rep: (421)
Works norms, installed through the root installer on top of the official from Play Store
(I used the official version for a couple of hours ..)
Elite Crack. 6.1.0b61030

MB who is useful .. :)

Xs, works with a clean installation or not.

Upd. 6.1.0b61030 Elite Cracked.
Works flawlessly without annoying update warns.
Root Install above Gplay version after using a couple of hours.
Works on 2 devices.

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Rep: (421)
Xs .. Helps to resolve the issue on 8.0, 7.0, 4.2.2 vedroydah

1. Remove naf hotspot
2. Set the original from the playmarket.
3. Run
4. Next, we put elites on top - it works and that is ok.
1. We put the business version
2. Run.
3. Above the elitka and norms .. :)
Alternate the installation sequence and this. The original is a business elite and one of the options will do.

Also, the original can be done through lp business, then put on top of the elite and voila :)

: happy:
Successes, suddenly someone will be interesting and useful. :)

Rep: (421)
Upd Mod Lite (by Baltan)

Languages: En, Ru
Optimized graphics & cleaned resources for fast load.
(5.35mb apk size)
Encrypted all resources

Rep: (421)
Mx player 1.7.9 pro final full + codecs 1.7.9 + free 1.7.9
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached fileMX_Player_Pro_1.7.9.apk(6.45 MB)

Attached fileMX_Player_kodek_ (ARMv7_NEON) _1.7.9.apk(4.18 MB)

Attached fileMX_Player_kodek_ (ARMv6_VFP) _1.7.9.apk(4.1 MB)

Attached fileMX_Player_kodek_ (ARMv7) _1.7.9.apk(4.1 MB)

Attached fileUmnaya_Blokirovka_ (plagin) _1.0.apk(69.74 KB)


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Rep: (421)
TouchPal Cute Emoji Premium
Attached fileTouchPal Cute Emoji Premium MB)

TouchPal 2017 Emoji Premium
Attached fileTouchPal 2017 Emoji Premium MB)

TouchPal ABC Keyboard Premium
Attached fileABC Keyboard Premium MB)

What's new
Whats new:
- Keyboard will pop up and close faster
- Add translations for multiple languages
- Stability improvements

Rep: (421)
Update 1.7.14 pro (original not cracked) neon
1.7.14 pro
1.7.14 free neon
1.7.14 free
Codecs 1.7.14
Kids lock plugin
Collect collector

Everything is original.
(For correct work of pro versions, you will need a broken market.)Attached filevideoplayer_pro__1_7_14_neon_direct.apk(6.72 MB)

Attached filevideoplayer_pro__1_7_14_direct.apk(2.33 MB)

Attached filevideoplayer_ad__1_7_14_market.apk(2.56 MB)

Attached filevideoplayer_ad__1_7_14_neon_market.apk(6.95 MB)

Attached fileffmpeg_mips32r2__1_7_14.apk(4.95 MB)

Attached fileffmpeg_v7_vfpv3d16__1_7_14.apk(4.2 MB)

Attached fileffmpeg_x86_sse2__1_7_14.apk(4.41 MB)

Attached fileffmpeg_x86__1_7_14.apk(4.43 MB)

Attached fileffmpeg_v7_neon__1_7_14.apk(4.42 MB)

Attached fileMX_Player_kodek_ (ARMv5) _1.7.14.apk(4.31 MB)

Attached fileMX_Player_kodek_ (ARMv6_VFP) _1.7.14.apk(4.2 MB)

Attached fileMX_Player_kodek_ (ARMv6) _1.7.14.apk(4.24 MB)

Attached filekidslock__1.apk(69.74 KB)

Attached filelog_collector__1_5.apk(272.9 KB)

Attached fileffmpeg_source__1_7_14.7z(9.7 MB)

Attached KB)

(a bit later I will give a post in a divine form)


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Rep: (421)
Update 1.7.13 Pro
Attached fileMX_Player_Pro_1.7.13.apk(6.6 MB)

+ codecs

+ pro neon official
Attached filevideoplayer_pro__1_7_13_neon_direct.apk(6.6 MB)

+ neon free ver
Attached filevideoplayer_ad__1_7_13_neon_market.apk(6.83 MB)

+ kids lock plugin
Attached filekidslock__1.apk(69.74 KB)

+ Mx log collector 1.4
Attached filelog_collector__1_4.apk(287.04 KB)

+ free ver (NOT NEON)
Attached filevideoplayer_ad__1_7_13_market.apk(2.49 MB)

+ pro ver official (NOT NEON)
Attached filevideoplayer_pro__1_7_13_direct.apk(2.25 MB)

+ Source codes used to build FFmpeg module.
Attached fileffmpeg_source__1_7_13.7z(9.44 MB)

+ Source codes used to build the Fribidi module.
Attached KB)

What's new
What's in this version:
Fixed broken h / w decoder on Tegra 3 and Intel x86 devices.
Fixed broken s / w audio decoder settings.
Screen on Android 3.0 and later.
Added hiding option of screen rotation button.
Added screen rotation button.
Added a new orientation option named "use video orientation". This will select the screen orientation from video orientation.
Added https protocol support on s / w decoder.
Added double tap gesture.

In the case of duplication, Sor.


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Rep: (421)
MX Player 1.7.15 "A" Upd
What was that ..
What's new in this version: CUSTOM CODEC BEFORE 1.7.14 IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION. PLEASE UPDATE CUSTOM CODEC IF YOU ARE UPGRADING FROM 1.7.13 AND EARLIER. (1.7.15a) Fix-up for crash when called from external app. Jelly-like tablet devices. Fixed custom codec to be reloaded automatically. Added thumbnail rebuilding menu for each videos. Changed video / folder property texts to be select-able.

1. Update 1.7.15A Pro NeoN
Attached fileMX_Player_Pro_1.7.15a_NeoN.apk(6.81 MB)


2. Pro 1.7.15A Pro
Attached filevideoplayer_pro__1_7_15a_direct.apk(2.42 MB)

3. Free 1.7.15ANeoN
Attached filevideoplayer_ad__1_7_15a_neon_market.apk(7.04 MB)

4. Free 1.7.15A
Attached filevideoplayer_ad__1_7_15a_market.apk(2.65 MB)

5. Codecs 1.7.15A
Attached fileffmpeg_x86_sse2__1_7_15a.apk(4.5 MB)
------------- X86 SSE2
Attached fileffmpeg_v7_neon__1_7_15a.apk(4.42 MB)
------------- FFMPEG NEON
Attached fileffmpeg_v7_vfpv3d16__1_7_15a.apk(4.29 MB)
------------- FFMPEG VFP
Attached fileffmpeg_v6_vfp__1_7_15a.apk(4.29 MB)
------------- V6 VFP
Attached fileffmpeg_v6__1_7_15a.apk(4.33 MB)
------------- V6
Attached fileffmpeg_v5te__1_7_15a.apk(4.39 MB)
------------- V5
Attached fileffmpeg_mips32r2__1_7_15a.apk(4.95 MB)
------------- MIPS 32
Attached fileffmpeg_x86__1_7_15a.apk(4.52 MB)
------------- X86

6. Kids lock plug v.1
Attached filekidslock__1.apk(69.74 KB)

7. Rake collect. 1.5
Attached filelog_collector__1_5.apk(272.9 KB)

8. Ffmpeg 1.7.14-15
Attached fileffmpeg_source__1_7_14.7z(9.7 MB)

9. Fribidi 0.19.2
Attached KB)

10. Custom codecs (Xda - dev) 1.7.14
Codec v1.7.14 is a compatible version of the MX Player v1.7.15
since there is no changes in the ffmpeg source code ...

P.S. Everythingoriginal, For the correct work of Pro versions, you need a cracked market.

Oh God ....
Redid the post under the hot fix ...


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Rep: (421)
MX Player Pro 1.7.17 Cracked no root

1.7.17 Pro Patched NeoN
Attached filevideoplayer_pro__1_7_17_neon_direct_if.apk(7.07 MB)

1.7.17 Pro Patched Normal
Attached MB)

1.7.17 Pro Neon Test Version for 4.3 Android only
Attached filevideoplayer_pro__1_7_17_for_leaked_android_43_if.apk(7.07 MB)

------------ Kodaki --------
(Compatible with 1.7.16, there was no update)
V6VfP & TEGRA 1.7.16 Cracked
Ffmpeg v6 VFP CrkAttached fileffmpeg_v6_vfp__1_7_16_if.apk(4.22 MB)

FFmpeg v7 vfpv3d (Tegra) Crk
Attached fileffmpeg_v7_vfpv3d16__1_7_16_if.apk(4.22 MB)

Kids Lock Plug Crk

Used to more securely block the screen while watching a video.
Attached filekidslock_if.apk(70.23 KB)


Full ammunition custom codecs.

[i] Installation instructions:
From the player settings "Menu - Settings - Decoder - User Codec"
Unzip it beforehand. Zip sharing with your system :))

User Codec 1.7.16
NEON - Attached (3.63 MB)

TEGRA Attached (3.4 MB)

V6VfpAttached MB)

X86sse2 - Attached (3.7 MB)

X86sse3 - Attached (3.72 MB)

Mips Attached (4.25 MB)

Enjoy and GL :)


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Rep: (421)
* bodr007 Good morning, ches grya, on all devices, language system - English, so I never paid attention to the availability of transfer to apk, | {Judging by the set of "mods" of faiths with support. Russian, by default, there is no Russification of the apk, which means, regardless of the system language, it will remain in the bourgeoisie ...: ok: If it is more comfortable to use the version, then it is better to wait . "Maud". ;) besides, here och promptly rummage "mod" updates, you will not have to wait for a long time :) Have a nice day and good mood. : rolleyes:

Rep: (421)
Upd Full {Plus & Root}
Attached fileFX + Plus & Root.apk(9.02 MB)

What's new:
SMB v2. Major user interface updates. New themes. New dual-window mode. This app has no advertisement.

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Rep: (421)
depth12 @ 07.21.2017, 10:58*
Something my Lucky Patcher doesn’t want to see the User patch1, has already restarted 10+ times, and the smartphone has overloaded ...
Ruth and everything is there, the patch in the working folder is 100%, but the patcher sees only 4 patches, this one does :(

Hey. Very strange, we can not go there (patch) threw it? I installed 4 different patches of lacquer :)) everywhere you can see everything.
Try pushing it into the folder again:

***** (via root access) *****
Mnt / Sdcard / Android / Data / Com.Android.Vending.Billing.InAppBillingServicelock / Files / LuckyPatcher

It should work, the reboot is not needed, just restart the lacquer patcher so that the patch can be seen.
Good luck, I hope you will succeed :)

Rep: (421)
Upd - TouchPal Emoji Keyboard Premium
Attached fileTouchPal 2017-Premium- MB)

- TouchPal Cute Emoji Premium
Attached fileTouchPal-Premium- MB)

- ABC Keyboard - TouchPal Premium
Attached fileABC Keyboard-Premium- (1) .apk(15.22 MB)

Whats new:
- Keyboard will pop up and close faster
- Add translations for multiple languages
- Stability improvements

Post has been editeddarkpsytrancer - 22.07.17, 12:23
Reason for editing: Added 1 more keyboard

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