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* STRAI-DER I have all the normal campaign, the FDX 100, is 100 Mbps FullDuplex, I understand you correctly?
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STRAI-DER @ 17.02.20, 7:09*
General settings ->network connectors
I Rev. A standard firmware 2.08.C.2.0-4 something I do not have such

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KiMoO @ 14.02.20, 0:51*
I know there's
I have it

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For android TV there is a version?

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* LBO , Everything is clear, remove the post

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Tell me, is the range of SCAN ip any provider, find astra, what it is and whether it is possible something to watch it?

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hudimov @ 2.02.20, 23:42*
Google youtube smarte

* usufrukt ,
Smart YouTube TV (Post by dydar # 79862738)

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Nostromo08 @ 31.01.20, 1:38*
deooleg, and a link to the playlist can be?

* deooleg , Join the request

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Very calm @ 30/01/20, 21:26*
but before the new year was normal
And they have it occasionally happens

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Very calm @ 30/01/20, 21:07*
I live in Kazakhstan, Beeline provider
Similarly, only Eden no problems. If you and your neighbor server in Eden are the same, plugging you because of Beeline, they have at this time is usually the biggest workload

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Vatano1985 @ 29.01.20, 22:30*
Good evening, and you have no fashion under atv ???
You need a fashion under the ATV for a banner?

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Prompt please, DIR 615 T4, whether it can be configured in bridge mode, and repeater?

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infiniti39 @ 26.01.20, 15:36*
What do you call the site?

vip-tv. xyz

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qmisha @ 25.01.20, 23:02*
Padawan - only the easiest way to give a second life to the Dir-300 B5-B7,
improve performance, add additional features
Repeater of B7 with this firmware can be done?

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cheloveks @ 21.01.20, 10:59*
in Ukraine a similar list of channels in the playlist from this site
In Kazakhstan, the same

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Wi-nter @ 18.01.20, 21:35*
In this topic, and in the next. Search is not yet abolished.
Thank you for your help, but once the site is buggy hard, search does not work

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Wi-nter @ 18.01.20, 19:35*
Laid out many times. And all
Please poke it to the fullest

I was the second day of the forum is buggy as if it blochat in KZ, just what that 3,14pets

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Flashed Dlink DIR 300 NRU B7 firmware from Zyxel Keenetic Start, is now set it up so that he received from the Internet via a cable Zyxel Keenetic lite 3 and gave it to the WIFI? Or, it is now possible to configure it as an amplifier?

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Lord, tell me please, there Zyxel keenetic lite 3 and Tenda N3, which has 150 Mb, so if the main supply Tendu, and Zyxel as an amplifier, the normal rate will be? Customers Wi-Fi 8-10 pieces

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* ssv56 Their there anymore, just not all known. Here for example they gradually added

Simple can be found through the missing channels in the sheet, or more like something?

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