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Who changed the touch, tell me it is glued to the screen or not?

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Installs elementary. You go into the factory firmware and download Lede, through the standard firmware update interface.
After the update, you connect via ssh - root login without a password. Through cli you change network parameters to those that are needed. You connect the router to your network and also through ssh you roll Luci, if necessary.
p.s. device version 1.

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Put down Lede, everything works fine. Firmware without Luci, deliver to anyone.
Here is the firmwarehttps: //downloads.lede...1-squashfs-factory.bin

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It seems like the official update to version 2.3.5 has flowed away

The people already put 2.3.5 on the infuz. I can lay out please.

Here is the link if anyone needs it, did not install, did not check.

That's what they write about it:

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Odmincheg @ 09/12/2011, 20:45*
This one put the 2.3.4 Martux_V3_JVR_by_FUKER_FINAL_NoWipe it is here higher. It is 90% Russified!

It was already. Demolished There are very significant glitches. After the bluetooth mode, the melody flew and the phone went into silent mode. At work in the emphasis does not see the WIFI point which is located in half a meter. HTC legend - a signal to the full ... Plus a lack of sound after a restart / loss of the Gsm signal.

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Wowloot @ 09/11/2011, 11:36*
For those who already know how to sew, I recommend trying Russian infused 2.3.3 from D3lirium Samsung SGH-i997 Infuse 4G - Firmware (Post # 8963938)

They removed this post ... it seems ... Apparently you have to use English interspersed with Russian for the time being ... ((((Someone suggested a modified Infused 2.1, too, the post no longer exists (((

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Nobody knows how to screw the camera from S2 to Infuse? Either this is possible or it is a bike.

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D3lirium @ 09/08/2011, 20:59*
I here a bit infused-v2.1.0-full remade, is there a bold one?

And what did you do?

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Aleksandr01 @ 09/05/2011, 17:46*
Here is a bit of a report with visual modifications 2.3.4 Martux_V3_JVR_by_FUKER_FINAL_NoWipe.

I put it, I can not say anything bad. In the quadrant of 1200 parrots. Shoals: after charging, there is an icon in the left corner with the information that the battery is charged and needs to be disconnected from the network. Three times after talking and pressing the button, the phone application crashed with an error. Not always, but from time to time the Samsung Klava, even after switching from Russian to English, continues to print in Russian. I had to remove the swipe from the firmware (there was only English) and put Russian-English on top. But compared to Darky - in which periodically all the icons from the table disappear and spontaneous reboots occur - this is better.

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Aleksandr01 @ 08.26.2011, 10:15*
Try Martux-V3-JVR while I stopped on it, gps is working, though I caught satellites for the first time in about five minutes.

How to put? According to the instructions through ODIN or mod immediately through the recovery?

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guest2 @ 08.26.2011, 12:01*
I have after hellraiser beta 6 writes SAMSUNG-SGH-I997

among the bugs (or features) of this method is (and it is declared by the developer) such - the first call after switching on / restarting is not audible by the interlocutor. I confirm.

In addition to switching on - rebooting, even after the loss of the operator’s network (for example, in the metro), the first call is also not heard.

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Who knows how to change the name of the phone to android? After the Hellraiser firmware, the GT-I9000 remains in the device information, so the Market does not allow downloading the program for Infuse ...

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Once again, on top rolled the firmware and hellraiser (already beta 6 by the way) - earned!

Thanks, let's try. By the way, after the firmware, I also rolled the Infusion-GB kernel. Maybe because of him ...

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I did not immediately find a mobile access point, they hid it in the "modem". And when I found it, I could not start it - an error and that's it. Inet from the operator is, everything is OK.

The mobile point does not work for me either, the error is also written.

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