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vadzik87 @ 05.04.20, 22:23*
Before hanging in browsers
yeah I noticed that chrome freezes simply a reaction to the tapas on the screen only thought I have it like that at all treated ?? can not have the same top-end smart with 8 gigs are operational from the browser to hang some nonsense

Rep: (172)
* Da_Vinci_Cat, schA more two hours watching YouTube straight without peredyhu all norms of the campaign have any real marriage, I do understand that you are here kipesh put things, buying smart nearly 30 pieces which simply greitsya watching the video, I, too, was, would be unpleasant and I would have tried in every possible way to understand what it zafignya though Honor 10 I also periodically when viewing heated
And nine were as dvatsatka no basked you your smart not dropped accidentally?

Rep: (172)
ks7715 @ 04.04.20, 13:20*
but in fairness to the backlight IPS can be implemented with a PWM.
Well then, and you can use omoledn DC Dimming function, but for me to Honor a very good screen and color reproduction narmalyanaya

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Kot_Tom @ 04.04.20, 01:10*
PWM Honor 20 Pro
PWM only oled

Rep: (172)
* igrekmsk and this is where the work? Menyushshka settings does not leave for this gesture
Attached Image

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Vlad1354 @ 05.01.20, 22:16*
Regarding the split screen. 10 android press and hold the square running applications. On 9 android tried. Maybe it was the same
PySy. Or window open applications, press two dashes in the upper right corner of the desired application.
and what is now on kastyashki Honor 20 about the split can not I understand you correctly? that it was an android 9 and 10 only way to Cator I quote, and no longer as the screen is not divided? I just use gestures and do not have buttons naekranyz

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I gathered with animation
But as the size of tsifirblata did not allow zapehnut normal smooth animation of maksemomu that could CГ­fer what would work, but I do not understand animation periodically stops working, then again normally all right? Remove at the end of the zip and can be put
Attached Image
only had to remove the weather icons

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* sulimoff
6 instants less than as it is impossible, but with animation))))
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who does what presses on images as the maximum compression want animatsiyuvstavit but the nezzhimak rapmer more than 1.95 in all png save 24

Rep: (172)
SashaCX75 @ 28.03.20, 23:06*
Correct as follows:
- in Photoshop - Save for web ->Preset PNG-24
- The GIMP exported to PNG 16 bit RGBA
- in XnView - Image ->32 bits
and from how many frames should be animation ?? 7 or do not care that the most important dimension of all used CГ­fer no more than 2MB?

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* ks7715, Now you do not grudgingly prislushitsya hard)))
I had bought a new Honor 9 snickered at random and at night put. Before the sale about a year and then measured the capacity of the same a year later did with Honor 10 but I have already fallen by 15-25% for the night and did not put prokticheski not when so 100 is not neigh, and the percentage of the battery capacity for nine years longer than the scores for the same use. So over time, the difference will only grow

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Where counter powders with calories for something I can not find 10 android HiVision in Mark and in the galleries there

Rep: (172)
I think in the near future, too, twenty cast-Smart Charging Mode feature is useful especially for those who are fond of putting the phone on the charging at night
During the night the charging process will stop after reaching 80%, and the total charge will be made only in the morning.
thus once again confirmed that the charge is not ice all night, if you schetaete differently even engineer Huawei for you added this chip

Rep: (172)
What we fingerprint ??
Or capacitive ultrozvueovoy?

Rep: (172)
Example you find Honor 20pro and quietly they will be able to pay 1000 rubles without unlocking, just press the button to light up the screen, and make a payment, it is possible to reconfigure it as a 10 on android?

Rep: (172)
Lexx-z @ 06.03.20, 16:03*
Honor 20 pro, the test mode at very low light
shorter in the car without any crap standards pictures

Rep: (172)
It does not appear that the cool animation, and the branch is not dovno for Slizhov

Rep: (172)
How to configure e-mail or bk.Ru
What led to this window
Attached Image

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ks7715 @ 23.03.20, 08:11*
This part is very harmful, there is no need to distribute the myths and maintain.

yes you have bodies reduced to 99 and then again 100% gains, and so all night you drive in an empty (you night several cycles just) but a year of using nothing critical will happen. You will not notice much of a difference differences, but who did not take a year or more degradation is on the rise, especially who plays, I'll say reasonable things.

Rep: (172)
And so zatestit battery onhonor 20 PRO
I bought the phone a week that is, the battery is not dead
1. rarefy to zero so that he has turned off
2 took home charging, connect to a USB Tester (can show the voltage is greater than 5V and the current strength is also greater than 5) and connect the cable to your phone. (Off)
And that's what I got according to USB tester .:
- 50% over 36 min. Battery charge on 2130 mAh voltage 4.77V current 5A
- 81% over 60 min. battery charge on 3394 mAh (forgot to write))
- 91% for 70 minutes. Battery charge on 3810 mAh 5,18V current voltage dropped to 1A
- 96% over 80 min. battery charge on 4048 mAh Voltage 5,18V current dropped to 0.8A
- 100% for 1 hour 35 minutes. battery charge on 4224 mAh Voltage 5,18V current dropped to 0.8A

And here we come to the fun at 100% charging the phone to a USB tester, the charging current has fallen to 0.6-0.7 amperes and continue charging, the phone does not cut down the charging controller, hotyapokazyval 100% on your phone. And charge with 4224 mAh gradually even for 30 minutes rose to 4394 mAh, and the current has fallen 0.14 Amps. After 2.1 hours of phone the actual charge on the full.
The same wrote about 10. Honor and reiterated developed fellows, made the phone says 100% of the charge, but in fact is not reloaded. CRA does a full charge cycle and it saves the battery and increases its life.
And put the phone on the night to charge or charge for longer 70-80 minutes is not necessary, as it will quickly degrade the battery (as the phone cuts down the controller does not charge when you 100% on your phone, and when the container is filled to capacity, and this is just more than two hours in cases of honor 20 PRO. And there is no time better to avoid a full charge cycle is great to prolong the battery life)
P.S. And for those who do not know and think that the garbage in honor of 20 PRO claimed battery 4000 mAh and it is already at 100% 4,224 mAh.
When charging the battery takes more and more correct to measure the capacity to discharge, but it is very gemoroyno to do with the phone, and it turns out that when considering the impact the loss of + -4000 and beyond.
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