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* Alkart75,
Sorry, but can I open chrome up on Skype?
And that incomprehensible something Chinese is not particularly like. Especially with my selection of yellow news on the start =)

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Globalka .27EU there is a badge with the current percentage of battery charge on the AOD with the corresponding indication when charging

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Today on pandao give fast car wireless charging for 1788
Xiaomi Wireless Car Charger, a wireless car charger

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* lybimuy
* TommySvS,
Yes, the topic of accessories has already been discussed. They are either charged from the native 20W to the entire coil, or charged from the remaining 10W as from 5W (30% per hour is finished).
Those. at work, to recharge it - you have to keep it all the way on this * tablet *.

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Alkart75 @ 06/03/19, 18:41*
will be

About 18W memory and native charging.

And how is the speed? Faster Niklkin Mini will be? =)
If in percent per hour to estimate ??? I think it would be very useful info!

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* clubnewmen,
I am for 26 cu bought it.
For 20 did not have time in that con

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* Alkart75,
Woah ...
How is the charging process going on this Nillkin Mini?
Yesterday I just unsubscribed. It's like 5W.
Because 43 in 1.5 hours is not enough. Those. full charge in 3.5 hours
Maybe I have a tight calculation, but it does not look like 10W.
Charged from the native 18W Mi9 PSU and from other QC charges.

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Comrades, good day.
And do not tell me about the native wireless auto charging Xiaomi car charger 20W.
Can I use it stupidly as a holder without a network connection? This I mean, is it possible to manually push her * paws apart * painlessly?
Just constantly using it in charge mode is not always advisable for me ...

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Wireless charging has comeNillkin Mini 10W
Either I have some kind of jamb with the phone, or it is 5W.
Today I measured it specifically: in 1.5 hours it was charged by 43% (from 22 to 65), i.e. Conditional 100% will gain in 3.5 hours.
More like 5V * 1A = 5W.
I tried different laces, different charges with QC, removed the case. The amount does not change from the change of place of the terms ..
Opened a dispute.
Took from greed 2, but it is unrealistic to use in this situation.

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* chili89,
If there are problems with the remote control, please write off!

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* seager_777,
about how you got hooked =) were the minuses still in stock or did they all spend on me? =)
Yes .. and the mafon is so-so =) for 15-20 thousand on Ali there will be analogues and more interesting

The conversation was for an isiconnect, not a radio tape recorder. The price-quality ratio for the media combine has norms. I see no alternatives and there is no desire to change to something.
The same composite media won't do much more. Formally. The sound will only be better, but 330 + ...

Metos-max @ 05/06/19, 10:28 PM*
Just today, I tested applications from my short mi8. Everything is adjusted to the size of the radio window. Of course, part of the screen may be cropped when watching a video, but this is not fatal.

But how to make it full screen? The same Yandex navigator? In mi8, the same 18.7: 9 and, logically, when duplicating, there should also be large black bars on the screen.

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* ZolSteef,
We must wait until someone confirms the method =) And then everything is very easy and simple somehow ...

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Um ... Somehow painfully took my comment =)
For 7k that I gave for the mafon I am more than satisfied, although there are questions ...
This is more likely to the fact that in our time shovels there is little sense in chasing the iso-connection IMHO.
If the ratio were used, the standard 16: 9 would be more fun, and so we have what we have.
19: 9 is becoming the norm now. Only content in other proportions =)

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For six months I went to install EasyConnect (more precisely, because the mafon got stitched, but that version was not friends with the 8th and 9th bucket)
And what is the result? =)
The current tendency to * lengthen * the screens of phones has led to the fact that my Mi9 with a 19: 9 ratio is the same or even slightly larger than the image on the radio.
And DPI is human. In general, the meaning is completely lost ...

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* hostek
It was not a pity to spend time writing a comment;)
Let's not compete in wit.
Friendship Gum World

The first AMOLED screen in the household, but about the principle in the know. Tea is not the first device on the market with this type of screen.
Interest is more in numbers.
Does it make sense to fool around.
In some applications, dark themes are generally unreadable

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Comrades, good day. Question for Amoled.
Does it make sense to bother with dark application themes? Often they are just dark, not black.
Is there a * coming * from these manipulations?
Maybe someone made a real comparison =)

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Makshow @ 05/01/19, 11:48*
And this is already for the cart, it really manages to vibrate even in the application until it is turned off in the settings. There are also separate notification settings (or swipe the notification to the left and click on the gear). There, separately for each chat, you can enable or disable sound, vibro, indication, and so on (this is an Android 9 feature, not miui).

So here is the hell. Of course, I did this both through the settings of the Cart application and in the phone settings themselves for the Telegram application. He begins to duplicate channels / groups there. Xs like that.

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The fight against notifications continues =) Stock EU 12 (?) ->17->22->24.
No changes in behavior. And it’s okay, it was only reflected in the notification line, as everyone reflected. I AOD except time does not show anything. How to fix it? Is he setting up where or should everything work by default? Maybe wipe everything and everything?
It’s been a while since Miui had no business. Is it enough to make all kinds of wipes from the regular Recovery?

And the question is more about MIUI firmware.
On a past phone with AOD, I’m used to walking in silent mode, while limiting most applications to vibration alerts. In general, it vibrates only from important applications that I have selected. From the rest, only visual alerts.
Here, turning into silent mode, you must additionally turn on the vibro enable button. As a result, the entire application vibrates for every action, although I forbade them in the settings.
In particular, the Cart pushes up. In a normal use case, I vibro stood on messages from users, and groups and channels were just an alert. As a result, as before, I turned off pop-up notifications in the settings and turned off the vibration signal in groups and channels. And one hell. All settings are ignored. Shouldn't it be? Is there any problem with the system? Thank you in advance for good advice.

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Tovarischi, tell me if I need to do anything forcibly so that the notification icons appear on the AOD (in the application notification settings there is a daw about the display on the lock screen)? on the first day of ownership I saw them, and now there is only a watch and that’s all ...
Under no circumstances can they be seen there, which is encouraging. For a single-color message indicator can talk about anything =)
It was stitched from 17 EU to 22 firmware, but nothing has changed, but I really wanted to.

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* hedin1,
In general, this SmartLock works for me crookedly, that if I lost contact with the bracelet (went to another room) or when I drove in the car, connected to the GU, I left it - but there is no connection with the MiBend. It is necessary to turn on the bluetooth off.

Yeah ... CHEESE. I remember how a couple of weeks ago, in a group chat, I drowned for Xiaomi, they say the device’s norms, age parents have no questions as such (there were Mi2, Mi2s, right now Redmi 2 and Redmi Pro 6).
I bought myself - and it started as in my youth =) AOD is certainly something with something ...

Threat and how can I somehow attach the button to lower the curtains in the bottom row of navigation keys? My * pianist's hand * is not enough for me with a height of 2 meters, to reach the top edge with a convenient grip on my phone ...

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