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he answered his question, you have no Internet speed. Change the tariff or operator.

I decided to check on speedtest. Receive - 957 kbps, but the data transfer did not go at all and then there was a message problems with the network connection. It means either the beast does not want to transmit or some kind of hny from the operator.
It means either the beast does not want to transmit or some kind of hny from the operator.

He put in his wife's sim card and everything went well, but her receipt is 158 kbps, and the transfer is 122. So my not 10 times better, but still does not show vidos.
then the animal is healthy ...

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Hello tubers!

A couple of days ago I purchased this animal and immediately I want to ask what dick the streaming video is played via your SIM card, and on Wi-Fi everything is good, all the pictures and links on YouTube are loaded, I press the play and the circle starts to rotate, about a minute, and then a link with lost by the server, press to repeat ... while the circle is spinning, it writes 3g on the indicator, then simply H, then H along with the arrows, etc., and at the end it is lit with a green arrow.
Sorry for my bad Russian! : D

Thanks for any help !!!

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KIVKIV @ 04/13/2011, 15:20*
Spit today, put in a sim card, did not send MMS (writes “failed to send, try again later”). It was like this when I had Mozart, the built-in utility Connection Setup helped. I understand it is in the market, and without it for Megaphone in any way?

in the settings all connections have been activated?

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SMaRTJaN @ 04/01/2011, 00:25*
Reinstalled Windows, on the 7th everything went quickly and immediately)))

and what was before? I have XP SP3 ... seven of my bucket will not pull ....

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Does the video call support this phone?

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chachy @ 03/15/2011, 20:33*
I can write nonsense, but somewhere on the forum, it seems in the WP7 rumor topic that when you buy a phone you need to pay attention to the Hardware revision number should be more than 0003 ... but why I don’t remember any more, toli troubles with liveID toli with more what thread ... schya look for .. 20min provtykal in the monitor can not see anything (

hardware revision number and with a Live ID or even with any official program there is absolutely no problem. But with unlocking nothing happens ...

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taffguy @ 03/15/2011, 00:26*
Yes. But I do not see the problems of dislocation. None times heard about the terrible consequences and the consequences in general. If fanaticism does not remove the system

Well, no way to unlock! Maybe it's in the computer, on the other I have not tried it yet.

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Block3232 @ 03/14/2011, 20:47*
Carrier: OPN - what is it ???

Something tells me that OPN is OPEN, it means that it does not belong to any network

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MonDee @ 03/14/2011, 20:59*
maybe because of this version of the software you have a problem?

I will buy a charge on the laptop and then try to unlock it (it’s a pity that women will appear on it at least in a month), and if it doesn’t work, we’ll wait for the update ... after all, sooner or later they have to add a function with melodies ??? !!! !!!

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That is what I am talking about. Subject on VP7 specifically here and wrote VP7. Q7 suits me 80%. Tale easier niodna OS is not pleased more.
And I do not know where to shove. But the wonderful program for installing your ringtones has been updated. I protested myself so far no complaints.

I have the same opinion on VP7! Anyone will understand this OS ...
About the program. Does it only work on unlocked devices?

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MonDee @ 03/13/2011, 19:35*
Apparently you have a problem on the BB (something is not installed, or disabled).

quite possible ... and what does this data mean?

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Carrier: OPN - what is it ???

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KlimRLK @ 03/14/2011, 09:15*
After unlocking with ChevronWP7 how to fill the program?

in my opinion, applications should be installed via XAP Installer

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Chachy @ 03/14/2011, 09:05*
say setting - about - more info - what is written Hardware revision number - 0001, 0002 or 0003?

What exactly do these digits mean?

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block3232 @ 03/13/2011, 15:59*
Did you pay € 100 for a cat in a bag? And if the device could not do anything at all? Does this mean that you € 100 do not play any role in the budget? Then it is not clear - why save?

for me, 100 euros is not a small amount of money, and since I bought from very good friends, I knew its origin, there was always a chance to give this device back. now my wife uses the phone, she is studying at the university and this device helps her a lot with this (fast internet, office, adobe reader, big screen, etc.)

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amdest @ 03/13/2011, 14:34*
P.S. You would have complained about the lack of Russian language and keyboard.

I don’t need Russian, but I wouldn’t refuse from clav ...
the menu in the phone is very simple, even the most stupid gopnik will understand this device

but in order to unblock it, you need to choose the correct position of the moon in the sky and cry for the help of the pagan gods, which I just did not try .... and tried to lock it upthisbut nothing helps.

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amdest @ 03/13/2011, 14:34*
Dear, when you bought the device you knew that at the moment there is NO official opportunity to install your own ringtones?

When I took Optimus 7, I didn’t even know that there was such an OS as VP7! Because I was offered it for 100 euros, so I first bought it, and then I found out what it was. since immediately to vskidku he is clearly more than 200 euros worth.

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all I need is the ability to set my ringtone, why should I puzzle, spend a lot of time trying to unlock the phone to use the phone’s primitive function ??? even the nokia 3310 had this feature
after all this, I want all the small ones to send to Ivan the Terrible, he will have enough imagination how to deal with them ...: russian_garmoshka:

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chachy @ 03/11/2011, 07:51*
Shl it seems a week sat on xp Nitsche did not work. put 7 windows and on the third day the inspiration came

Windows phone tools require whist or seven,
does anyone have XP, can he forget about unlocking WP7?

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MonDee @ 03/08/2011, 08:44*
Unlocking the phone without Chevron 71. Run MFG (password appmfg # * #) 2. Navigate Engineer Menu ->Other Settings ->Edit Registry3. In "ROOT PATH", select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE4. In "Input SUB_PATH", enter \ Comm \ Security \ LVMod5. In the "Input KEY" enter DeveloperUnlockState and set the type to DWORD6. Click "Query". In "Output result" the result should be "0" 7. In "Input data", enter 1 and click "Set". In "Output result", "0" should change to "1." To lock the phone, swap back 1 to 0 so that the lock does not go off1. Run MFG (password appmfg # * #) 2. Navigate Engineer Menu ->Other Settings ->Edit Registry3. In "ROOT PATH", select HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE4. In "Input SUB_PATH", enter \ Software \ Microsoft \ DeviceReg5. In the "Input KEY" enter PortalUrlProd and set the type to DWORD6. Click "Query". In the "Output result" should show the absence of a result or a result other than "0" 7. In the "Input data" enter 0 or leave this field blank and click "Set". In "Output result" should appear "0" .8. In the same registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ DeviceReg In the "Input KEY" enter PortalUrlInt and set the type to DWORD9. Click "Query". In the "Output result" should show the absence of a result or a result other than "0" 10. In "Input data", enter 0 or leave this field blank and click "Set". “0” should appear in “Output result”. Now unlocking will not fly

did everything, but applications are not installed via xap installer

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Lord_3D @ 03/12/2011, 10:20 PM*
Only for LG phones, as I understood ...

But, actually, how to check that the phone is unlocked? : russian:

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