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* boy78,
Why telnet? Try to upload your firmware from the web interface.
section: Management>Firmware upgrade

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* AntonR81, Go to ip-router / routing / WAN IP Interface, there is a tick off the WAN IP Interface on Static, and fill in the IP, Mask, Gateway and dns fields, which you need. At the beginning of this page are ip, mask and so on. which the provider assigned, they can be rewritten, and dns is yours.

They wrote about flash drives in usb, and so, this is only possible on the firmware that konstw laid out, earlier on the topic.

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Also the brazen virus was rampant. And the local backup saved, thank you.

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Question: if you find out the number of the hardware revision of the phone does not work, and he himself is locked with a graphic key (which was naturally forgotten), then he is now collecting dust on the shelf forever? or is there any way to use it again ??
ps. Any manipulations with firmware and so on. before this was not done and google is not

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* d771,
I wanted to ask, but why do you want to change the zone? What does it give apart from the opening of the 14th wifi channel ??

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* d771,

login: root
password: Kok7Vib # EgAs4kUr $ Al8v32!

Good luck.

Ps: Moder, maybe the info is in the cap,

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In the telnet session, this router, in addition to the user and admin accounts, has a root account that gives a full console and access to the root file system.

If I am not mistaken, then the 23rd port is open on the wan network and through it the providers and they rule our R5402, and it turns out that knowing our (standard) logins passwords, any wan network user can fuck our R5402.

Unfortunately, the netstat is a kind of curve, the -i switch is not working to be sure.

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What kind of peripherals through the OTG USB cable did anyone connect ?? works?

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Maybe the bottom usb does not work with "usb devices" just because it does not supply power to the connected "usb devices" ??

The easiest way to check this is if you connect the phone to the bottom port in flash drive mode. In theory, the phone does not need power to work as a drive (although it may be that the phone does not want to respond without power from the usb).
You can still check by connecting the USB flash drive through the active hub to the lower port (but I doubt that anyone has such a hub).

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There, like the second USB is not soldered?

It is soldered but it works in the host mode, ie nothing from the USB peripherals will work on it, but it itself serves to connect the tablet to the computer through it, and as I understood it this way (unfortunately ...

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Strongly holding back the fact that on this tablet the second usb connector is not suitable for connecting peripherals. I had Apache 103 and it had the same history with usb ports in its early firmware (they didn’t find the time), but then the firmware was added and it became possible to use the second usb port as well as the first one to connect peripherals. On Flytouch 6, two usb ports work as a “server”, but the performance of the A8 processor is lower (A8-2.0 DMIPS and A9-2.5 DMIPS), which again brings me back to Zenitka. So I do not know what to choose.
P.S. The second usb port is needed ..!

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Is there network support? that is, putting the utility (if it works out) "ping" will there be an expected result of its work ??

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