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DoomerVl66 @ 13.04.2013, 16:55*
What I do not run the fate (or nedeyus all the same what you do not do)?

Perekin cache exactly as it is written in the header - ie in the internal memory to the main folder, and showing the way to / rtcw4a /
I have more of nowhere did not work.

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Port is excellent! Comfortable! As for once! And the graphics are very nice, does not slow down. Be sure to buy, how to appear in the app and wait for the following ports, with the same excellent control. Finally, at least someone understood what management should be done in such games on the touchscreen)
Sometimes hangs when you restart.

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Rather a matter of hacking, I have bought everything is perfect (once bought all their emulators).

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hizer7777 @ 28.03.2013, 14:32*
Someone tried firmware Revolution HD ??? How is she? Better than by Zorgana?

I personally would like to work fine, bug-free, and in combination withPerseusIt holds a charge a half day with ease. All unnecessary removed (but can be selected during installation that leave), optimizing selected during installation, you can do as a drain, and custom, plus - hate AOSP topic - here are the standard touch-visas. The only minus subjective compared to other popular firmware - less every detailed settings, such as transparency and other svistelok Schork.

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Starship Troopers: Invasion "Mobile Infantry"

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Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition is scheduled for release before the end of summer 2013

Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
Trent Oster, creative director of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, told about the plans of the site Overhaul Games studio, which is almost completed development of an expanded edition of the cult RPG. It will come, let us recall, on November 28 for Windows, Mac, iPad and tablets with the Android OS.

As is known, for Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition should be followed by re Baldur's Gate II. According to Oster, the developers hope to release it before the end of summer 2013th year.

"Current Baldur's Gate is completed. Almost all of our team is ready to start work on the [Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition], whereas a couple of employees will continue to develop [Baldur's Gate: EE] and work with the fans ... We are planning to release [the sequel] in 2013-th, hopefully before the end of summer ".

Overhaul Games will also try to bring Baldur's Gate: EE to iPhone users is designed for relatively small screens of smartphones new interface.

"In fact, our current version runs on the iPhone, but the text is too small to read, and the buttons do not get there. So we're not going to let this ", - told Oster and added:" I think in the future, partly rethinking the user interface, we are able to make a version for the iPhone ".

In Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, recall, will get not only the original and modified addition Tales of the Sword Coast, but also additional content such as new characters, quests, and cross-platform multiplayer.

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Stripes are not so small, not very visually certainly interfere, but management spoiled pretty. The game however is mediocre - bored, do not worry about an update.

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Her need to press that would slow down the study treatment.

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RPG and grindilka - two different things. Well not about zadrotov it. It is not able to distinguish between legitimate criticism of whining? Well, then what to talk to you then? Go by yourself, tomorrow in the school / university, why spoil the nerves.

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A normal responses, not on the schedule will be?

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Or you can even in the American Store publish, pzhlst?

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Well done, nice =)
Under five go without a frame? - In the evening it will look like in the process)

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Usually within a week after sending to apruv. Probably next Wednesday. zhdems)

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Rr 2 has lost its title of the most beautiful races, here it is - the new king. I wonder what will happen in rr3. Regarding the gameplay, everything is the same as always in the Arcade series of NSF in recent years. Ride in any queue is even possible, purchase content: not karyavy such as asphalt and much more likeable product.

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Something I did not understand the humor, but the game - nowhere more primitive. I pressed the button forward, and forward, as soon as the money accumulated, buy everything that is available and so on - until you get bored. Why there are tilts back and forth - I did not understand, it is impossible to roll over, you do not need to let go of the movement. Difficulty - 0, motivation - 0, gameplay - 0. Requires no more than 4 touches to enter. The graphics are just pretty. I didn’t like it.

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Why azhaitazhirovat something?)
Tried Lite version. The graphics on the top five is not bad - you can set the maximum and will not lag, although the resolution is not my pixel by pixel in the native - slightly unclear.
Disappointing visualization. Full random - this is certainly great, but in my opinion, is not to the detriment of the world itself. In this case - we have just randomly-scattered across the world resources that do not have the concept of "peace" is generally irrelevant. All hangs in the air, the trees growing out of the void, and so on.
Another point that will hit the integrity of the game - respaunery-blocks mobs. Well, the NPC, with obscure requests. Where are you going to sail the Viking, the very first, if "peace" and "world" at all. Villages in maynkrafte here think not?
So far, in my opinion, it's just a pile of ideas, not more. Search and explore nothing but the NPC and spaunerov. And without it, from maynkrafta skeletal remains only construction and digging of resources, and if the first - is interesting in itself, then the second - Sadness that is worth nothing without the factor of the study. As well as bleeding, unless, of course, does not target the fans pharming leneyki in style. Something like this. We are waiting for updates.

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karalex7 @ 23.10.2012, 14:20*
I think Apple made a mistake in changing the aspect ratio in the new iPhone. I do not know how Geymloft, but many developers have stated that they will not adjust their applications for the new size.

A pruflink possible? Hardly imagine the coolness applications, sales of which will not damage the refusal to support the current (and only taking into account the historical sawing by Apple earlier models) generation of a smart, solely for the sake of which the whole appstore and there. Technically fit the interface and the picture under the new permit - well, a maximum of a couple of days. Not including diy, whose creations and so nobody gave up, it is unlikely someone will be on strike and demonstrate error kupertinovtsy.

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Damn, at geylofta excellent product support, so it was difficult to permit a new register in the game. Instead, four months sawed protection against cheaters. Excellent cheyndzhlog, knowingly receive money. Ugh.

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The price of real racing 2 is reduced to 0.99 cents. Good = sign)
Already shaking hands))

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Adowa boredom. The atmosphere is there, but the game itself wildest primitive. More like a pen than a sample of the product.

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