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Total Commander for Android
version: 2.91

Last update of the program in the header:16.10.2018

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Short description: Two-pane file manager for Android with Russian interface.
Program authorChristian ghisler writes that Total Commander for Android will be free and without ads. The functionality of the vehicle will be increased.
What can he:
- Copy / Move / Rename / Delete / Create new folder
- Copy / Move / Rename / Delete / Create a new folder with low-level tools (no Java API, requires root)
- sending files via Bluetooth (OBEX)
- display thumbnails for images
- select files
- sort files
- archive and unzip ZIP
- unzip rar
- setting up internal file associations (system independent)
- delete and backup applications
- bookmarks
- story
- Search
- built-in text editor
- built-in audio / video player
- root support (see the FAQ File operations in system folders)
- support Lan, Ftp, WebDAV (via plugins)
- cloud storage support (via plugins)
- change file attributes
- setting up the TC interface - size, color and selection of fonts, 1/2 panel interface, adding buttons with custom commands
- internal commands, launching programs with a parameter, executing environment commands (via custom buttons on the user panel).
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Screenshots from the tablet
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Russian interface: Yes
Supported Android version: 1.5+
Developer: Christian ghisler
Homepage: | e-mail: support doggie
Google Play:
Link to the official project for translators:

howadd your button to the paneland a list of all teams
howcopy files
View / unpack 7zip archives (and all supported by them)
Lost button "Settings
To return the missing "Settings" button (in the upper right corner)
It is necessary to do the following:
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1) press the button with green +
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2) in the dialog that appears, click on the selected area
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3) in the list, select "Internal Team"
Attached Image

4) click on the highlighted button
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5) in the list, select "Settings"
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6) click OK
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7) a new button appeared in the bottom panel. Click on it.
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8) get into the settings of the vehicle. Find the item Fullscreen mode and remove the tick.
Exit the settings.
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9) check if the settings button appeared.
File operations in system folders (Mounting system folders for writing, root is required)
First of allroot is required to work with system folders . If you do not have root rights, then you need to find out how to install root on your device. Try to find your device in by this section.
Just remember that you act at your own risk. Installing root can lead to a loss of warranty on the device, and changing the system files can lead to unstable operation of the device or its failure.
More instructions:Total Commander for Android (Post # 11484067), still:Total Commander for Android (Post # 11536663)

If when trying to work with system files, you receive similar messages:
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This means that you cannot edit files in the current system directory, since It is mounted read only.

To mount the folder in read / write mode in the vehicle, the following steps must be performed:
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1) press the button with the green+
Attached Image

2) in the dialog that appears, click on the selected area
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3) in the list, select "Internal Team"
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4) click on the highlighted button
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5) select the item "remount"
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6) If desired, we can change the button icon (optional).
Click OK
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7) a new button appeared in the bottom panel of the buttons. Go to the system folder (for example / system)
and click on it
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8) in the dialog that appears, click OK
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9) a message appears that the folder has been remounted

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Such an icon on the button means that the current folder is open only for reading.
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Such an icon on the button means that the current folder is open for writing / reading.
Not installed Light version / Mod
A bit of theory.
The fact is that every Android program has its signature. This signature is generated by the author of the program for publication in the Play Market. This signature allows the system to determine that it is the author of the program that released the new version. If the signature of the already installed application and the new version does not match, the system does not allow installing such a file.
Because authors of mods use their own signature, respectively, their signature is different from the original version.
It is also likely that the author of the mod for various reasons, in the new version of its mod uses a different version of the signature.

To install any mod you must remove the previous version of the program. If you install a new version of the mod from the same author, then there is a chance that this should not be done, provided that the author used the same key as in the old version.
How to add a shortcut to a folder / file on the Home screen
Android 4.0+
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1) go to the program
Attached Image

2) select widgets
Attached Image

3) select TC and location of the new widget
Attached Image

4) there was a dialogue
Attached Image

Attached Image

5) select a file or directory and click OK
Attached Image

6) a shortcut appears on the home screen.
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7) check his work. The active TS panel has opened on the folder we need.
Add your own file associations (system independent)
Consider the possibility of adding your own file associations in the TS using the example of linking files with the .avi extension to an internal media player.
We start the HARDWARE.
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1) press Menu

Attached Image

2) Setup

Attached Image

3) Internal associations

Attached Image

4) New association

Attached Image

5) Enter the extension

Attached Image

6) Click on the command selection button and wait a couple of seconds.

Attached Image

7) Find the item corresponding to the media player TC. TotalCmd (Queue)

Attached Image

8) Apply

Attached Image

9) As we see, a new item appeared in the list. Exit the settings.

Attached Image

10) As you can see, the icons of the avi files have changed
Connecting TC to cloud services:Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive, Box, Yandex.Disk, AnVn # 13965560 and Gorand39 # 79550629
More about connecting Yandex.Disk
LAN connection to Win 7 Ult
How to configure LAN
Setup FTP plugin to connect to Win 7, Win XP Pro
Sort folders / directories by name, date, size
Exchange between 2 Android devices via Wi-Fi (additional third-party software required)
Listening to Online Radio via Total Commander
Connecting via LAN to Win 7 without a login and password
How to calculate md5-sum with Total Commander
Solving problems with deleting files on an external flash drive
CRC creation and verification from rlsd: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4
Batch Rename Files with Batch Renamer
How to change file / folder attributes
Search for computers on the network (LAN plugin)

Change History:

If instead* .apkis being downloaded* .zip, change the extension manually.
3.0b5: Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 87075152)
3.0b4:Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 86284824)
3.0b3:Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 83495457)
3.0b2 arm64:Total Commander for Android (Post And_RU # 82914890)
3.0b2 arm7 / x86 + mod:Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 82915199)
3.0b1 + mod:Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 81059186)
2.92b1 + mod:Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 78577863)
2.91 + mod: Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 78010405)
2.91 beta 1 ... 6
2.90 + Mod: Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 71093692)
2.80 + Mod Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 61236313)
2.72 (for recovery) Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 45993945)
2.72 Total Commander for Android (Post vutak # 45977753)
2.71 (for recovery): Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 45549181)
2.71: Total Commander for Android (Post And_RU # 45511079)
2.70 (for recovery): Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 45109358)
Total Commander 2.70 Final - Lite from Alex0047
2.70 Mod: Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 45108597)
2.70: Total Commander for Android (Post Ivan N # 45108259)
2.70 beta 2: Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 44844745)
2.62 (for recovery): Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 42463742)
2.62: Total Commander for Android (Post Nail_ # 42463383)
2.61 (for recovery): Total Commander for Android (Post Alex0047 # 40846318)
2.61: Total Commander for Android (Post Fetser65 # 40845549)
2.60 final: Total Commander for Android (Post NightOWL * # 39695065)
2.60 final (for recovery): Total Commander for Android (Post masterlist # 39730492)
2.50 Final mod with black folders //
2.50 Final: Total Commander for Android (Post # 36587641)
2.50 Final (for recovery) Total Commander for Android (Post # 36588081)
2.50 mod Total Commander for Android (Post # 27276048)
Lite version of Total Commander 2.04 Final + plugins from opera-fan
2.04 Final Total Commander for Android (Post # 28701259)
2.03 Final : Total Commander for Android (Post # 27259615)
2.02 Final : tcandroid202.apk
2.01 final Attached filetcandroid201.apk (979.27 KB)

Graphic mod with black folders 2.01 final (Light) //
2.0 final Download
1.03 Lite + mod: Total Commander for Android (Post # 13946546)
1.03 //


Plugins on the developer's site: To download via the Play Market , for direct download

TotalDrip - Plugin for DropBox


Usb stick

exFAT / NTFS for USB
3.1.4 Unlocked by Balatan, arm / arm64 Unlocked by Balatan, arm / arm64 Unlocked by Balatan, arm / arm64
3.0.9 Unlocked by Balatan, arm / arm64
3.0.5 Unlocked + previous versions
2.5.3 Patched ARM64v, ARMv7, x86
2.3.2 Unlocked by Balatan
2.0.3 Patched ARM64v8 and ARMv7
1.14 Patched
1.14 Patched

SFTP (Secure FTP over SSH)



WiFi / WLAN transfer

Google drive


on issues
filling caps
contact in
how to do it
To save each other time
  1. Provide a link to the message
  2. How do you think it should be entitled
  3. Which section of the cap to place it
Thanks for reading

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Izlot @ 05/18/19 16:24*
Like that last update 9.0.2 behaves weird ...

There is such a moment, I have to restart TVH after every boot / reboot, otherwise the client does not see it.

Rep: (241)
* rinatgt06, If on the Padavan router, then in theory it should work without a bubo. Only in the settings allow the use of a USB modem and accept.

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Rep: (241)
* Pip pop read - ELM327 - Discussion

Rep: (241)
truumann @ 05/10/19, 08:14*
Your link is written ...

Over time, I think, you will come to understand the logic of actions different from Windows. Yes, you may have to break the system more than once, trying to change something, but believe me - everything is simple and transparent there. And many questions already have answers on the Internet, just don’t watch the video, read better, take notes, hints and so on.

Rep: (241)
truumann @ 05/10/19, 02:27*
Can reduce paging file

It is created automatically when the system is booted, if the system RAM is 512 MB and smaller, this does not affect the image size, you can change / delete the script (/bin/ or use a system with the kernel 4.19.xx.
truumann @ 05/10/19, 02:27*
it will not be difficult for you to move a couple of sliders to gparted

When creating a system, I do not deploy an image on a real micro SD, everything is collected in a virtual machine.
truumann @ 05/10/19, 02:27*
I did not sit on Linux systems, only used. Here you are forced to work from the user Volumio, and this is a tough decision ... because. here everything is done through damn sudo ...

I do not understand what's the difficulty? Rebuild your thinking, this is not Windows.
There is a root in the system, for example, it’s enough to run
sudo su

Heremore read morehere, here .

Rep: (241)
* truumann, And this is not your full? How is it different from other debian based distributions?
with full root? Or version of image for 2

Perhaps this is perhaps cutting some kind of functionality out of the system, but what’s the point? Don't you have a slightly larger microSD card? And how is this size related to root? Well, I immediately recall this cartoon -

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Rep: (241)
krasnov06062003 @ 04.04.19, 22:28*
Which versions of Android Funcl Ai work correctly?

You probably wanted to ask - which device will have the maximum sound quality with these ears?
almost any transmitter with Apt-x supportHi-fi .
Those not all devices (including phones) with the stated Apt-x transmit it to Hi-Fi, different chips, different capabilities.

Rep: (241)
I have a choice:
1. Funcl W1 (J.ZAO)
2. Xiaomi Redmi AirDots
3. QCY T1

What advise from this list?

Rep: (241)
hohlosoft @ 03/05/19, 11:19*
modprobe xt_HL
iptables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -j TTL --ttl-set 64
ip6tables -t mangle -A POSTROUTING -j HL --hl-set 64

How to register a modem here ??

* hohlosoft Did you manage to fix ttl for e352 modem?

Rep: (241)
* stasg
No changes do not help, as the network fell asleep, so it will go to sleep. Xs where else to dig.

PS: I found a problem where I did not expect at all - Adclear The ad blocker with its firewall chopped off access to applications when the screen was locked:
Attached Image

But he suffered for several months.

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* stasg
I will try:
Attached Image

Rep: (241)
* stasg very strange.

Rep: (241)
Stasg @ 04/21/19, 10:56 PM*
permanent data transfer

of course included.
Stasg @ 04/21/19, 10:56 PM*
What application are you using to listen?

Tunein radio, AIMP for Android

Do you have a permanent data transfer with the screen off?

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Rep: (241)
Who can tell how to remove the power saving 3G / 4G connection when the screen is off?
Listening to the radio via the Internet is simply not possible, once the screen is cut off, then in 15-20 seconds. Network connection goes to sleep, the screen turns on and again the radio stream resumes.

Rep: (241)
* shperrung mtu did not have to give anything.
If you are interested in comparing processors and systems, lookbenchmark-and

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Rep: (241)
What could be the problem?

Most likely the fact is that there is no support for AES-NI in the processor:
grep -m1 -o aes / proc / cpuinfo

gives out nothing, so still to look:
cat / proc / cpuinfo

As an option to buy an inexpensive Orange on H5, which has hardware support for AES:
grep -m1 -o aes / proc / cpuinfo

openssl speed -elapsed -evp aes-128-cbc
type 16 bytes 64 bytes 256 bytes 1024 bytes 8192 bytes
aes-128-cbc 138114.73k 385579.82k 644598.27k 800955.73k 861954.05k

And start a tunnel in it.
In theory, the speed should grow.

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Rep: (241)
* palpali4 I apologize, from the phone wrote to this message -> * garik.007, and missed. : thank_you:

Rep: (241)
... somewhere nailed ...

Works voice dialing, as before.

Rep: (241)
* palpali4 100% warranty case, it is better to pass in the ass.

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