Rep: (97)
NeoLabz @ 08/14/19, 14:15*
after some time, all the same, he swears at her absence: unsure:
Then I don’t know. In the 12th version, I did not notice the difference with the 11th, now on the eleventh, there is no "swearing".

Rep: (97)
MrStorm @ 08/13/19, 20:59*
And how can I remove the message that there is no license?
Try Lucky Patcher to patch the license check.

Rep: (97)
ALEHH @ 08/12/19, 12:55*
occurs when switching from one base station to another, probably another band.
This happens to me simply when the signal deteriorates. BS is the one and only.

Rep: (97)
FireShock @ 08/12/19, 12:43*
But during a trip on the M-4, the Internet began to fall off, although it showed the presence of a network.
On the lower floor of the house, the Internet works for a minute or two, then through the "flight" it is possible to revive again. On the top floor, where communication is better, it works smoothly. At low silnale (even two "sticks") the Internet is already buggy.

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About the glitches of the device.
I think that here, to a greater extent, the role is played by things around us. From time to time, from the most complicated apparatus, we want impeccable work like a microwave oven, vacuum cleaner, etc. surrounding us in a larger volume. But with smartphones and the like, this does not work. The level of complexity of the processes inside these guys is so great that a certain set of “glitches” is a kind of character already. And they are eradicated, as with a living being, upbringing and long settings. And any representative of the processor technology team has problems. Conclusion: To understand .. and forgive .. (in the morning, early morning: rofl :)

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Xiaomi Mi9, Gcam + Snapseed.
Attached Image

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Discussion of the program to turn the phone into a surveillance camera.
In short, I rent my hut daily. One phone is hiccuped so that it would not be stolen and works like a Sony camera. X period connection with a wi-fi signal is just super most important is not a matrix through it otherwise it will be heated and judged. The first porno is a lot through the lenovo monitor, but it depends on your conscience, of the pluses, one huge first varishka managed to steal the telly by 42 inches, and when this telly complicated the time costs up to 15 + minutes, the second 52-inch long-tempered already winds up for 5 years for attempted robbery and damage to property I thought hooliganism was still to be hanged in the appendage, so they didn’t let me say that this was enough for him. So the threshold drives and does not crash already as the 3rd week works without a break !!!

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Dolbydic @ 08/08/19, 11:45 PM*
I spent a week like that, a super phone.
Offtop. My Sonya spent two and a half weeks in a drawer, in flight mode. : rofl:
Is this a sign of a super phone?

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I did not notice a difference in autonomy after turning off the fingerprint indicator. Now it’s inconvenient to find the scanner; I’ll turn this setting back on.

Rep: (97)
Tango @ 08/08/19, 10:31*
Hmm .. tell me then, if I disable RTSP then configure access to the tweaks using the http protocol?
You have authentication like RTSP. Just turn off ONVIF.

Rep: (97)
Tango @ 08/05/19, 14:53*
Tell me how to remove the vulnerability?
Update the camera firmware (if there is an update) and disable ONVIF / RTSP, leave access only through the web panel. Why am I also talking about RTSP - because I saw vulnerabilities that allow you to watch without authorization on this protocol as well. An example is Ubiquiti AirCam, there RTSP goes without authorization. : D
Attached Image
Nearly 700 cameras, come in, look. : rofl:

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Terapevft @ 08/05/19, 10:43 PM*
Does it put a lot of battery?
Not noticed, enough for a day withsmallby stock. Tomorrow I will check with the fingerprint indicator turned off.

Rep: (97)
Shustovcreates @ 08/05/19, 21:26*
You can change to calm natural colors in the settings.
I set warm tones in the contrast settings, plus a night mode with even warmer colors. Just great.

Rep: (97)
Pepperoni86 @ 08/05/19, 10:16 PM*
Turned on DS Dimming
What is dimming?

Rep: (97)
* terapevft , Yes, it is normal. With any shaking (even the slightest) the imprint lights up. You can turn it off in the fingerprint manager, you have to find it by touch. : rofl:

Rep: (97)
M1_ak @ 08/05/19, 21:19*
Question to the owners, how is the amoled screen after the usual ips?
The first time I saw AMOLED on this phone. Eyes do not hurt, after Hodor with IPS it is noticeably better.

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* Hdrt , In the settings, select the item - "lock and protection". There we select - "sleep mode".
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* astinter , As said above, in spec. opportunities.
Attached Image

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Maximimilius @ 08/05/19, 8:12*
We are driving with a sidekick in a car, we call in a car world, an auto parts store, ask about chains on wheels, he has Vanplas 5, I have Samsung notes 9, we go out, we get in a car, we open the Internet and both have chains for cars.
I also read a similar one, I decided to conduct an "experiment".
Voice search was turned on, microphone permissions were issued to everyone, OK Google was also turned on.
All day talking with the phone about the tents. "Tents - buy", etc.
But the advertising of tents never met.
But it was still on old Sonya, as here - had not yet checked. :)

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