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d_7 @ 07/05/19, 00:43*
Even if you remove the software / reinstall the Vendian above 60 does not charge.

There is a nuance, if you suddenly need to charge up to 100 (you enable fast charging through the Lenovo Vantage), then the conservation mode flies, so I would advise not to delete the application)) simply unload it from memory (after enabling the conservation mode) and disable its autostart

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[email protected]19.06.19, 13:47*
Clone a disk using Acronis True Image WD Edition. Free Acronis Version

Provided that you have at least one WD drive

From the WD website
"Please note that to install and use Acronis True Image WD Edition, the system must have at least one WD hard disk drive."

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I read one blogger, he made a post dedicated to the summer sale on Ali

Here are the people that found the Samsung 860 EVO SSD = 3100 rubles for 250 GB

Attached Image

Direct link to the product

Link to this page with other products, if anyone is interested, you can share something yourself.

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harbuzilia2002 @ 06/05/19, 13:26*
And if together ask Lenovo about this change, or they do not listen?

Who knows what figure for them is considered "amicably", because of 20 people (or how many of us here) are unlikely to do something, so if you go to reddit and bring up the topic around the world, and then throw off this Lenovo branch then maybe

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4e | _o \ / e4e |< @ 30.05.19, 21:42 *
according to my logic, nothing should come out, I clearly wrote what the manufacturer considers to be a cycle and what is detrimental to the battery

Aaaa duck then mraketologi, they all have their own logic there, they believe such an occupation

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4e | _o \ / e4e |< @ 30.05.19, 09:48 *
So the permissible number of charge-discharge cycles is calculated over the full cycle (0-100). But really "kills" the battery in the boundary states (full / about full charge, full / about full charge)

Now it remains to understand what it means to "about full charge")) 5% 10% or even maybe 30%

According to your logic, if you don’t charge by n% and do not discharge in m%, then the battery will last forever, but this isn’t true

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hanchevsk @ 05/30/19, 02:24*
People, how quickly should the degree of deterioration of a battery increase (for example, after how long 5% of deterioration should normally occur)?

It is different for everyone, it depends on your use, for example, for six months I worked only 2-3 times on battery, so all the time from the network and battery in storage mode (60%)

If you often use the battery and use the fast charge function, I highly recommend reading about how fast charging kills the battery (I’ll make a reservation: it’s not fast charging, of course) but the user is to blame)

For whom it is too lazy to google, briefly: fast charging teaches the user to charge the device up to 50% (because it is the fastest option than to wait up to 100) and use the device more often, thereby increasing the amount of charge-discharge that directly affects the battery life's an article

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harbuzilia2002 @ 05/19/19, 13:28*
This situation is tightly found in phones that have both wifi and Bluetooth on the same frequency.

thanks for the information

harbuzilia2002 @ 05/19/19, 13:28*
I do not know about the Bluetooth mice, they have their own receiver. For her work, bluetooth is not required at all.

I have Klava and a mouse with my receiver, but I don’t know the radio channel at what frequency

And then I thought about buying bluetooth headphones and connecting them to the laptop, and I got confused with the information and found out for myself this interesting information

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Shadowcaster @ 05/19/19 12:24*
will disappear along with the speed. 802.11g - a maximum of 54 Mbps.
it was necessary to control more thickly - instead of 802.11n (260 ~ 600 Mbps), advise to enable 802.11b - 11 Mbps in the jump.

Well, the trouble)) the only output router with support for 5 GHz?

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Conflict happens only with old routers working on the 802.11n WiFi protocol (2.4 GHz).
It is enough to change the settings for the 802.11g protocol (2.4 GHz) and the problem will disappear ...

In my list there is no forced only g there are such, if g and without n, then only bg is suitable, will it be enough?
Attached Image

The laptop is now connected like this
Attached Image

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Elektrikons @ 05/19/19 08:43*
Now all routers can operate at two 2.4 / 5 GHz frequencies. Even if there are problems (which is unlikely), it is enough to change the range.

I would love to, but my router does not know how to 5GHz ((

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I remember someone wrote about a bluetooth mouse that podlagivaet wi-fi, so here it turns out wi-fi and bluetooth work at ONE frequency (surprise surprise)

Here isreference to habre, read the details and there are links to solutions to the problem at the end.

And then he himself thought about purchasing wireless bluetooth headphones and accidentally in one review I saw problems with wi-fi Internet among the minuses

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d_7 @ 05/10/19, 15:12*
Do you think that such a stand with a 200mm cooler will normally blow air into the upper part of the back cover of the laptop or is it better to look for models where the coolers are located higher?

No need to blow anything in there) native coolers do an excellent job with this, you just need to raise your ass so that native coolers stop capturing hot air from the table (the table is heating up)

After I lifted the ass of the laptop, I stopped hearing howls in games, it became much more comfortable to play, he stopped constantly making noise like a Boeing, earlier it was howling notably

Rep: (5)
d_7 @ 05/09/19, 15:03*
I am more inclined to the first option, but I wonder what the more experienced users will say, since I have never used coasters. By the way, if you already have a stand that really blows well and reduces the temperature in the active fan mode, then throw the name of the model, I will be very grateful.

There is an opinion that active (with fans) KG stands, more dust is added to the laptop, it is even recommended to turn off the coolers from the stands and turn it into a passive

In a laptop, it is enough just to raise the ass, even with what, but at least a box of matches, I bought a plastic crosspiece on Ali (I wrote this many times above about a post with research), the issue price is 100 rubles like

At first, I also actively chose a stand, but the price they have is fire and the opinion that it is not needed with coolers, and if the coolers do not include that air flow with it is the same as from the table (well, a little better)

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harbuzilia2002 @ 05/06/19 02:11*
2: You have the full right to ask for a non-display case.

That's just the most likely discount just due to the fact that the display case, so that not from the window can become more expensive

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And do not overlap the cooler holes?

The photo also shows that they overlap))

What benefits have given?

About the benefits heremy research(I think for any similar size of legs there will be an identical result)

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Remember, I wrote that the Windows did not load in me (when the laptop is turned on, the Legion logo is on and the wheel hangs)

Duck here I found the reason, Fast Fast is to blame

Once again, when you restart, Windows got into a pose, a kind person prompted to boot from any USB flash drive to give a shit to memory and then when you turn on the laptop, Fast Boot will see what's wrong and boot as usual

It helped, went into Windows and turned off nafig this Fast Boot

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I thought it was here, that the cooler in idle time periodically starts up and after a minute it subsides, maybe it was done by the engineers, so if suddenly the laptop always works without load, then such bursts will allow to slightly flush the holes from the dust, such as such life hacking (IMHO )

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Such a question: do we have support for nVidia Optimus?

I can not understand how to check it

Crewoi @ 03/27/19 23:11*
whisper mode and battery boost - magic!

Oh, the magic of Visper starts from 1060 ((
Attached Image

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ZK1983 @ 03.25.19, 17:44*
Looked at the prices - the cheapest (in the system you put the filter support for NVMe) - A-DATA XPG SX6000 ASX6000NP-128GT-C 128GB (the topic was mentioned 1 time - there were problems with it) for 2670r with inconsistent reviews 3370r ...

I have Intel 760p but 256 gigs, as correctly suggested, you should not take 128, firstly they are slower than 256, secondly, I now have SSDs occupied by Windows with 96 gigs, so 128 are right they say little, reach the ceiling sooner or later

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