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Took the last disc in the MVideo, paid 31.10 for pre-order, in stock is not expected. No coupons and discounts can not be applied yet.

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MVideo sent a letter that the game is on sale - 4290 Pickup prepaid 4.11 after 19:00

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Few details about the 2077 cyberpunk.
Screenshots / arts

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rouk123 @ 08.06.2018, 18:45*
agenda have nothing.

600r can try, then sell. She is the only one of pleylink games in the stop list MV. For the rest, you can apply the promo code

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OnSoniStorcoupon 2018r unfortunately can not be applied to any subscription cards or the games at a discount. But. Can be applied to the controller and other accessories.
On the Gamepad price resets to 2100.
2018r may be 30% of the total order.
Himself took one gamepad and headset (I know that it is falling apart, but 2800 will go)

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* RaMaValiev,
* Healperson
Sam recently took dualshok in CSN for the 3000 shares on 23 February. Especially while and I did not need, but there are plans for him.
So I advise, if not much off, too, to wait for some action.

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I, like many here, zhdun discounts on Proshka. And like 4k TV there, like as good of its power very long either, but knowing yourself if buy slim then will my wits :) So it is better to overpay once. Monitors prices from October, on sale Black Friday bought a dozen games and put them away in a drawer, not to corns. And the red-eyed leaf through the day and night the subject in anticipation of a miracle.
I am waiting for 23-25 ​​December. I think the most likely occurrence of discounts these days.

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lex_perm @ 30.09.2015, 15:05*
Good afternoon!)
I bought 15 September 64 s6 black loan from homecredit 0-0-24 MTS. Price in the store 41 990, the amount of the check - 31 304. From all insurance declined. Yesterday went to the bank - to extinguish the loan. Total including interest 31 329 Overpayment of 25 rubles)))))) (although the loan for a long time did not activate, the activation date has turned out that it possible to reduce interest rates to a minimum)
It came out very favorably)
Forgot to say, the phone got from the warehouse in a sealed box.

Also yesterday to repay the loan. left 29180

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After reading the topic I think that the need to quickly run to the MTS while the freebie is not over, to take what is, and is not something that I wanted to and enjoy.
At the weekend I went to the nearest first available cabin mts. No rush, the crowds queuing on this occasion did not see it. SGS6 edzhe 32GB and stood side by side at 2 36t, Duos in the window was not. Asked to dig in the bins, we found DUOS 64GB 39t for a penny. When I opened all plenochki in place. I poked him, found out about the loan (because I do not have the passport of the Russian Federation issued on brother), I put it back. I came to buy 3 days. They opened the boxes, except me nobody touched (seen on prints). I tested all that could yet made out credit.
So I recommend to go to the nearest / favorite salon and asking all on the spot about the presence of the desired version, credit, etc. Because apparently the head does not know what to make of her hand. One on the site, both on the phone and on the site of the third.

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I took today S6 duos 64 mts growths. Through Homa loan 0-0-24 came 29 by check. Managers say the action on the loan will be at least until the end of the month. All insurance refused, took mts Simcoe, on it should come 5tysch promotional. Managers help to correctly answer questions on the loan, say many are denied.

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The action "Loan without overpayment"!
sivuch * @ 07.09.2015, 00:55*
A description of where to read? Link please.

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2. Need an invite to the resource:

Unfortunately, I can not offer anything in return, because as you know, "in order to sell something unnecessary, you must first buy something unnecessary." I really liked bestopaknet, and there the distribution.
I missed the holiday freebie.
I solemnly swear to give to the suffering here after accumulating my own invite. : thank_you:

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Who changed the screen where you can order it?

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Android 4.3 added Smart Bluetooth function. This saves battery power when connecting a smartphone with smart watches or bracelets fitness.

Somebody konekt with such devices? Interests, whether earnsheart rate monitor. The description says it is working with "Bluetooth Smart (4.0) iOS devices, including the iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad (3rd and 4th generations), and iPad Mini".

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RaMaValiev @ 11.03.2013, 08:49*
and change the front glass and therefore the touch panel and the frame around the body ..

As far as I know, completely changing the screen, he's glued. And it is about 100 euros.Herehas a price.

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It's 2 phone, me with the bumper, no brother. Go 2nd week, I already batthert, so it is inconvenient in the bumper / inelegant. Bumper ordered out of curiosity and in any case, the last phone in a cover bore 8 years ago. I will shoot. According to the previous experience, the phones I have fallen again by 5-6 per year from a height of about one meter. The screen never fought. My brother was a crack 1cm on the GHS. It all depends on your accuracy and luck ....
After six months died 3 pairs of ears on cable wear, looking for something poprochnee. I came across Brainwavz M2. I go about one year, as new. Say, one brave soul to the tightened cable. Sound enough, even too much bass.

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Video is difficult to say that it works. Likely until just a fake.
It looks good, but getting a bit ridiculous - wear with a wireless charger with cable, instead of a single cable. What for? Bet on what will often raise / lay down the phone and do not need to connect cables every time?

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I received a letter from the Myst:

Dear Clients,
our company is obliged to give information at the time of shipment of the sender and recipient of sending not only the customs in the destination country, but also the customs in the country of shipment, ie in the United States. In order to we can send your goods on time and quickly deliver them, we need you to have your name and address (as well as the declared goods) agliyskom on language in our program If we translate each address, the carriage of parcels will be longer.
Please now fill in your recipient's address on agliyskom language.

Meest-America, Inc

In your personal account when you add a new address:

Important: All the information you need to make in the official language of the country of the recipient! (UkraС—nska, Russian)

What to do? Enter an additional address in English? Who else did?

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Since it is more practical. A little more protection. Again, it is the original, $ 20 is not much, and then get to be problematic.

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they were asked to wait 48 hours before placing another order, the money back within 1-14 days, very sorry, and if you will have any problems asking to contact them again.

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