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version: 3.4

Last update of the program in the header:26.05.2019

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Short description:
The program for signing Zip, Apk right on your Android device.

Program for signing ZIP, APK and / or JAR files directly on your Android device.
The final file passes zip-aligned. You can choose the key to sign: media, platform, shared, testkey or use the automatic selection mode.

Russian interface: Yes (starting from version 3.4)
Google Play:

version: 3.4 ZipSigner (Post Katafrakt # 84835243)
Sources: ZipSigner (Post Snow Volf # 65328192)

Version: 3.4 Mod Pixel Pie ZipSigner (Post Cobra111111 # 86129141)
Version: 3.4 Rus ZipSigner (Post # 24701960)
Version: 3.4 Rus with revisions from Rejjin ZipSigner (Post Rejjin # 44910302)
Version: 3.4 Ukr ZipSigner (Post # 36921333)
Version: 3.4 Lite mod ZipSigner (Post Nevidimka655 # 63787615)

Version 3.9 - fake, please check before posting!
Past versions

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Cat_Man @ 06/13/19, 18:04*
Well, after a few touches he lochitsya, t to. Touch that palm or fingers

Got it. Thank.

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Cat_Man @ 06/13/19 5:30*
in the end, it blocks and unlocks the graph key.

And why the key? Not a native app? In my native prints without a key is unlocked, well, except for the first time after a reboot.
I also did not find information on the headphones. Is there 3.5 jack or tieps?

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Hi people.
I do not understand about the imprint. There is a kind in the description, but where I do not understand the sensor. Does fingerprint work or not?

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Beware of the storeENKLOV Franchised Store on Aliexpress

Ordered and paid 04.24.19 this DVR. The deadline for sending unexpectedly became 14 days instead of the promised 7. For the whole period the seller did not get in touch, appeared only after the completion of the order for non-payment. It seems like the refund is on May 8, but there is still no money and the process is not completed. Unfortunately I can not even write a review to warn other users.

UPD 05/14/19
Today the money is back. Total 3 weeks of wasted time.

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Abasov @ 04/29/19 12:30*
I supplement, the screen has changed, you need to warm the screen and decently, there is no cover as such
Glued in a circle or across the surface? New as glue? Scotch tape or glue? Give me the details, please, but my screen has already begun to scratch, I'm afraid I will have to change it in half a year.

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Then I found TWRP from the Vertex theme, there the touch works.
And you can ask to post this version, but the dances with the OTG-mouse are not much liked.
Thanks found.
Really works touch.
Attached fileA8recovery.img(13.89 MB)

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Ip webcam

Last update of the program in the header:13.04.2019

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Short description:
webcam from your device

Turns your device into a network camera with multiple viewing options. There is no need for a client tied to your OS, you can view it in a browser or VLC-player (it did not work in Windows Media Player and The KMPlayer). Can work as a hidden camera in the background. Video chat is supported (for example, Skype, but only on Windows (neededcomputer program) (when you try to run Skype 5.0 cuts)).
Just install the application, start the server and type in the browser on the computer address, which is registered in the drop-down notification.
Really changes the resolution (for large slows down)

Russian interface: Yes

Google Play:

Installing and configuring IP Webcam in linux :
IP Webcam (Post SysoevDV # 40748367)
IP Webcam (Post SysoevDV # 40748756)

Version: [Patched]
Version: 1.13.7 IP Webcam (Post Meoweom # 63927889)


Past versions
Version: [Patched]
Version: [Patched] IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 79964043)
Version: 1.13.25 Patched IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 68486975)
Version: 1.13.24 Patched IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 67815347)
Version: 1.13.23 Patched IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 67296222)
Version: 1.13.21r Patched IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 66442909)
Version: 1.13.2 IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 62618829)
Version: 1.12.5r IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 52088180)
Version: 1.12.2r IP Webcam (Post vutak # 49609453)
Version: 1.12.0r IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 48019906)
Version: 1.11.1r IP Webcam (Post alex12 # 38567437)
Version: 1.10.1r IP Webcam (Post Alex0047 # 38275918)
Version: 1.9.12r IP Webcam (Post # 35739952)
Version: 1.9.11r IP Webcam (Post # 33433410)
version: 1.9.9 IP Webcam (Post # 31703889)
version: 1.9.8 IP Webcam (Post # 31482543)
Version: 1.9.6 //
Version: 1.8.21 //
Version: 1.8.18 AdsFree // from MEGA_PRO
Version: 1.8.18 //
Version: 1.8.15 //
Version: 1.8.13 //
version: 1.8.7 //
Version: 1.8.6 //
version: Attached filecom.pas.webcam_1.apk (313.27 KB)
version: 1.7.0 //

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azazella78 @ 04/03/19, 10:00 PM*
But all the glare is not removed, the nighttime blur from the lights left

Well, I am more annoyed by the reflection of the panel in the glass. If the filter removes it, it will be enough for me. Can I ask for a link to the filter to share?

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azazella78 @ 2.01.19, 19:13*
I look at the anti-glare filter
Did you manage to pick a filter?

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* Enotius , And another USB port? Disconnect everything connected in parallel and leave only the modem?

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Enotius @ 02.27.19, 10:50*
But, since I already had it - I still want to break it.

Why HiLink mode? I am having fun with the stick right now - I flashed it, I broke it, turned off the first stage. Got sick a bit, waiting for when to let go - I'll go to the garage to experiment.

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* klimmm2014
Damn, I do not want to fool.

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* a.litvinoff,
* klimmm2014
* SergeyGir,
How was it stitched? Through full WIPE or top?

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chuvy @ 02/03/19, 19:50*
Installation Instructions

Something I did not understand, but the update on 20181113 can not be rolled? Do you have to do a full wipe and put it on a clean one?

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* jmd ,
Technik @ 12/18/17, 7:39*
Idtaun, I ordered myself on Ali.
Polymer rechargeable batteries 35100100 3.7V 4000MAH Tablet PC
Or look for a suitable size 3.5 * 100 * 100

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Something 3.0.0 slows down, constantly switches something, sometimes unsuccessfully. Often began to slow down the Internet because of this. We'll have to downhill, probably.

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* witucom,
Tookright hereI had to leave this review here
I ordered 2 batteries. The seller only in 2 weeks brought the parcel to the post office. When I received the parcel it turned out that one battery was not working. I decided to see what was happening and unfolded the battery. When I removed the wrapper, it turned out that the connection connector bus was broken. The battery showed inscriptions, according to which the battery capacity is 10.97 Wh, which at a voltage of 3.85 V gives a capacity of 2800mAh. Instead of the 3800 stated in the description !!!
The battery itself is LESS original. After installation, there are gaps in the compartment. Keeps just like the old original - it happens that until the end of the day is not enough.
I want to try to order more, but have not yet decided where.

P.S. Found anothersuchoption. Looks like the original battery. I'll try, probably order.

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Drache76 @ 09/05/18, 20:09*
On android 9

I have Android 6.0 - everything works, everything suits.

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sergeyn12 @ 06.26.18, 10:39*
I want the sound to decrease from 8 to 5 pm, and then turn on again.
I use another program for such purposes - Timeriffic. It, however, seems to have been abandoned, but I think there are analogues that simply change the volume on schedule.

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