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xs at which point but went up longer. I think he's on the fly encrypts

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All the new encrypted. 4k drags and write and watch enough speed. It is possible to separately encrypt your phone, you can separate the stick (better to take uhsi3), can be deciphered in the same way. After encrypting the phone on and off loaded noticeably slower running thinking, but not critical. If you want a strong discomfort of data protection will not be. I used to always encrypt or even Virgo is much weaker, but this is not required and I chasing.

pysy can tick and media files are not encrypted (look all your home videos)

if vaypnut or reset the phone, all data will be lost, including backups

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* frey13 Understandable .. they like it or not wireless only slow? (You can not answer)

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people, and faster wireless charging it does not pull? who tests? just standing cover with qi is correspondence platform, just a simple .. Here I think to buy or not the platform for rapid charging

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people who know the model of registrars 2016 which can send the picture via an Internet distribute the list here .. and then Google and Yandex not vkurse ((

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* Riretretto I bought this in Korea in the box with all the personal belongings of 12000r this year

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an order of magnitude cheaper and 5GHz vayfay works.
Camera sounds are always under the laws of Korea TC Fota Private prohibited.
the device always felt it was roaming but plows normally
Korean bukovki in nabiratele
Korean non-removable software of the operator
characters in the weather)) and Korean holidays in the calendar ..

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in 802 can not understand where the robot and where a direct order .. let the screen where that !?

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People, we can advise what .. I will book with kitaezy ..

need a DVR inside the car to remove the driver and passengers, it is desirable .. maybe cheaper and more necessary budget so myself :)

requirements in order of importance:
1) infrared LED lights to the eyes was not visible in the cabin .. no light
2) a very wide viewing angle
3) fair and above 720p15fps
4) normal intelligible audio without the crackles body .. and within a radius of 2-3 meters from the camera
5) can be switched off, or better still and rotary screen
6) working with cards 16gb +

can someone that will advise? and where to book?

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I worked in the MTS in the Primorsky Territory, lte here runs from the operator only formally. voice over lte never implemented. the state of networks and equipment - sadness, a lot of works in general in 2d or fails to. if you have MTS seaside then this is not a bad phone, and the operator. to Beeline I have everything working fine, 90% of the time lte in the city, sometimes 3g and 2g if the basement ..
pysy working mts with unlimited utility Simcoe still had to use the Beeline, such here we may work the works. you can be there the same problems

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people, Such sorrow had just occurred: the stylus his wife wrote and abruptly stopped writing in marker .. no, is not responding button, well, do not write. my she works her I did not write .. someone tell me, what kind of things?

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forgot login and password, mail is .. for Recovery asks to drive in login and mail .. who prompts how to solve?)

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People, Good day. I have a little time, I reread the subject gradually, but I must urgently .. In general, I have to go through the turnstile at work, it uses a map-pass .. so here it is not clear whether or not she NFC.
1) how to test NFC or what is their special, not compatible with NFC phone?
2) in SGN4 me with NFC, is it possible to copy the pass and put the phone?
3) if possible, advise softinu for this can be paid, but it is better to check with the possibility of free running or not copy the map to the command?

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This photo batteries, added to your phone, if there are no write access - to the computer will do.
https: //

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* Ghost site , Well here in Korea with Japanese sell batteries in Rasch .. Vietnam and China there are still places, with probably its push into Asia as a battery for replacement (not golimy China, and official)

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* paanio I have in all of Korea first, and then in the same rank, Japan and other third Vietnam

If necessary I can all 3 sfotat next to each other

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Mobile YouTube neutered, and video from a computer to run 2 *** p? If so, it is necessary to open a web browser.

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By the way I have with Korea own battery production in Japan live and prosper without any calibration, Chinese chips tricks all sorts of, well, recent official Vietnamese behaves worse than the Japanese, but much better than the Chinese. China, too, the truth is, the 1.5 runs. All 3 batteries official simply different production

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I bought my boo 15 tyrov rubles. people selling because the camera is poorly filmed, agreed that marriage and sidelal discount of up to 10,000 I came home, peel off the protective film camera which is (not factory and a tuning that protects the camera), and right now, enjoy your new phone is almost Uzan. so that the protection of the camera is evil. it made the way to convex when lying on the table does not scratch on it (the phone as it is at an angle to the camera slips). And in a pocket and the bag only covers and bumpers help, or pouch-bag ...

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they're just a price tag lomyat that the people running

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