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Important message to bought "gray" Samsung TV in 2015-2019 GG or intending to buy a "gray" TV this company.

A short FAQ on the most popular questions
Good selection tests for the TV
TV Xiaomi
If you have a desire to buy a TV Xiaomi and you came in this topic to obtain the approval of his choice, for starters read the material that is presented below, if after that you still have this desire, then run to the store, if not ask in the theme, we recommend more decent options for this price.
Very informative post of full-length video examples
Mini review Xiaomi bought the TV from RC_Gremlin
Review of the 55-inch "intelligent" 4K LCD TV Xiaomi Mi LED TV 4S 55 "on Android TV
Mini review from phox
Selecting the TV small diagonal
Almost every day there is a branch about this question: advise the best, top-end TV diagonal of 43 inches. The situation is such that now the TV in the diagonal 49-50 inches to normal and the more high-end and do not produce in the store can choose any one you like, all of them on the image and characteristics are not and some sort of a top TV from Sony PCD 5-6 years old shows much better and there is a good 120 Hz. matrix decent brightness and contrast.
I advise you to use the distance table for different diagonals and permits optimum size and calculator tv depending on the distance and pay attention to from 49-50ti inch TVs.
Table of distances for different diagonals and permits.
Calculator tv optimal size depending on the distance
hdmi 2.1

Useful from users
A selection of useful posts, links and quotes the topic from 1100 to 1500 pages of 28.12.19 (lenthett)
Good selection of the world's major sites on TV from qwerty_67
Classification and characteristics lineup Hinsense 2019 from jimm_xattab
About similar issues, "And exactly A6140 - is Hinsense B7500?" by jimm_xattab
Good post about the selection of the TV on a branch of qwerty_67
Good post about choosing yourself the TV people from dim-kos
"The message about the burnout of OLED qwerty_67
Good response to a post by qwerty_67 about burnout OLED from chooze
The new line of LG TVs in 2020 (niemand4)
The new line of Sony TVs for 2020 (niemand4)
Confusion about the model number Samsung Q80 for different regions of the Orbitex
Review of LG 50UM7300PLB from SM88pda
Review of LG 60um7100 from starter52
Review of LG OLED 65b8slb from [mebius]
Review of LG 50UM7600 from ViP_wOoLf
Review of Samsung 50ru7400 from acreed-spb1
Review of Samsung 65ru8000u from tipograf
Review of Samsung QE65Q80RAU from phox
Pros and cons Samsung Q70 in comparison with other models in the opinion and personal experience RaraAvis
Small sravneie Samsung Q7fn (2108) and the Samsung Q70 (2019) on the personal experience of Orbitex
Review of Hisense H55A6140 (7500) from SonicWind
Review of Hisense H55B7500 (A6140) from ChronoPWR
Review of Hisense 55b7700UW from beatusman
Review of Hisense 50B7500 from GH0ST
Review of Hisense 50A6140 (V7500) by Evgeniy Filatov
Review of Hisense 55B7500 from Avari3v
Mini Review Hisense H75U9A from CAHEK_52PyC
Review of Sony KD-65XF9005 from russia-lin
Review DEXP F40D7300C from ChronoPWR

useful links best site for reviews of TVs, very thoroughly and tested to the smallest detail each model, unique to this resource is not even close, if this site has a review on the desired model of the TV, then you are lucky and you will know about this tv thoroughly everything and get a very objective and accurate assessment.
www.tvfindr.comA good website where you can find many TV tour, there is a convenient and visual comparison between the two models of different TV sets.
hdtvpolska.comPolish site with excellent and detailed reviews on TVs.

Completed in 2019, it is time to take stock and vote for the best TV in 2019 in three categories.
You can vote for the TV that you have, or who are going to buy, or just enjoy their image and performance.
If a model is not present in the list, which was released in 2019 and you want to vote for it, write and add.
Explanation of the survey.

Cap during filling with interesting, informative and useful suggestions, one should fast (can express their opinions about acquisitions in the TV) that were previously in the subject, please contact thelichku, thank you in advance
Topics CuratorOrbitex

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Reason for editing: HDR work on the example of the five televisions dark scene in the movie "the stars" the first three minutes

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kullibbin @ 8.02.20, 19:54*
To close a tab, it is necessary to hold pressed the roller second - half
That's an eternity ... easier to cross to get there.

Rep: (2727)
ivengo99 @ 07.02.20, 22:01*
was once a circular shooting
I really do not remember when ... on the 7-Series, like, was not there.

Rep: (2727)
ivengo99 @ 7.02.20, 20:26*
such a regime as was once - circular shooting?
Attached Image
Attached Image

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The cap is already possible to change the image ...
For example, in such
Attached Image
Attached Image
A source

Attached Image

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Kostyanuri4 @ 2.02.20, 21:59*
such klikbeytnoe name
But you: D
How to disable all the telemetry?
Attached Image

Rep: (2727)
misulik79 @ 1.02.20, 5:50*
I really like the macro in Note 10 plus
In Note 9 was steeper: scratch_one-s_head:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (2727)
deddom2008 @ 30.01.20, 15:46*
Samsung is to blame?
The fact that the camera phone does not remove, as the SLR? I think that Samsung has other priorities ...
With that, which may be useful photos on your phone, it copesTalk Camera Samsung Note 10 / Note 10+ (Post Shoore # 89137153)

Windows enthusiasts club (Post Shoore # 89397311)

deddom2008 @ 30.01.20, 15:46*
Ashamed to spread those shots!
Yeah, calcium is not enough catastrophically: D

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Rep: (2727)
CocaCo1a @ 30.01.20, 9:45*
it was necessary to look at how to work out the camera microrelief
So currently fulfills. However, not enough light, weather merzskaya
Attached Image

Rep: (2727)
mikl2901 @ 27.01.20, 19:43*
too huge reservoir of money investments and labor. Just do not give up.
Yes does not give up, there's forty percent of the code (if not more) migrated to the current Windu, who else is give ...

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Discussion and selection of SSD drive
Attached Image


Huge base of SSD reviews
Information required to select SSD
    To select SSD you need to know:
  • Motherboard and processor model
  • Desired Drive Size
  • Desired Drive Form Factor
  • Purchase budget
  • The operating system to be installed on the SSD
  • Shop \ city for orientation in prices and assortment

useful links
Topics on the choice of components
Test flash memory SSD program H2testw
H2testw- a tool for the detection of faulty memory cells of removable data storage module, which has become the standard for verification of the real volume USB-flash drives and SD-card. Is also used to check the broken sectors on the hard drive, but with a twist, which is told below. Test flash drives or HDD can be carried out in an environment of any modern operating system from the software giant.
Instructions and description of the program H2testw
H2testw - it is a small but very useful program to test the 'quality' and speed characteristics of any type of flash drives. H2testw essence of the program of work is to ensure that she is able to write a test file to Your flash drive, and then read it. At the same time recorded writing and reading with this drive. In addition, if in the process of writing or reading data loss is detected or an error, the program will notify you about it. This utility can provide information about what is the volume of the test drive, how much MB is damaged and how much is in working condition. About the algorithm work, I write below, as well as give transcript to the test results.

How to work with the English version of the program:
Download the archive and run the h2testw.exe file, then select the language “English” (or “Russian” if you downloaded the Russian version, but more about it later).
Next, select the test drive “Select target” and go to the “Data volume” item.
Here we select “all available space” - in order to test the entire drive in whole or “endless veryfy” and indicate the size of the recorded file in order to test the drive partially.
Then press “Write + Verify” to start the test of writing and reading, and if the flash drive has already been tested and there is a file, only “Verify” will be lit, which will perform the read operation and verify the integrity of the previously recorded file.
Next, an information window appears, in which we see general information about how to test the drive. We are shown the average write / read speed, the time until the end of the operation, and the overall progress bar.
At the end of the operation, we can get the following results:
Test finished without errors.
You can now delete the test files * .h2w or verify again.
Writing speed: 5.05 MByte / s
Reading speed: 11.4 MByte / s
H2testw v1.4
This result indicates that the test was successful. The average write speed to disk = 5.05 MByte / s, average read speed = 11.4 MByte / s.

Bad test result:
The media is likely to be defective.
1.8 GByte OK (3954734 sectors)
5.8 GByte DATA LOST (12240850 sectors)
Details: 2.9 GByte overwritten (6240208 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (2.8 GByte corrupted (6000642 sectors)
8 KByte aliased memory (16 sectors)
First error at offset: 0? 0000000000003830
Expected: 0? 358d089906064530
Found: 0? 158d089906064530
H2testw version 1.3
Writing speed: 2.53 MByte / s
Reading speed: 6.51 MByte / s
H2testw v1.4
Now we see that when testing a drive with a capacity of 8 GB, errors were found, of which only 1.8 GB is available for normal recording (1.8 GByte OK), and the remaining 5.8 GB (5.8 GByte DATA LOST) cannot be used, since memory is corrupted. The average speed for this storage medium = 2.53 MByte / s, the average read speed = 6.51 MByte / s

Another bad test result:
The media is likely to be defective.
0 KByte OK (0 sectors)
3.8 GByte DATA LOST (8030208 sectors)
Details: 327.7 MByte overwritten (671296 sectors)
0 KByte slightly changed (<8 bit / sector, 0 sectors)
3.5 GByte corrupted (7358912 sectors)
327.7 MByte aliased memory (671296 sectors)
First error at offset: 0x0000000000000000
Expected: 0x0000000000000000
Found: 0x000000000ffff000
H2testw version 1.3
Writing speed: 3.19 MByte / s
Reading speed: 0.99 MByte / s
H2testw v1.4
In this test result, it is written that this flash drive is not suitable for use, since it has an O KB of “living space” (0 KByte OK (0 sectors)) from a volume of 3.8 Gb.

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling the caps, please contact the section moderators via the buttonPictureunder the messages. How to do it right, what would you understand the first time, well describedhere.

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Reason for editing: SSD controller firmware Experience

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On Feb. 11, the company outlined a Samsung Unpacked event which will be held in San Francisco on this day debut flagship smartphone Galaxy S20 family, previously appeared in the Web publishing under the name Galaxy S11. "Live" photos of a representative series became available Internet sources.
Attached Image
Attached Image

Rep: (2727)
Dutch78 @ 2.01.20, 17:43*
Right-click on the Start menu
there press run
in the entry control panel
and here's a classic control panel
It is still visible in Explorer ... at least to me it is easiest to start from there.

Posted on 02/01/2020, 19:44:

You only need to enable the display of all folders.

Rep: (2727)
Sadly, in the iPhone photo objectively better obtained
I did this test took place last week, our apparatus guessed only in one case. Basically, I dropped pixel and once even Huawei ... However, the test I was looking through the display animal, maybe a computer would be different.

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Rep: (2727)
Cats photographed yesterday with mediocre room lighting.
First on the machine
Attached Image
The second - a night mode, a little understated manual exposure
Attached Image

Rep: (2727)
Lesona @ 24.12.19, 20:44*
what is your theme?
The standard, which was when buying ... Maybe icons?
Attached Image
http: //

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Rep: (2727)
FUNTIK73 @ 24.12.19, 20:30*
as we now change the color of folders?
Yes, almost as ...
Attached Image

Posted on 24/12/2019, 21:37:

You click on the folder to the right of the circle plus the color.

Rep: (2727)
Tarasus @ 24.12.19, 13:54*
will supermeganovy module supermegakamery 108 megapixels, even the wood already under it wrote to the output were the same 12 megapixels as we do to all the same old camera module not to rewrite
In fact, all of these is the more megapixels a profanation ... Here is a very informative article on the topic of mobile cameras, regardless of Samsung, just for the overall development

Rep: (2727)
caye @ 22.12.19, 21:54*
Phone file system - the same flash drive.
I think android for windose emulates the appearance of the stick, not allowing it to host special.

Rep: (2727)
Bassergi @ 22.12.19, 10:37*
Then does not want to release (safe disposal)
And why so difficult? Well it's not the flash drive, the file system of the phone is hardly possible to spoil the "unsafe" removing ...

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