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8bit Painter - Pixel Art Editor
Version: 1.13.0

Last update of the program in the header:17.02.2020

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Short description:
8bit Painter - a fun app for drawing pixel.

Over600,000total downloads!

8bit Painter is a fun drawing application that anyone can easily draw pixel art.

Since it narrows down to intuitive operation method and minimum necessary functions, you will not get lost in operation. 8bit Painter is a pixel art editor sticking to ease of use.

[Recommended for the following users]
* Beginners at pixel art
* People who want to enjoy pixel art more easily.
* Create SNS icons
* Create designs for Perler beads
* Create designs for cross stitch
* Create and sketching of game graphics
* Create player skins
* Users who like retro games

[Pixel art size]
* 16 x 16
* 32 x 32
* 48 x 48
* 64 x 64
* 96 x 96
* 128 x 128

[Saving of work data]
Up to 300 pieces of artwork data can be saved. Data will be saved automatically.

[Creating colors]
You can create new colors from the color picker. You can save up to 24 colors under "User Color Palette".

[Output image size]
There are three output sizes to choose from. The file format will be in PNG.

[Main functions]
* Pen tool
* Eraser tool
* Fill tool
* Dropper tool
* Preview
* Clearing the canvas
* Expanding and shrinking the canvas size
* Moving the canvas
* Moving pixels
* Grid ON / OFF
* Undo & Redo
* Color Picker
* User color palette with 24 colors
* Preset color palette with 96 colors

Android required: 5+
Russian interface: Not

Developer: OneTap Japan
Homepage: [email protected]
Google Play:
YouTube videos:


[Bug fix]
Fixed a bug that occurred when importing images in Android 7.0 - Nougat.

Version: 1.13.0 8bit Painter - Pixel Art Editor (Tulroot)
Version: 1.11.0 8 bit painter (Hell13Cat)
Version: 1.7.3 Mod Post в„–7, author Toby_c
version: 1.7.2 Post в„–6, author Toby_c

Past versions:

With requests to update the program, refer to the topic.Update the program.

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* denisbabich , * Dubsteplover , Topics are? I never had any problems from Market

Rep: (295)
* denisbabich , I wonder, where are the firmware and application that shows the status of

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papadim1002 @ 5.06.19, 22:24*
, You have to MTC
Eksinos-so: beee:

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* k12shuma , I will wait for a response from Samsung experts)

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* k12shuma , Well, work at least in a single line port
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Good day, my ported to smart firmware with no micro second (shumodava), the result of all hear an echo when speaking. The second problem with the headset is connected after a call the microphone in the headphones starts to transmit noise for example from the street to the headphones. And also another earpiece is very quiet, on the street is almost unheard of.
I can attach any files that are needed

Rep: (295)

List of changes: For some users, problems with downloading the game and passing the training have been fixed

Download: Attached filebase.apk (80.59 MB)

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* denisbabich Did, wound up, the file is found on the Internet Attached (605 bytes)
Attached Image

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* denisbabich Here here you can still see what each option meets and customize yourself, and ready files

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* Kot18 So what to see what it's late, three global updates have already been

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* Kot18 , There are security updates, but large patches will not be exact

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* denisbabich Not all providers support VoLTE

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* greeknik If costs have TWRP or what not to do but to all wipes are in addition to the stick and flash the firmware is already very

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* greeknik , MiBend 3, headphones and speakers sony bluetooth work fine without any problems

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* art-art-art , Complete redesign, OneUi as for me a big leap in the design of the system shell. Actually it becomes more convenient to use more than any buns that you can customize for yourself. With bugs? Bugs and hang catch equivalent are the same as at the drain. Yet it has become much quicker and smarter than the same 8. The battery holds at times better though I still always on the clock and in constant sync. Bugs with descriptions list
  • RadioFM does not work due to audio HAL used - do not use
  • Tap to show AOD does not work - and this is not in stock
  • Face unlock doen't work if you have enabled fingerprint unlock
    - with the head missing finger
  • Back camera video only supports 16: 9, others will give errors
    - I do not need it
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My personal opinion.

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* art-art-art , So I wonder where the "more negative"? Why the luggage? Actively take care not to drain from the beginning of the output. What spices banyat? Phone has experienced three major updates for Android is quite normal practice 3 major and year of security patches

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I would like to run this applicationAttached (nodpi) MB)
to drain firmware Samsung OneUi 1.0 android 9 pie. Installation gives an error

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Angelex @ 21.05.19, 23:12*
So after the transition to Pie, this chip also remained at rest smarts Samsung.
As far as it found the Old left only on the line S and Note
No, the option we get in S series after taking a screenshot. Like to crop the picture, share or for taking a scroll screenshot

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* s_oleg , My patch contains all the files of the stock android 8 are displayed when the phone is off, considering also butanimatsiyu

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