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* Pavel_kornienko It is surprising, but this watch you probably all of the above. ... The only thing what is not certain - that the clock will work well with Huawei P30 Pro on Android 10. There are complaints from users of Huawei (perhaps not all), and from Android users 10 (certainly not all), the clock can not be automatically restored bluetooth-connection after the break, or that the warning is sometimes no longer come with the phone at his watch after a while. All this is fixable, but the inconvenience. More details can be found in this thread, as well as in "neighbor" topics in this forum: on the application " [Android] Pebble "And other models -" Pebble "and" Pebble 2 ".

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* fishinn I think justified, I would not dare to wet. If there were on hand Cheerymoon glass, could stick it, it would have concealed a crack, and would add stiffness. If you go without protection, crack nabotsya dirt. I would have stuck to the screen temporarily transparent tape, and ordered Ali glass Cheeerymoon. But to change the screen would not, while he is working. It may not have had to change it. In the future, may refuse the touchscreen, and can not refuse ...

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* normallhuman To U12 + was with me and U11 + U11.

1) The main chamber U12 + (aperture f / 1.8) capturesless light than U11 camera (aperture f / 1.7). That is, the same software (GCam) will shoot on the U12 + worse. Stock chamber day shoot about the same, but in low light, U12 + "zamylivaet" part, but I much prefer the "grainy" images U11 +. Look at U11 + picture more clear than in the U12 + (this is reflected even in the Image Size - 4.79 MB and 3.44 MB, respectively):

HTC U11 + vs HTC U12 +
HTC U11 +:
Attached Image

HTC U12 +:
Attached Image

But in the second chamber U12 + is used only for background blur in portrait shooting mode, the drain chamber. It makes it very nice. But in fact, I personally was almost not required, just come in handy a few times.

2) The front camera does not compare, but it U12 + 8MP, and U11 is 16MP. Of course U12 + will be worse. Resolution images on U12 + on the front camera - 3264h2448. The second front-facing camera (also 8MP) - only to blur the background.

My opinion - the users U11 and U11 +, updated at U12 +not worth . In the U12 + cameras are good, but in the U11 / U11 + they are even better.

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* mu4a4o , this is something new. Try probably open the application "Pebble в„ў -Rebble", here instruction .

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* THORN698 When connected to a PC to be found a new device. Carefully read the instructions on Kruzo2, it is very detailed. Also, in the header, there is another instruction. Try other USB-ports on both PCs.

Cable as I understand,no options, It was necessary to solder so that each color would be soldered with the same color. Rang it not only for the fact that the contact is where it should be, but also for the fact that it is not where it should not be.

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* Executioner73 It is even the same link as before. It always was and is the one and only for all Aliexpress. It CheeryMoon official store.

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* THORN698 Above you said about the console.

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* THORN698 , if a Viper_Rus He says that you can flash it, you probably can. I think he understands this better than anyone else in this thread. And just to cap the old version - cap for a long time not been updated because the topic has been almost subsided.

Yes, "Tronsmart Vega S96" can install any firmware from "Ugoos AM3", because these two consoles on ironabsolutelyare identical.

They are slightly different antenna, cooling, and housing. But stuffing them identical, I consider descended from the same assembly line - just units of a product sent to Ugoos, and a part in Tronsmart.

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* THORN698 ,
1) Four messaging above,Viper_Rus I gave a link to the firmware, which can be flash cable. Her and sew, according to this instruction . Further, the prefix is ​​updated to the latest version of herself, through the air.
2) I do not know, because I prefer consoles aero mouse. Original hardly used. The prefix of the iron is identical Ugoos AM3, so most likely the remote will work.
3) Data transmission cable for USB-A Male to USB-A Male. You can buy from $ 2.You can make a cable yourself.

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* Goryna , Cheerymoon disappeared from the market, and never will. Ali was just one reference - Shop selling the firm Cheerymoon. They sold stocks, and produce new course will not be, because the phone is not new, and not popular. A small batch production - is currently at the expense ..

On sale there is only one close in quality glass -Imak Glass-Pro .

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* lofin In drain camera settings such option no. But why? Do you want to print photos on paper or what?

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* inomarka , sure you may! How many amps as the original charge - I do not know, I never did not use it. Use recharges Aukey.

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* ma4ol Vibrate every hour know how many dials, eg Moscow Time .

True dials do not vibrate, "the current value of the clock", but merely vibrate the same number of pulses each hour. Often it is defined in the settings, and usually 1-3 pulse. Technically, Pebble hours may vibrate as many consecutive pulses, but usually no one uses more than 2-3, because ... if you watch on your arm vibrate 12 consecutive pulses (indicating 12:00), likely to frustrate you with their hands, and perhaps even will break the wall. It is very annoying multiple vibration on the wrist, they most resemble some itching.

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theKuzan21 @ 23.02.20, 1:02*
And what to do with such contacts?

It is known that, to recover. For example, here LVR described in detail one of the ways,how to restore contacts.

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* rubinchampions Better course the Pebble, they can not even compare, two different weight classes. Bip - it is a regular fitness bracelet with a screen. A Pebble - is a mini-computer with the operating system, which vypolnyutsya full applications that can do anything.

Pebble is very convenient. People trying Bip after the Pebble, returning to Pebble.

Pebble compared with Bip - is a different quality of software, components and materials. Pebble around better.

Pebble fully functional, in the sense of service, in the best of times. To do this, just need togo to services.

The only thing that can stop the choice Pebble - here are some complain that the clock does not work on Android smartphones 10, mainly Chinese (Xiaomi, Huawei).

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* xama2012 , Needed just a plain leather strap suitable width of thousands to choose from. Trim knife can be special for the skin, or even the usual sharp knife (building, a pen). It is not difficult. In this theme, many have done so, some even photos are spread.

P.S. Furthermore, such a strap may be cut any repairman leather products.

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* Jeronimo imaging , * evgeniy50911 , There is no official support because Pebble company bankrotirovala and closed in 2016. By the way, may also release updates, and once they do have released a new firmware (at Pebble Time, version 4.4.0-rbl).

But here is another case. This clock comes a failure, and to correct it, the application reflash watch the latest firmware. On Android, too, it happens. Latest firmware for all models are stored in the Pebble app "Pebble" on the phone. For the user, this process looks do the same as well as the installation of the firmware upgrade.

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* Fix_kmsnet If you have account, and while you were on it, you set some dials, all of them restored as soon as you are logged in on the new device.

P.S. I do not see that people are still attracted to the apple devices. When Jobs - it was clear - it was the premium device, and all the coolest innovations were born there. And now, in the iPhone innovation - a round zero. Quite commonplace devices for inadequately inflated price. Despite the fact that there is no longer anything of the premium in the last iPhone -save on everything. Therefore, they have every year a catastrophic fall sale. Apple company not for long.

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* Belarus , Include "Pebble Health" in the appendix "Pebble" on the clock. If all of a sudden there it is already on, then it is some kind of glitch Pebble themselves. In this case, you can try to do a hard reset on of this instruction .

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* makarovtv On AliExpress such wiring is complete, a great choice.

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