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* ANGUC , I sympathize ... Then try at least in the profilesavagemessiahzine.comspecify the Arizona residence, for example. : rolleyes:

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that the states surreptitously foul Russian watch owners
Are Korean states dirty? In order to combat discrimination on a national basis did not try to change the region? Or a system language at least to disguise from vile vrazhin.

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valsar19 @ 07.19.19, 13:48*
1. Extremely inconveniently implemented.
2. Interested in a normal application with a convenient recording and playback interface.
1. It suits me completely, I use it regularly. Particularly convenient is the automatic transfer of recordings to the phone (optional).
2. The seeker will find. Kohl you will find, do not forget, please share with the people. : thank_you:

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Last update kills the correct charge level display
The conclusion is made of "jumping" testimony or something else?

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valsar19 @ 07.19.19, 10:56*
free voice recorder for gear s3?
There is. Voice notes, for example.

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It seems corrected
Yes, other things being equal, 26% were eaten per day instead of the previous 29%. Trifle, but nice. : thank_you:

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* CEPBEP4 , just rename the zip to apk.

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Alex0047 @ 07.16.19, 10:26*
Version: 7.1.1
Short Description: Pro
"Reproduction of translators" only at me? After the first use appears 2gul, 2mikrosofta, etc. After the second use - already by three ... No one has such a glitch?

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The alarm clock was updated and now there are no phone alarms.
What do you mean? Alarms in the smartphone after the update on the clock remained in place, set, work ...

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felet @ 07/16/19 5:00 p.m.*
In general, I recommend instead of the nonsense of this topic.
Join now.

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Dragyn @ 07.16.19, 16:12*
For the operation of the program requires root user rights!
Not the truth! I do not have root, but it functions.
And if you have root, you don’t need all of this, because you can freeze and delete it without pas de deux and fouette with other ballet numbers.

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* Ta ti has measured. 78 beats per minute. Wipe not asked.
Maybe your pulse value is so unusual that a watch is in doubt? : D
I hope the joke did not hurt the answer to the question.

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* simak-18 , usually reviews about the application in general (and not the nuances of a particular version) are laid out on the first pages of the topic. Here already over 200 overstepped. Of course, for those who read the topic from the end it is useful here ...
On the "men" you accent replica, knowing that I mean the meme "and the men and do not know!"?

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* navinc , it's in Google Play. Here, "men and so know."

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* vitaly637mk Your watch is waiting for a wifi connection (with a computer) to (for example) download firmware. Not yet found the access point.

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* -DENtist- I think we went beyond both the topic in general and specific data / links in particular. Went convictions and philosophical references to Internet in general that allows the parties to remain with full respect with their opinions. The fact is, however, that CCSWE App Manager for Samsung works for me without any complaints, and Disconnect Pro for Samsung limits sufficient for me the transfer of (and not only) data to the left. If you find the best combinations that solve the "actual problem" affected, I hope you will not share.

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* -DENtist- , to be honest, I did not understand, but if this is better for you, then give it away. Especially if you know who and how many of them. Along the way: in the case of NetGuard, you know (by traffic). In the case of Disconnect, you know who is not (by log). And giving Google (by default) is like putting it on FB ...

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-DENtist- @ 07.15.19, 13:17*
And if you personally have not touched, then we can only rejoice.
And I took measures so that I personally would not touch me, and now I am happy. Variants of measures tell you? NetGuard, Disconnect Pro for Samsung.
Only not at the same time, but a lot of joy is also not great. } -)

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Spawnito @ 07.15.19, 11:27*
Dynamics gprs ... frankly alarming ...
I do not know where you take GPRS in this year 2019, but as you see, 4G traffic consumption does not cause anxiety.
Yes, and about the other properties of the application I have the impression that is actually the opposite of yours.

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Spawnito @ 07.15.19, 10:58*
applications disappear ... BUT ... do not stop!
If they disappear, how do you determine that they do not stop? Or disappear in the sense of only the absence in the list of applications, but are present in the RAM? What "look"?

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