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Say gameLive or Die: Survival It has to do with this game? Because the functional one to one, a measure control and construction, as well as the movement between the lock management.

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None of the code does not work.

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BaronADA @ 18.12.19, 20:48*
the bigger, the better

Those. has circulated the level of baits at 12, it does not guarantee that I will catch 12 fish zvednye?

Posted on 18/12/2019, 21:36:

banzaykz @ 18.12.19, 21:29*
It depends on the Event, call, HF, etc.

Well you steelhead 6 level. I think, for example, when the level of the bait was 2 - 3, the chances to catch 12 stars = 0. All the same there is a level of baits, from which there are chances to catch 12 stars.

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Reset form and have not found an answer. What would catch fish by 12 stars, which level should be the bait (normal, rare, etc.)?

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Small layfhaking for those who make purchases in-game.

What it was the tournament and I decided to buy the bait. Bought, but 30 minutes bait did not come. I decided to write to tech support (in the game), he wrote in Russian.

And so I made a payment and no bait.

Bait came a little later, but not because of the technical support, and probably just what the delay was. But that's not the point. The next day, the post office (not in the game, and elektronku) received a letter in English from the Technical Support. I was busy at work and I had no time to translate and write the answer, because simply scored, the more that the purchase of the game came. The next day, it's still a letter, also in English. I also scored on a response. On the third day I go to the game, but I threw in an apology a few dozen each amplifier.
Thus, those who make the purchase, you can get for free any more is a bonus to the purchase by writing a letter to the technical support that the purchase is made, and did not get bought.

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banzaykz @ 06.12.19, 16:41*
At a place like ..

Interesting things ...
No wheel of fortune. And was then gone

UPD. Fashion demolished. I set in the GP. Same garbage - no wheel of fortune.

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But the wheel of fortune to Delhi?

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Say what needs to be done in the next task.
"The use of bonus to increase the weight, the fish volcanic tiger shark, the cost of not less than 5.5%"
I thought, in the licenses to win bonus for the weight, but in fact won, but the points are not added. Because wonder this question, what's wrong? What to do then?

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Speaking of bosses. Heard such a thing.
Catch the boss, give him the pile of coins and catch only the fish, allegedly wrote that more and more can be caught boss. At Knox avtovylov register if this fish, so it's not bad, you can raise zolotishka.
Has anyone tried or seen it work, or just rumors?

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Similarly. I put without problems. On top of NOX just freewheeling, even he did not remove anything.

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BaronADA @ 12.11.19, 10:51*
we have this Event was earlier and we had already pumped bait

Here it chtoo. It is now clear. I thought the game events are always new, and they get repeated.

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CKBAEPOK @ 11.11.19, 11:56*
I do not understand the relationship the sharks and Event

Then I do not understand the essence of your lord and indignationbanzaykz . As I understand it, you are outraged by the fact that Americans have bait "Shark" (prehistoric), and you do not. Right ?

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CKBAEPOK @ 11.11.19, 11:28*
something I do not remember about Halloween Akkulov

It's not the sharks. The point is the bait. Yes, there is some bony fish were. Does not matter, sharks, bony - the fact is that the conditions - get the bait to the event. I'm here about.

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banzaykz @ 10.11.19, 19:06*
All the Russian players without the bait

It is not right.
At the beginning of the event (from the past, such as megaladon, Halloween and the current event), all players are equal, no one bait (you can of course quick to throw in boutiques and there to buy bait, it is as if we do not discuss our business, free and feasible labor). So in the event, following some conditions you get the bait to the current event (such as the first day of calm could get the bait on prehistoric hammerhead shark). Look for bait needed to score 4000 points. 10 wins, 200 points = 2000. With the advantage of both fish 5 wins 300 = 1500 points This is a total of 3500. The victory in the fight to lure Rare 4 wins, 250 points = 1000. Total we have 5000 points and are already receiving bait on a prehistoric shark - hammerhead. Next, fulfilling the conditions of Call, Championships and other days we get, respectively, and other lures. On the other prehistoric shark.
And the fact that the tinder of your posts, apparently unfounded accusations are not backed by the facts of collusion, as well as the fact that you are too lazy to check the conditions of the event and count the points. But I have already chewed it, above. I hope to continue in future events, vyshenapisannoe help you.

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mr.krot @ 07.11.19, 22:56*
This is what you are doing wrong? will be examined ...

It is so to say a figure of speech. There was a view, explain your actions that would jump worked

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* mr.krot,
Tell us what you are doing wrong?
For I, too, crash

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mr.krot @ 04.11.19, 15:26*
rivals play different lokah

In this case, the winners of both? I'm on my Loka on fish won and its rival Loka on fish won. It turns out?

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Now I dial hooks for the clan. So, I entered the fight, rushed to the Mediterranean Sea, a rival to compete only Red Piranha !! the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Piranha. What is it like ?

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It was the last fashion. Deleted, that would put the original GP. Went to the GP, it says you should play and offers to remove. On pressing delete, writes downloaded game is not a GP and then nothing happens.
Set of caps 81 orig. Crashes with an error. I set 79 version, update and run it.

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Pozhskazhite. Where to get the bait bigmouth buffalo?

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