Rep: (39)
* GolfMK3 , Energy conservation has a problem, you need to add an exception.

Rep: (39)
* oxylite_ , second screen with VKMe

Rep: (39)
Megafon is more visible: rofl:
"Megaphone" has denied the information about the failure in the communication

Rep: (39)
sn825 @ 15.09.19, 8:44*
not on a permanent basis

Yes, that one gives, then three.

Rep: (39)
tegsak @ 14.09.19, 12:08*
resource button itself is reduced and any waste paint

Press the button to lock the screen, then touch the sensor.

Rep: (39)
* coldplayer,
Mass is unlikely to succeed, or manually place the hearts, or each track in the playlist adds.

Rep: (39)
IIVIPII @ 9.09.19, 17:14*
kate mobile

IIVIPII @ 9.09.19, 17:14*
best modification

Independent client, he has his own fashion and their topics for discussionKate mobile

Rep: (39)
* Hait.08 ,
VKontakte (Post Lord Steinar # 88010254)

Rep: (39)
+18 @ 8.09.19, 10:56 *

Warez = ON, not warez methods. Technically copy mp3 and decipher - this is not a warez. Moreover, that subscription, and so paid.

Rep: (39)
kz-2013-kz @ 04.09.19, 22:44*
software for anonymous browsing Story in VC

VK Coffee, iMod

Rep: (39)
* mr.cheris ,
Samsung SM-G930F / FD Galaxy S7 - Discussion (Post Timoha29 # 88163434)

Rep: (39)
kiler0215 @ 3.09.19, 18:28*
the stock is no longer valid

Do you seriously think that they do not know what sort of actions they do?

Rep: (39)
* qqnq ,
Is your Google broken?
VK (Post Bardzakkkk # 88520956)

Rep: (39)
gmv178 @ 2.09.19, 15:46*

Since VC allegedly pays for the rights to the content, I think it adds a label releasing this mark.

Rep: (39)
* sn825 ,
sn825 @ 1.09.19, 20:30*
delete these settings in a mobile application Yandex. Money

Yandex.Music rather, in the light of history written above.

Rep: (39)
gmv178 @ 1.09.19, 8:31*
According to the system of

Do you think that the system is listening to music and defines? These compositions are simply not mentioned. What does that mean, you've already answered above, this is the case, do not hesitate.

Rep: (39)
* Tarasus ,
There's an application with access to the wallet, not subscriptions. Just because a section called. I've got a mobile application Yandex. Yandex.Music either. I understand, to give it access, you need to pay out of pocket.

Rep: (39)
* LUGNIK540,
VKontakte (hepolise # 88457545 Post)
it's so hard to see the page before.

Rep: (39)
Tarasus @ 31.08.19, 13:02*
I can not find, and where this screen

This setting Yandex
Ya.Dengi ->Settings ->Packages / Other Services ->Subscriptions and access to the purse ->Set access

Rep: (39)
vertizo @ 30.08.19, 11:05*
A million times

Why did you do it here, not in the service support?

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