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ProfileMatic (Harmattan)
Version: 2.5

Last update of the program in the header:12.05.2014

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The program for automatic switching modes in accordance with the established schedule.

From version 1.1.0 to 1.4.0, quite significant changes have occurred in the program:
1. Added two new action conditions: WLAN and Location by cell id.
WLAN - allows you to take actions when connecting to a user-defined WLAN network.
The location by cell id allows, as far as my understanding of English is enough, to perform certain actions when it hits a certain location (cell id). The program determines your location by cellular transmitters. You can define several states, such as home and office, for example, and enable / disable the necessary parameters depending on your preferences.
2. In addition, several new actions have been added: account management, turning on / off flight mode, energy saving mode, and managing BlueTooth status.
3. Enter the start time of the settings and the end time of their actions. In this regard, the option Restore previous profile has been added. Honestly, I don’t have much English, so I didn’t fully understand what I mean. Apparently we are talking about restoring the previous state, which was before the inclusion of the settings on a schedule. If someone figured out, please tell.

Program on the Ovi store:

Management in accordance with the established schedule, location or when connected to a specific WLAN network:
  • sound modes (normal / silent / silent)
  • call volume in the normal mode;
  • BlueTooth modes (on / off / on and visible);
  • Power Safe Mode;
  • accounts;
  • Flight Mode.


Russian interface: YES

Download: Version 2.5.0
Past versions

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Maybe I was looking badly, but even did not manage to find the right one. Or is it not? I would like a case to:
* had a nice appearance (ideally - leather, not plastic);
* fastened instead of the back cover to reduce the thickness and for branded chips like unlocking when the cover is opened (the cover with the hole is not needed, the body took as a tablet, and not as a phone);
* knew how to make himself a stand, so that it was convenient to read at a cafe table;
* had a minimum size;
* had at least one slot for a plastic card, and ideally - several and with an internal pocket for a passport.

If anyone knows something like that - stick it with your nose, plz. So far the closest native Flip Wallet. But he does not know how to stand (and a passport compartment, which is optional). There are more options on the links in the topic (zenus, melko), but even this confuses me, they do not look comfortable, and there are not many reviews.

In general, I will be glad if someone helps.

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Version: 1.1.2

Last update of the program in the header:30.04.2012

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All be Stored.
ABeS is a handy notebook. In addition to text, you can add an image or a voice recorder to the created note.
Able to launch voice recorder and camera to create notes. The program implements the search for notes (searches at the same time by text, title and tags), as well as tags to notes for more convenient search.

  • Text notes;
  • Audio recordings (built-in voice recorder);
  • Photos (allows you to insert saved pictures or start the camera);
  • Search;
  • Tags


Russian interface: Yes
The OVI also lies for Symbian ^ 3. Only for symbian there is no possibility to insert a picture from the gallery. Only from the camera. Actually, the screenshots that are here are for simbian.
Ovi store
Past versions:

The latest version is 1.2. Download:Attached fileabes_1_422281.1.2_armel.deb(407.11 KB)

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Dark @ 11/18/2013, 10:09*
The old quote is already a native "train" program (not from Yandex)

I saw that the post is old. It just doesn’t negate the fact that the mobile version of the site was personally much more convenient for me than any of the applications. In any case, it was a year ago, now it is irrelevant, it has moved, maybe that has changed. The site still works fine, it loads instantly, the information is extremely relevant. The Yandex.Electrics application (and this was the best available) worked much worse, information gave out much slower and communicated with an Internet much longer. Offline versions are hardly convenient, given the possibility of canceling flights and ubiquitous network coverage.

ZYZH wrote the answer to the old post only to draw attention to the fact that the application is not always necessary, often the site is enough, if it is done correctly. :) But with the subway map is another matter. For her, the application is better separate. Is there such a thing?

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Dark @ 08/31/2013, 20:14*
but for myself I did not find only normally working VC, metro and electric trains

Means Yandex train? IMHO, even on the android it was more convenient to use the site. Just bookmark the mobile version of a site like this, for example:

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Version: 0.0.2 in (0.0.3 on the developer’s site)

Last update of the program in the header:14.01.2012

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SwipeManager is designed to customize system actions performed by swipe-gestures in Nokia N9.
The setting only works for swipe gestures made on applications that are open in the foreground. Swipe gestures on system screens (lock screen, application screen, notification screen, running applications screen) SwipeManager does not change.

Store Page:

Placed onhttp://store.ovi.comversion 0.0.2 may (not sure if it doesn’t work for everyone, so I’m writing this way, although judging by the reviews, the problem is not just for me) does not work with the firmware version MeGo 1.2 PR1.1 20.2011.40-4_PR_001. In this case, use version 0.0.3 attached to the message. It may be necessary to install it (I only got through the terminal, the hooddy user says it was installed without it) the terminal (seeFAQ).

Link to version 0.0.3:
"Developer" page with files:


Settings of swipe-gestures in 4 directions of the screen: left, right, up, down. The possibility of association with the indicated gestures of one of 5 system actions:
  • Swither - switch to the screen of running applications;
  • Close - close the active application;
  • Away - minimize active application;
  • Events - switch to the notification screen;
  • Launcher - switch to the application launch screen.

Return to default settings:
swipe up: switcher, swipe down: close, swipe right: away, swipe left: away.

Russian interface: Not

Attached fileswipemanager_0.0.3_armel.deb(33.03 KB)

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999975 @ 28.06.2013, 11:01 *
I took it there a week ago, delivered everything is fine color is black

It seems also normal except for one, requested an unopened kit. They brought it in, printed it out, but the keyboard turned out to be engraved, so it’s difficult to call it clearly unopened. Otherwise, there are no problems.

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Ordered here:

Today should have been brought. The courier phoned back, like I'm almost here. And then a call from the store, saying the courier got into an accident, let's deliver tomorrow with free shipping. Called the courier. As a result, it turned out that the courier had no spirit about the fact that he was in an accident, but he was also sitting with the goods at the entrance. But as it turned out, I brought Z10, instead of Q10, because the store in such a strange way tried to disguise the impossibility of delivery. Here I sit and think, refuse or wait until tomorrow for delivery.

Does anyone have experience with this store? And it's too sweet all on the Yandex market. If the discussion of stores offtopic, I apologize.

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In general, rf rf in linuha has long been fixed and it can no longer work out as it once worked.

It is not fixed at the kernel level, but at the shell level. And then it all depends on the distribution. Or am I confused?

Pocket Paul @ 06/22/2013, 20:48*
Today I moved to Z10.

And I ordered a q10. Traitors.

Alexxxl, I'm sorry, offtopic as it is, no more.

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The question has already been asked, but no one answered. Is it possible to assign hotkeys to certain actions? For example, on the space - call acceptance or hang up. Is it possible to bring up the call menu only via the keyboard, without the touch screen, and select the desired item from the menu? In general, is it possible to fully use the device in gloves, this is the most important question. And control the player without looking at the screen. If the device is not able to "distort", then is there any third-party software?

And another question regarding the integration with the task list in Outlook. My Nokla N9 is able to draw in the calendar (and, accordingly, on the notification screen) a list of all the tasks and meetings that I have in my outlook hanging at work. Q10 also know how?

I plan to buy this device, it remains only to find out the questions of what I wrote, and decide whether to wait for the Russian version with russified keys, or to score and buy right now.

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hooddy @ 05/10/2013, 15:41*
yes there it seems that stupid marketing divorce, licked S40 64MB RAM and Java. Nafik. Actually, as in anybody, someone writes, it is more logical to take Megavon ​​for 2 tyrs. You need to be unreal loyalist nokiya or just do not understand. Like a dialer maybe, but not like a new mini-nine.

Well, do not tell me. If there is a good fit "dialer" with all the necessary functionality and UI from nine, then I will take it without really thinking. Anyway, the tablet is almost always with you.

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A very interesting event is the release of Nokia Asha 501. I apologize for the third-party resource, but in more detail.

Judging by the videos that are presented in this article, the interface is very similar to UI N9.
Here are the videos themselves:

I apologize in advance if the topic has already been discussed. For a long time something did not come here, somehow all is not enough time.

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Skates under mego ??? Tin, I never expected to port. :) Do they run as a separate window?

I understand, this is a kind of "Everest",

In the "big" Linux - skates is a text system monitor that draws information over the wallpaper, but below the window layer (although you can also use it as a separate window). It has a bunch of built-in capabilities for displaying various system information, ranging from temperature sensors (if supported by the system), ending with news and weather ... or not ending, but continuing ...). And with the support for the output of scripts, the possibilities are almost limitless. Examples of infinity can be seen by downloading pictures by the word conky.

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This type of hosts in Windows

By the way, this file can be thought and manually corrected. It is more accurate to take from the Internet with already blocked advertising and rewrite the one that is in the system.

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Guys tell me, is it possible to put megoo on nokia e-52? What do you think?

Do you troll fatly or drunk? However, forward, I will not interfere.

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Gentlemen of the veterans, help the battery battery find! htop and resource monitor show that the meego system is eating. battery usage says the same thing. the current in the idle comes in the evening to 220mah, and the phone starts to work as a heater

I once ate the process of smartsearch. But he also honestly showed himself in the top as a 100 percent percent devouring percent. Fortunately or unfortunately I have never come across this.

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junglist88 @ 01/15/2013, 18:37*
Who can explain why this is necessary? thank)

If we are talking about the file / etc / hosts, then to block addresses by mask and to speed up the process of opening sites bypassing the receipt of DNS information. But what this application does - I hz, for "You can choose from the list the specified applications for making changes to the file" somehow tears the template. :) Who put, tell me what it is?

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Also, I poyuzal phone as a navigator. Oh, he is not always adequate, however. If we have already passed the desired turn, then it will not show you that you can turn around, but will immediately begin to look for a new route. Given my shitty knowledge of DS, this is such a big circle. :( Not always adequately shows what needs to be turned. Sometimes he writes that another 100 meters, you drove thirty, and he already starts you to search for a new route, because you, as it turned out, you are no longer going there. Very inconveniently everything is drawn at large interchanges When turning to the left, it’s a little bit to the right, to fit into the right side exit, and then turn. dear Guy. Considering that I can go home by a dozen different routes, it sometimes annoys me.

At the same time, I can immediately say that I did not use other navigators, therefore I cannot compare how good or badly built into n9 is.

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hooddy @ 01/09/2013, 16:41*
Posons, here you are zadolbali discuss this gunitru, I could not stand it and ordered too.

And I did not order. :( So I think, to score or to master this science of buying goods from abroad.

Another reason, not sure if I need a headset. I would have a fm transmitter / transmitter. No one will tell you what the matter is? It is not, in principle, and can not be done, or the only question is who will write acc. attachment? The search did not give a clear answer.

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Pocket Paul @ 01/08/2013, 13:03*
This is not for those who have nowhere to hurry, it is quite possible to order from China from that site, now I am considering, taking into account the information, that all the buttons are working)

Well, in general, you will order and take me. The price is small.

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