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On 3Ginfo set has a lot of different firmware for E397.
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Of them are suitable only those in the cap threads?

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But I was surprised to learn that in the south of the Moscow Region in Tele2 WCDMA operates at 2100MHz and not 900, as the rest of the operators. Missile war persuaded?

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Recently, on Friday evening poluumershem Beeline I was trying to find tdd, hoping for just that. Have not found. Then he and the other operators are not found.

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I -153 figures in the name of the firmware have raised doubts.
Perhaps unreasonable, simply mismatch three tsiferok.

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* kirandy * sert55, Yes, with a native MTS ovsky firmware certainly support, and I saw the box. The question was just about recommended a modified firmware E3372h-153_Update_22.333.01.00.00_M_AT_05.10.
By the way, in 2600 TDD there any advantages for the user compared with FDD in 2600? In the south of the Moscow Region have some operator has TDD?

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Firmware E3372h-153_Update_22.333.01.00.00_M_AT_05.10 MTS 829FT E3372h-210 does not support TDD in 2600?

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MTS 829FT, ie E3372h-210 firmware E3372h-153_Update_22.333.01.00.00_M_AT_05.10
There have already mentioned that the command AT + CLAC works only with the inserted SIM-card?

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smile7k @ 01.07.19, 15:44*
who are both struggling with subscriptions megaphone (of course it is logical to try to connect through a content

Even after the content podkyucheny account you will still be a subscription. Retrieved on their own experience. Opsosy the others, I suspect, is no better. Legal methods of combating it seems not.

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kernel version does not match with the version of kmod-usb-printer? For kmod- * need an exact match, as I understand it.

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* dms_pda,
Removal of anything from an image to free up space on the flash drive is only possible by assembling its firmware.
When you collect from source, try something out of these recommendations,
Saving firmware space

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but if you stick USB hub with its own power?

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Speed ​​25-30mb / s over wifi? WiFi in what mode, 802.11g or 802.11n? If 802.11g, it is about the speed should be.

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supports adapters are likely and TL-WN722N v3, too, because pid they presumably coincide
os_dep / usb_intf.c
#define USB_VENDER_ID_REALTEK 0x0bda

static struct usb_device_id rtw_usb_id_tbl [] = {
/ * === Realtek demoboard === * /
{USB_DEVICE (USB_VENDER_ID_REALTEK, 0x8179)}, / * 8188EUS * /
{USB_DEVICE (USB_VENDER_ID_REALTEK, 0x0179)}, / * 8188ETV * /
/ * === Customer ID === * /
/ ****** 8188EUS ******** /
{USB_DEVICE (0x07B8, 0x8179)}, / * Abocom - Abocom * /
{USB_DEVICE (0x0DF6, 0x0076)}, / * Sitecom N150 v2 * /
{USB_DEVICE (0x2001, 0x330F)}, / * DLink DWA-125 REV D1 * /
{USB_DEVICE (0x2001, 0x3310)}, / * Dlink DWA-123 REV D1 * /
{USB_DEVICE (0x2001, 0x3311)}, / * DLink GO-USB-N150 REV B1 * /
{USB_DEVICE (0x2001, 0x331B)}, / * D-Link DWA-121 rev B1 * /
{USB_DEVICE (0x056E, 0x4008)}, / * Elecom WDC-150SU2M * /
{USB_DEVICE (0x2357, 0x010c)}, / * TP-Link TL-WN722N v2 * /
{} / * Terminating entry * /

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2 stepanov78

Write vid and pid its adapter that v3
One citizen was looking for turned out not at all
https: //www.linuxquest...175626502/#post5836495
and as a result I found another driver who approached

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* stepanov78,
7200's that?

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It's anyone tried compiled?

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I was able to build packages for the application (no kernel modules)
but too smeared
it seems useful to me

And the old version, I do not know what is the difference
https: //oldwiki.archiv...ges_for_kernel_modules

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* stepanov78,
If interet is not lying Atheros Realtek
As usual, it's a different device with the same name.
And the driver for v2 and v3 is possible at all.

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overlooked small Cisco's default configuration without a separate vlan, but working stp

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* jno,
I am not familiar

In step 3, it may be too clever feature with the switch, as I have a few days ago, see. Here above.

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