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There is software FonePaw for Android, which asks for root to recover lost data. And if you connect the body as a disk, you can try to restore it with programs like BadCopy pro for example.

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Hello. The comrade returned to the factory settings of the phone (it was necessary, when updating the update process was interrupted, then I downloaded it, installed it, after rebooting I had to enter the pattern key, and it flew off, that is, the one they did not fit):
1. Is it possible to restore photos and videos that were on the phone earlier (Honor 9 - STF-L09)
2. whether you need to get the bootloader unlock code if you want to install ROOT (again, to try to recover information). I read the information in the section, somewhere they write that I need to unlock the bootloader, there is no information in the instructions that I need to unlock the bootloader.

Thanks in advance if you help with advice. : unsure:

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Colleagues, tell me, please, which PC application to synchronize our 1 + 6?

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* caesar473 , Settings - Applications - Special Access - Changes in system settings - In the upper right corner through ... Select System processes, then you will see System Update in the list.

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Friends, who knows what folder we have installed wallpaper?

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* abaliev , if I'm not mistaken, in the settings for developers, you need to enable it. USB debugging

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For 6T, OOS 9.0.5 has already been released ... we have less attention (((

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* Dovnar Zapolskiy , two posts above wrote - 9.0.2

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* toptygin70 , OnePlus 6 - Official firmware (Post Displax # 73566581) even without thanks to the card, everything is simple

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OxygenOS 9.0.1 for the OnePlus 6

• Version: 9.0.1
• Type: #rom
• Build: #stable
• Device: # OP6


Updated system to Android 9.0 Pie
• Brand new UI for Android Pie
• New adaptive battery support
• New Android Pie gesture navigation
• Updated Android security patch to 2018.9
• Other new features and system improvements

Do Not Disturb mode
• New Do Not Disturb (DND) mode with adjustable settings

New Gaming mode 3.0
• Added text notification mode
• Added notification for 3rd party calls

Accent color
• Supported accent color customization

• ROM: Official | AFH
• Thread: Soon ™

Message in the OnePlus group in Telegram.

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* cheef74 , sorry to all, debugging on usb was disabled, so I did not see how the hard disk))

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* cheef74 As you can see, this is exactly what was chosen in my screenshot, but there’s no point.

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* A.X.E.Z. , I chose all three options, not one. PTP allows only photo to see.

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* cheef74 How to throw a backup on the computer?

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Tell me why it does not connect, like a disk? I can not throw files.

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* Theisay , did not help

Posted on 10/03/2018, 19:21:

In the settings of the camera, I deleted the update in all Gut!

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Colleagues, how to tear down the camera? Updated from the site apkmirror to the latest version, and it stretches the photo. I want to put back the version that was. It does not allow to install the old version over the new one, but I don’t know how to tear down the camera.
Tvrp and there is no root.
I hope there is a solution.
Thank you in advance!

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* rbghan , https: //

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* Obven i , I had the same situation, so I took down the camera, left only the stock.

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Comrades, and the most important question - what new features does Android 9 bring, besides saying that I have the 9th visual differences? What is breakthrough in it? Why is it needed?
Thank you for your understanding and answers, I hope reasonable. : comando:

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