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How I solved the problem with the phantoms. 1. Turn off the screen sensor. 2. Wireless mouse and Claudia. 3. Through a special prog get blocked left wine-press.

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* AlekseyLunin,
It will not boot from a flash drive in UEFI. So, if possible, with large squats.

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But the interesting question is whether it is possible to put the device on ubuntu?

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In general, the recalibration of the phantoms are not treated completely, diminished, but not treated.

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* Simich07, After updating to version windows 1703 setup screen calibration appeared.

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* Simich07, there is not reinstalled, only updates are rolled. The control panel also found nothing. You do not know, in nature there are wood on this device? And, if so, where to find them? And is there a way to disable the touch button "Start"? Just touch the screen, I finally turned off, but the button no, no yes and work itself.

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* Simich07, I started when I was "Paranormal Activity" look. So I struhnul when something was windose store open ... However, your advice.
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Simich07 @ 18.09.17, 02:13*
The taskbar magnifier icon (search) and enter "calibration", select Screen calibration input, etc. Make calibration and then reset. So far, I'm fine. Even to lock the screen in landscape mode - swipe right on the edge, push the rotation lock icon.

Oddly enough, I only see the calibration screen colors ...

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Simich07 @ 17.09.17, 02:46*
Threw the default calibration and everything was fine.

How?? How to do it?

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2009leon @ 02.09.17, 09:29*
With tachem you all right, I'm sure at 100% just put wood on touch alone.

Where can I take apart the wood ?? Not found. The same problem with ghosting.

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Today screen and touch the Start button began to fail, constant false srobatyvaniya. True terrible storm on the street, maybe it's like that influence? Type magnetic field, and so on?

Apparently the problem is not in a thunderstorm)

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Krandir @ 22.06.17, 19:33*
He replaced because of bugs with the Chinese in the old programs I needed.

And how do you to reinstall Windows? Native-specific drivers themselves have risen or additional actions are needed?
magelion @ 23.06.17, 21:45*
tell me there is here hdmi?

It seems to have a mini-hdmi output to the monitor ... but I do not probyval.

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My home is worth. You, Krandir, in oficial store or taken from another retailer? Maybe they are different Windu is rolled?

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Krandir @ 06/15/17, 10:36 PM*
There was a small bug with krakozyabry in non-Unicode programs (old) on the original Windows, although all the locales were exposed in Russian. It was cured only by reinstalling Windows into the Russian one.

Such a problem can be treated without reinstalling; there are options in Google.

Krandir @ 06/15/17, 10:36 PM*
when you exit sleep randomly, in about half the cases, the tablet turns off by itself after entering the password and exiting to the desktop

This was not, but once could not wake him, then the Windows began to heal itself at boot. Error in the logs showed 43, something allegedly sleeping.

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Drimers @ 06/04/17, 23:54*
On a stationary PC via Bluetooth, the keyboard does not enter the BIOS. I think with us as well. Need a wired.

No, I’ve entered normally with wireless (not bluetooth).

By the way, activation was restored, it seems, after installing the next update. There were suspicions that the battery does not match the declared capacity.

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Drimers @ 05/28/17, 23:59*
We connect the keyboard, and click Delete, as well as on the PC ...

Does the keyboard have to be connected via usb or is the wireless one suitable too?

From the interesting ... Windows glukanula and activation flied.

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teclast x3 plus - Discussion » | Description | Buying and Accessories »
windows 10 home | 11.6 "| intel celeron n3450 (apollo lake) | 6GB
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Year of release 2017
Windows 10 operating system
Processor ApolloLake N3450
CPU frequency GHz. 1.10GHz (2.20GHzпј‰
RAM gb. 6
Built-in memory GB. 64
Display Size 11.6
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080
IPS display type
HD Graphics 500 Video Processor
Bluetooth communication module integrated
USB Ports 3.0 Г— 1 гЂЃ Micro-USB Г— 1 OTG
Weight gr. 879
Dimensions 297mm (L) Г— 183mm (W) Г— 10.6mm (H)
additional information
I recently took this device on aliexpress in the official teclast store. If you have questions, ask.

There is no curator in the subject. For questions about filling caps, please contactJoker07 in QMS or moderators section through a button Pictureunder the messages. How to do it right, what would you understand the first time, well describedhere.

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The back part seems to be made of metal, but there is a plastic insert for data transfer modules. The tablet did not open.

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I do not know if this will help, but the tablet shows 4k videos from YouTube.

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At this tablet out of the box has a film behind the front? Does it make sense to remove them? Do not glue traces remain?

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