Rep: (403)
I would like to know who we have here from the beautiful half of humanity ...

Dame already:151 + Magnat (honorary lady)

will come in handy:
***La Femme +
***Pocket woman
***Magazines, articles for women
***Knitting magazines and books
***Young ladies ..., Links for girls (topic nik-0)
***Notes wise bitch in FB2 (fromlenhenster )(: Actually, the link is broken, but (maybe) this is it: tyts

not useful:
Barsik(Useless personality, does not sculpt the launcher on the net: D, he has age, ecology, stress ... (so that they do not build illusions and dare to hope))

Live Corner "Devishnik"

***Black diver
***da108, yasha lose!(March Cat - Mkot)
***Firepower(invites gape girls)
***muza9 Admin W / Angle(motto "I have not loved the oval since my childhood, I have drew a corner since childhood!")
***nigga_tive(sent here, get acquainted with the girls, follows everyone (-;

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Rep: (403)
The most complete set of articles for photographers:
(to date, 200 articles)

A lot of articles for photographers:

The most popular site in order to submit your creations:

world news photo site
website with lots of photos

Mari77 @ 01/08/06 11:17:13 PM
For inspiration:

Mr. PEPSI @ 09.02.06 11:11:38
photo and video reviews with a comparison of the footage -

Probe @ 03/03/06 02:21:33

Miocker @ 08/29/07 6:41:00 PM

DonSergio @ 08/31/07 11:30:17
before buying a camera, and after that, it would be nice to get acquainted with the following

ATTA @ 08/31/07 7:50:29 PM
A good site for comparing cameras and watching new products.

Felics @ 08/31/07 11:23:09 PM
A good site with tests and descriptions of cameras

very interesting site, with lessons, techniques for both photographing and subsequent processing -

rmz_rmz @ 09/03/07 11:28:05

Arvydasius @ 09/03/07 11:41:33

Arvydasius @ 09/03/07 11:41:33

Serenitatis @ 09/04/07 22:24:28
A lot of information on photo processing and work in Photoshop.

lch @ 09/07/07 00:28:02

OlegN @ 09/12/07 4:42:31 PM
Portal for digital photos.

OlegN @ 09/27/07 9:07:38 PM
Photo magazine "Hooligan element"
Theory and practice of a photo ....

A good site with lessons both in photography and in their processing in Photoshop.
Photo Home

Hookah @ 09/27/07 10:10:10
Panoramic photography (series of articles: practice, theory, technology, directions),
in particular, how to work with PTGui

Miocker @ 10/25/07 5:34:12 PM

Miocker @ 10/25/07 5:34:12 PM
Lessons from Photoshop professionals "Photoshop Top Secret" 5 DVDs, almost 19 gigs !!!!
fiction site _
Rapida _
Torent _

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Now you can flood in stealth mode using the tag:
Notable Fludilshshyk

mustache nanny



garnish lad



2 in 1

Choose! Little - ishsho nafludim!

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1. Flashmob is no longer fashionable, now everyone uses HTML5-mob.

2. 47 years is a time limit.

3. Congratulations to all.

Rep: (403)
version x5

Attached ImageAttached Image

Program for building mental maps

The book in pdf on the work in the program: Kartu_uma.rar (≈7Mb), (more here , she is)
Overview of the program in English .:

Version x5, EXE for installation from BB: Attached filemm51_mobileppc_e_215.exe (3.59 MB)
Attached ImageAttached Image

Further development of the PPC version was continued by the company's partners: Pocket Mindmap

The version for BB is discussed here !: Mindmanager pro

Similar programs in the Catalog.

Pocket Mindmap

Related link:

(if you have something to add to this list - click on the "Complaint" ...)

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Rep: (403)
version 8.10.723

Last update of the program in the header26.10.11

Attached Image

Tree view of notes.

  • Weight attributes - color, categories, icons, priorities, due dates, status, etc.
  • Tracking features
  • Web links and file links
  • Many sorting options, drag and drop support
  • Search
  • Import individual notes
  • Export individual notes or the whole mass
  • Quick note entry panel
  • Assigning attributes to all children of this note.
  • Text notes can be edited with formatting Pocket Word
  • Many views
  • VGA mode support
  • Work with password-protected files
  • Export to XML
  • PC synchronization

Version 8.10.723 (Desktop + PDA) , no serial number required: thank mlab
Version 8.10.723 treated thank igorca
Version 8.10.723 with serial thank Tyra
Version 8.10.723 trial
Reset trial thank igorca , more

PC version (Trial 15 days):

Version Archive:
Version 8.0.718.2 Full CAB: TreNotes_8.0.718.2.Tyra.rar (password for the archive in the sn file - (txt-file)) thanks Tyra
Version 8.0.718.2 demo CAB:
Version 8.00.716.21 broken WM6 CAB:
Version 8.00.716.21 broken WM5 CAB:
Version 8.00.716.21 broken WM2003 CAB:
Crack for 8.00.716.21: TreNotes.exe.0419.rar
Version 8.0.716.16 WM2003 CAB: Attached file2003.rar (833.91 KB)

Version 8.0.716.16 WM5 CAB: Attached file5.rar (774.04 KB)

Version 8.0.716.16 WM6 CAB: Attached file6.rar (997.16 KB)

Crack for 8.0.716.16 WM 5-6 : - thank AVK.86
Crack for 8.0.716.16 WM 2003 : trenotes_2003.rar - thank AVK.86
Version 7.00 + key: trenotes.ppc.only.7.00.686.incl_key.asxpda.rar
EXE version 8.00: installed via ActiveSync and including the desktop component. Serial included.
Change History:
Dec 13, 2010 - Version 8.1.723
(New) Expanded color selection
More icons

Aug 17, 2010 - Version 8.0.718.2
Bug fix

Jan 4, 2010 - Version 8.0.718.1
Bugs fix unable to complete item using the key pad center key
It is immediately checked

Oct 13, 2009 - Version 8.0.717.1
Fix date
It can be changed by modifying the text value.
Control over icon tab

Aug 24, 2009 - Version 8.0.717
Buggy the scroll button

Dec 5, 2008 - Version 8.0.716.21
Bug fix

Nov 17th, 2008 - Version 8.0.716.20
Link toolbar buttons when secondary window is hidden

Sept 15, 2008 - Version 8.0.716.19
Improved handling of invalid item's attributes

Jul 30, 2008 - Version 8.0.716.18
To fix the soft key menu

May 15, 2008 - Version 8.0.716.17
Save between soft keys

Apr 28, 2008 - Version 8.0.716.16
(New) Show Priority
(New) Bold attribute
(New) Friendly name for link
Priority are enabled
(New) Action button
(New) Edit note screen
(New) Insert date / time in note
(New) Links window on main edit screen
More icons
Increased item name length to 128 characters
Enable Tab key to switch between windows in main window
Support Windows Mobile 6.1 (Classic or Professional)
Miscellaneous bug fixes

Post has been editedFreeDreex - 26.10.11, 00:17
Reason for editing:

Rep: (403)
One of the best PocketPC music players.
current version 2.29

Attached Image

GSPlayer features and benefits:
Opportunities and Advantages
* MP3 playback, very high quality decoder
* playing Ogg music format
* play Wave format
* playing music via the Internet (MP3 / Ogg Vorbis)
* SHOUTcast streaming playback (MP3 / Ogg Vorbis)
* ID3 - display information about the artist, the name of the song, etc. (information is stored inside music files)
* PLS / M3U - support for playlists (that is, you can make playlists in desktop players in advance and use them on a PDA)
* 10 band equalizer (MP3 only)
* surround effects, bass boost
* reverb effects, echo
* support for skins (you can change the appearance of the player)
* management of all functions of the player, you can program the hardware buttons
* noise reduction (in the settings ->decoder)
* Sleep timer (you can turn on the music for a certain time, then it will turn off itself)
* Hold function - you can lock keys
* full support: PocketPC / PocketPC2002 / WM2003 / WM2003SE
* small program size (about 500kb of memory)
* Quick search for music in the specified place of memory or card.
* music playback after the end of the conversation on the device (Windows Media Player - you have to restart after the conversation)
* high-quality sound with the ability to turn the volume up to the maximum.
* Russified interface
* additionalflac plugin


A new version!
2 versions of the assembly with additional skins for WQVGA and WVGA from out79
v 2.29rus - - Russification, AAC, WMA, FLAC plugins from Stanner
Equalizer - - from out79 based on 2.29rus from Stanner
Equalizer (7 skins adapted forWQVGA ) - wqvga_gsp2.29_plugins_presets_skins_fixed.rar - from out79 based on 2.29rus from Stanner
Assembly Gsplayer with the ability to play when you turn off the screen hardware button

Previous versions
2.28: Attached (279.51 KB)

2.29 (cab)
Download (English version):
Download (Windows Mobile 2005 Russian version):

In the attachment - a set for normal operation with VGA devices. GSPlayer2.exe replaced by what you have on your device. + Beautiful HAV skin that works only with the first one.Attached filegsplayer2.22_vga_komplekt.rar(280.14 KB)

Post has been editedakoin - 01.09.11, 12:43
Reason for editing: New build

Rep: (403)
PocketMax AlarmToday
version v3.01 [Build 175]

Last update of the program in the header26.02.11

Attached Image

The program allows you to fully control the reminders on your Pocket PC PDA right from the Today screen. You can fully customize reminders - from sounds and favorite melodies to running external programs on a timer, for example, Word / Excel documents. It also supports "silent" mode of operation and, most importantly, text notes, as well as repeated reminders.

Compatibility: Supports PPC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 SE and WM 5.0


  • Clear and clear list of all alarms
  • Recurring recursive alarms and increasing volume.
  • SupportPocket informant, Agenda Fusion 7and ListPro, as well as embedded Outlook
  • Work with reminders directly from the target application
  • Removing reminders from previously installed programs
  • With a reminder it can play sounds or melodies, launch programs.
  • Handwritten notes
  • You can create and play macros (buttonMax is required)
  • Quiet mode
  • Automatically remove duplicate reminders
  • Vibra support
  • Reminder filters
  • Anxiety can be postponed (Snooze)
  • works with MP3, WMA, OGG files
  • much more

Version version v3.01 [Build 175]: changes
Version 3.01 beta4 Build 170: alarmToday.v3.01.beta4.Build170.rar
Version version 3.01 beta3 build 169: alarmToday.v3.01.beta3.Build169.rar changes
Keygen for version 3.0: Keygen.exe
Version Archive:
Version 2.7 CAB: alarmToday 2.7
Version 3.00 (build 153):
Version 3.00 (build 154):

Attached filePocketmax_alarmToday_2.43__Keygen.rar(150.87 KB)

Version 3.01 b2 SAV: alarmToday301b2.CAB changes thank you Cat
Version 3.00 Build 160: alarmToday_v3.00_Build_160.rar thank Kamachi

Similar programs in the Catalog.

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Rep: (403)
VITO ButtonMapper
version 4.0
Discussion hacking the program is prohibited.

Attached Image

VITO ButtonMapper This program for reassigning hardware buttons ButtonMapper allows you to assign the launch of up to 2 programs for each hardware button of your PDA. The program understands the long and short press, which is very convenient when working with one hand, and also allows you to rid the screen of unnecessary scratches with the stylus.

ButtonMapper can be configured so that when working in different programs, the button click capture module behaves differently. For example, everywhere you can set up a dictaphone button to actually turn it on, and in a reading program you can flip through pages. Buttons can both launch programs and perform other actions — to manipulate the backlight, volume, etc. Moreover: the buttons can be configured to perform certain operations with the stylus - pressing buttons in programs, selecting a menu item. And even more: ButtonMapper is able to record and play macros - entire sequences of actions.

Compatibility and adaptation:
The program supports all screen resolutions and OS, works on VGA, QVGA, WM 2003 \ SE, WM5
Works with soft buttons on PDAs with Windows Mobile 5.0
Works on devices with 240x240 displays

Switch between running applications or close them with the built-in VITO TaskSwitcher (included in ButtonMapper), using the joystick or stylus. Lots of extra skins.
Check the time on the go with the built-in VITO PopupClock (included in ButtonMapper) on the assigned button, they appear on the screen and disappear when pressed again. VITO PopupClock will save your eyesight.

Changes to the current version - 4.0
* Supports Windows Mobile 5.0
* Increased speed on devices with WM 5.0
* Fixed minor bugs when recording macros
* Added support for Dell Axim v50

Version 4.0 EXE: Attached (696.29 KB)

Post has been editedkzvs - 28.10.10, 06:39

Rep: (403)
VITO VoiceDialer
version 4.06

Developers - Warez which is prohibited on the forum.

Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

VITO VoiceDialer - voice dialing software for your device.
Choosing the contacts you want to call from the address book manually is boring, time consuming and even dangerous if you are driving. With VoiceDialer, you simply say the contact name out loud, without pressing anything!
Voice dialing is one of the necessary functions, which is not built into the communicator by default. While voice dialing has become the standard for any cell phone, many communicators do not have this feature. VITO VoiceDialer gives you the opportunity to use voice dialing on your device.
VoiceDialer uses voice commands that you define and record yourself. Thus, VoiceDialer recognizes commands in any language (including Russian), any voice and any pronunciation.

Compatibility: all versions of windows mobile. If you use a communicator, for example, iMate, XDA or MDA, Qtek), VITO VoiceDialer establishes a connection using the built-in GSM module. They say - it works with a button on bluetooth headsets.


Download CAB: Attached (2.32 MB)
Download Russian manual: Attached fileVoiceDialer_manual.pdf (273.37 KB)

Purchase a legal version of VITO VoiceDialer

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Reason for editing: Added link to legal purchase

Rep: (403)

SlovoEd is a multilingual dictionary designed for use on handheld computers and smartphones running on Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard, Mobile 6.0 Classic, Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional operating systems.

Attached ImageAttached Image

It is forbidden to discuss keys, cracks and keygens for Russian programs.

The advantages of this program are:
  • Morphology module (for Russian, English, Spanish and French). Now you can get a translation of words entered in any form, for example, nouns in different cases and numbers, verbs in different tenses and personal forms, etc. This possibility of the program allows you to work more quickly with foreign literature (especially if you use the dictionary in the resident mode) and will be extremely useful not only to those who are just beginning to learn a foreign language, but also to experienced linguists;
  • Online update - the ability to update the dictionary online. You can download new versions of the program and additional dictionary databases from the server without leaving the program.
  • Resident module. You can receive the translation of words without leaving other programs, as the window with the translation of the word opens directly in the active application;
  • Sound module You can listen to the correct pronunciation of a word if the sound base corresponding to the given dictionary is installed;
  • Test cards. You can add individual words to the cards and pass through the test;
  • Table of irregular verbs (for English and German). Several sorting options will help you quickly restore the rest from the verb form you know;
  • Search by pattern. You can search for words you are not sure of writing.
  • The presence of transcriptions in the dictionary entry (for a number of dictionaries);
  • A large number of entries;
  • Ability to install multiple dictionaries at the same time;
  • Color markup of different areas of the dictionary entry and the ability to switch to another word by a hyperlink in the text of the article;
  • Ability to install a dictionary on a memory card. You can significantly save the main memory of the device by writing a program to a memory card;
  • Record low memory consumption;
  • Save browsing history. You can quickly return to any of the words you have watched by selecting it from the saved list of the last 30 queries;
  • Full screen translation mode.

Offsite program

Purchase the legal version of SlovoEd Multilingual Dictionaries for Windows Mobile Pocket PC

Post has been editedtab - 08.10.10, 17:07
Reason for editing: added link to purchase legal version

Rep: (403)
version 5.4 Build 5.621.0312

Attached Image

Description 1:
Awesome program for creating and storing various text notes. Allows you to quickly write something and organize these records in the right form. Grouping works by categories. The program is compatible and integrated into PocketInformant. The text inside the note is formatted, encrypted with a password ... There is a desktop part - with the creation, viewing and editing of records. When they make a tree structure of data storage in this program - it will not be priced.
Description 2:
PhatNotes Professional Edition is a program for working with notes with excellent functionality. Each note has a topic, dates of creation and change, which allows you to easily find the right one. The editors of notes provides a wide range of text design. There is a link to the address book, from which you can automatically select email addresses.
The database of notes is compressed, there is protection against unauthorized access. Convenient interface, tree-like layout of notes.

  • Organize notes + sort by many parameters
  • Import and export as text files, work with the clipboard
  • The small size of the program, the data is stored in a compressed form
  • Password protection
  • Simple user friendly interface
  • Sending notes by email in one click
  • Customizable appearance
  • Filters and regular expression searches
  • Spell Checker (Eng.)
  • Support for synchronization with the desktop version of the program, which is included.
  • Hierarchical organization of notes, as well as grouping by type, date of change, priorities
  • Hyperlinks between notes
  • You can connect up to 32 external files to a note.
  • You can use multiple DB notes at the same time
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Formatted text
  • Supports Windows Mobile 2003 SE and VGA screens
New in PhatNotes 5:
  • Windows Vista support
  • Windows Mobile 6.0 support
  • New synchronization module supports Windows Vista Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 and ActiveSync 4.5
  • New database manager now supports multiple groups (folders) drag and drop
  • Context analyzer allows you to dial phone numbers, opening URLs, and sending emails by clicking on a word that represents a phone number, a URL, or an email address.
  • Full Unicode support
  • New 256-bit strong encryption algorithm
  • Improved user interface
  • New MSI-based installer

Desktop PC specific
  • Seven UI themes
  • New database engine
  • New text formatting features
  • New UI for PhatNotes Alarms desktop utility
  • Programmable context analyzer
  • New multilingual spell checker (can share dictionaries between desktop, Smartphone, and Pocket PC).
  • Favorites Favorites window
  • New Shortcut window allows you to choose from URLs / Files directly from PhatNotes.
  • New Alarms window allows quick access to pending reminders
  • Record Dialog Box
  • Editor's icon status bar. It appears only if the current note is protected. Clicking on this icon unprotects the note.
  • Editor's status bar. It appears only if a reminder is assigned to the current note. Click this icon for editing reminder settings.
  • Improved functionality of the Insert Editor window. -It now remembers the last date / time format selected from the menu.
  • Allows to export / import notes as UNICODE text or CSV
  • Allows to email notes as UNICODE attachments
  • Added the Sort Ascending and Sort Descending commands to the Organize menu. -New commands allow sorting note groups in ascending or descending order.
  • Added the Set Paragraph numbering dialog box
  • The list columns automatically resize the application’s main window
  • Editor's dialog box
  • Discarding the note box

Pocket PC specific
  • Added new buttons and toolbar for the Note Editor dialog
  • Added new text formatting features (WM5 or later)
  • Options dialog box is accessible for Note Editor
  • Improved functionality of the window.
  • Paragraph dialog box (WM5 or later)
  • Added The Set Paragraph numbering dialog box (WM5 or later)
  • Note: toolbars - Numbering, Line spacing, and numbering (WM5 or later)
  • Export / import notes as UNICODE text or CSV
  • Allows renaming linked notes and attachments.
  • If you want to scroll, you can scroll through the current input focus.


PC version 5.6:
Version 5.4 Build 5.621.0312: PhatNotes_v5.4_Build_5.621.0312.rar
Crack for 5.4 Build 5.621.0312: PhatNotes_5.4_Build_5.621.0312_RUsif._ppc2005_.rar - thank totalxxxx
Version Archive:

Version 5.1 build5.561.1112: PhatNotes_5.561.1112_RU_gedanken.rar - thank totalxxxx
Version 5.1 from offsite:
Offsite version 5.2: PhatNotes52.exe
Version 5.3 offsite: PhatNotes53.exe + Russification from totalxxxx

Keigen: Attached filephatware.phatnotes.5.1.keygen.rar (14.05 KB)

Post has been editedAndrew59 - 18.05.10, 06:15

Rep: (403)
version 1.27b
Discussion hacking the program is prohibited.

Last update of the program in the header04.12.08

Attached Image

  • The manuscript is a handwriting recognition system for handheld computers (Pocket PC) of the PocketPC family. Supports the input characters of Russian and English, as well as punctuation marks and numbers.
  • Most of the characters have variants of typefaces close to handwriting, so it is much more difficult to spoil the handwriting (users of graffiti on Palm will understand me). At the same time, there are simplified styles for faster input.
  • The manuscript has a high speed and high quality handwriting recognition.
  • With the help of the Manuscript you can easily enter text without constantly looking at the tiny buttons of the virtual keyboard. The speed is likely to be somewhat lower, but the attention from the text itself is far less distracted. A sufficiently large percentage of users can enter the text blindly with the help of the Manuscript (without looking at the PDA).

Developer site: author's profile chis

Version 1.2 CAB:
EXE version 1.2: rukopis_arm_setup.exe
Version 1.2.1 for WM5:
Version 1.2.3 beta: Attached (279.04 KB)
Version 1.2.7 beta:

Post has been editedkzvs - 02.05.10, 18:18

Rep: (403)
Haali Reader 2.0 257 (Alan and // kld build 7)
Haali + extended color profiles, Russification, interest and small things

Page of the original version of the program

{Link to the review of the 7th build from Alan (old) -}

Attached ImageAttached ImageAttached Image

After joining the revisions // kld aka voodooo (March 2005):
+ added tap-mapper (9 screen zones with customizable actions)
+ added page for setting tap-zones
+ addedcustomizable context menu
+ in dictionary mode instead of percent is displayedbackwards // akb2
+ "if the list consists of a single item (for example," search in the dictionary "...), then go to there immediately, without offering a choice from a single option." // akb2
+ if the action is not available in this context, it is automatically removed from the tap-n-hold menu // akb2
+ Added switching height (or width?) graphic battery indicator
(visual settings->status bar->battery indicator>bold) // akb2
+ changed the principle of the context menu (now it is called by the standard tap-n-hold, and not by the fact of text selection)
+ Added the context menu settings page (up to 9 user items)
+ Added a graphical battery indicator (clumsy - there is little space - you need to think of something.))
+ added color settings for battery indicator
- removed (probably) a bug with offset graphics when you rotate the screen
+ Added command line key to use user profile syntax - p: profilename (can be shared with -d)
+ Added the ability to use bold font in the status bar
+ added status bar settings page
+ added the ability to cancel in the dialog 'create a new profile'
! moved option "use selection" in the control settings // akb3
+ Added option to call the menu after selection (ibid.) // akb3
+ Added option "wrap the last line" (ibid.) // akb3
+ as always something else ...
+ RAR 2.XX support from Denis Sorokovik // akb5
+ new icons for kuvga from Dmitry Zhukov // akb5
- cleaned at the request of reading icons for kuvga from Dmitry Zhukov // akb6
+ Support for Dict dictionaries from A. Solovyov // akb6

Recent improvements from Alezz (summer-autumn 2006) - akb7
1. Added optional ability to run the program immediately to full screen.
2. Added the function "Start / Pause autoscroll". You can bind the button in the settings menu. Also autoscroll starts from the top line of the page.
3. Autoscroll skips blank lines.
4. Added drop-down menu in the file selection menu (the ability to manage files without a stylus)
5. Added the ability to delete files directly from Haali
6. The Progress Bar is drawn over the mark of the sections / chapters of the book. Now, even if there are many such marks, a progress bar is always visible.

Please do not lead in the topic of a comparison with the haali alrider! In addition, you should not make the whole world happy by stating which program you chose to read exactly ... Hardly anyone really cares ... The topic discusses the advantages and disadvantages of HaaliReader. Here we discuss it ...
Excessive disregard for this request - I will punish to the best of my ability ...

Uncle Gena @ 11.9.09, 12:49*
Cab Haali reader

Post has been editedpapamuller - 20.04.10, 11:07
Reason for editing: +1 by variuha on the button 'Complaint'

Rep: (403)
version 2.5

Last update of the program in the header20.12.2009

Attached Image

WmIRC is one of the first clients for Windows Mobile 2003 smartphones, which does not contain various unnecessary and unused functions. It is optimized for those who use mobile chat rooms a lot and send a sufficient number of messages using IRC channels.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Multi channel support
  • Display user list
  • Private chat rooms
  • Duplication of text commands in the menu
  • Macro support, copy / paste functions
  • Multilingual support with translation

Compatibility: Version 2.2 supports Windows Mobile 2003 and Pocket pc2003, versions newer than 2.3 WM5, WM6 and higher.

The source of information - channel #handlpc

Version 2.5 RUS CBD CAB: Attached (96.97 KB)

Version 2.5 EN CBD CAB: Attached (96.56 KB)

Version Archive
Version 2.4 eng. CAB: Attached (113.91 KB)

For smart 2.4 eng. CAB: Attached (107.12 KB)

Version 2.3 cracked eng. CAB: Attached (116.76 KB)

For smarts 2.3 cracked eng. CAB: Attached (108.8 KB)

Version 2.3 cracked rus. CAB: Attached (113.79 KB)
thankEFES * [TT]
Version 2.01 cracked eng. CAB: Attached (185.49 KB)

Version 2.2 cracked eng. Exe: wmIRC.rar thank Nitrogen
Version 2.00 cracked eng. CAB: Attached filewmirc.2.0.pocket.pc.cracked_tsrh.rar (208.47 KB)

Version 2.00 cracked rus. CAB: Attached (99.31 KB)

Post has been editedZeroCold1981 - 15.03.10, 21:03
Reason for editing: flooded cab 2.5 from Dasai

Rep: (403)
Here we sit and discuss the program for the CCP. There are many thousands of them. And we are all interested in what exactly is on each PDA and how the owner uses these programs, why he chose this program, and not the other.

We create a special section, where in the form of a blog, active users of the forum will have their own topic in which they will tell you about the programs they have installed, the secrets of the settings, their screenshots.

And they will interactively replenish and update information in their "blog".

I think this section will be very useful.

Get new threads can ALL!

Recommendations for management:
1. Start a topic called “Your name is my experience using a PDA”
2. Open in the PDA, the menu - "delete programs" and rewrite all the programs that you have, for example:Imate PDA2k - Imater - my experience using a PDA
3. There you will describe your system of doing business, tasks, contacts - You tell how you group them. How to get new ones. Desirable detail.
4. Tell what programs you are not happy with and what.
5. Take a screenshot of your Today.

In general, tell your experience.

Other users may:

1. Ask questions to the author of the section. Thus consult a specific user of the desired program.
2. Advise him to change some program for another and why.
3. Advise him to pay attention to another data breakdown system.

Also in this section, you can describe the complex situations that have happened to you and your device, and how you solved this or that problem. ;)

Rep: (403)
Magic button
version 2.1 build 70912

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A free program to quickly launch running applications, place their icons in the top panel, and close (not minimize) programs + battery charge indication

Compatibility: Pocket PC 2002, 2003, 2003SE, Windows Mobile 5/6, QVGA and VGA

Developer: TranCreative Software

Version 2.1 Build 51023: Attached (36.96 KB)
Version 2.1 build 70912: mbutton.PPC_ARM.CAB
Version 2.1 build 70912 Russian: mbutton.rar

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Here we write in detail:
1. Model your PDA.
2. The entire list of software from the "Start-Settings-System-Remove Programs", on the contrary, we write briefly what kind of program and your feedback.

The topic will be VERY useful to everyone, so I beg you to spend 5 minutes on your "post".

Interesting topic -My animal is my assistant (we share experience)results of the competition.

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Discuss here

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Beats of Rage

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Beats of Rage coming soon is an interesting PPC toy in my opinion. The meaning is very simple we go through the levels and extinguish all who fall under the hot hand. The advantages of the game are quite not bad graphics from the minuses is not quite convenient control, but you get used very quickly.

"The toy is a combustible mixture of hit'em'up" hits like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
The port itself was developed specifically for Beats of Rage, but also supports a bunch of mods created on the basis of this engine for PlayStationPortable (!!!).

Application: download from offsite executable, it already has a mini-mod Castlevania (3MB).
It is desirable to overclock the machine and free up more memory (checked for 20MB - flew)
Unzip to any folder on the card, run the binary (BORce2.exe). All, select "Start game", etc.
Management - hardware buttons (punch, pause, menu, etc.) and joystick (movement).
Jumps and super-tools are cleverly implemented - tapping around certain areas on the screen, but they are so mixed up and implicitly expressed that when you want to jump, you get super-shock and vice versa.

How to install mods: download any archive from the mods page (see below) (Beats of Rage - I ADVISE! The port was developed for it), unzip it into the program folder, so that the executable and the mod were on the same level (in the same folder ), delete or rename the OLD mod, rename the NEW mod to "bor.pak", launch the port.

Mods that work 100%:

Beats of Rage mod
Castlevania mod
Megaman mod
Sonic-x battles mod
Nintendo vs Sega mod
TMNT mod
Village of Rage mod
Ghosts and Ghosts modВ© Igor-mobile"

For Pocket PC, it should be QVGA or VGA models, using WM2003 or WM2003SE.


Versions of the engine:
borce003alpha - alpha version

mods: _

Full version

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