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* qapa,
Man, you're wrong. Only with local file video quality. See Internet. In my village now 4G + shows, but that doesn’t mean that I’m downloading as much as piz ... q although I wanted to.

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You can only judge video quality from local files and from a specific video player.
About the quality of a wired YouTube on 30 megs, do not even say it, it’s ridiculous to her ... I wrote earlier.
Launch the same vidos in Yakutsk and the same vidos in Moscow on the same wired YouTube and with the same 30 mega - you will be protected from the difference.

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Well, it wasn’t camilpho, because I ride a bike through the forest where 110kV electric wires pass nearby
I returned the headphones to the seller, so now for me the topic is not relevant.

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Prozak! @ 08/23/19, 19:51*
Communication sticks began to dance: they sagged, then rose.

Here is your sabaka, the provider does not provide cellular coverage and your body is constantly looking for the best connection even in your 3G or 2G

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Prozak! @ 08/23/19, 19:33*
the modem pushes most of all at the moment when switching between frequencies occurs.

That's just the point, you don’t know what kind of connection a provider gives to a corporate client at a time.
In our village, Vladik extinguishes communication during working hours, and at night gives up to a megobit. It happens when the 4G Internet icon is simply not.
* Prozak!, switch to cars, you have more options for optimization as I understand it is not.

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Ovstanislav @ 08/23/19, 18:39*
then the only available connection is a walkie-talkie

Affordable communication is a satellite phone. And then ... I had to climb the mountain to catch the satellites (by the way, throw in the branch of satellite communications)
Prozak! @ 08/23/19, 18:19*
I can’t - forgot to say about it

Do not make laugh ... In life, no one will prove what wave you were on. In any case, the machine is installed by default on the body and you don’t have to change something, these are the problems of the provider who accepted your body for service.

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Prozak! @ 08/23/19, 16:41*
I do not have 4G)
On the first sim, only 2G is forced.
On the second sim, only 3G is forced.

I wanted to say even earlier that this is absolutely wrong. In my village, too, there was no 4G and now it jumps from just E to 4G + and there is no connection at all for a week.
In my experience, you need to put all three networks on the machine. When the connection drops to E, Akum is melting before our eyes when 3G is installed (tested on HTC One Dual Sim). Manufacturers simply do not suspect that there is still somewhere below 2G: rofl:

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-_doc_- @ 08/22/19, 07:40*
Here is a wonderful channel, but first, set the screen resolution in your smart to maximum.

Thank you for the link - noted!
Youtube has disabled for uselessness, instead it is Youtube Vanced

Similarly, but YouTube generally deleted for nefig: rolleyes:
Saturn1919 @ 08.22.19, 06:23*
when playing 2k video on YouTube, you can immediately see that the sharpness and detail

I'm still at Exodus Eight, but decided to check the link for fun* -_doc_-, on Youtube Vanced. At all maxima, I also have sharpness and detail in the red.
Okay, because I have an Internet shit, I’m downloading Uzbekistan 8K HDR 60p from YouTube in the same place with such data -
Unique identifier: 65392825175610104412735799271089255734 (0x31323334353637383930313233343536)
Full name: F: \ Videos \ Uzbekistan 8K HDR 60p - YouTube.mkv
Format: Matroska
Format Version: Version 4 / Version 2
File size: 869 MB
Duration: 4 m. 20 s.
Total stream: 28.0 Mbps
Encoding Program: IDMmkvlib0.1
Coding Library: IDMmkvlib0.1
Language: und

ID: 1
Format: VP9
Codec ID: V_VP9
Duration: 4 m. 20 s.
Width: 3840 pixels
Height: 2160 pixels
Aspect ratio: 16: 9
Frame rate mode: Permanent
Frame Rate: 60,000 fps
Default: Yes
Forced: No

ID: 2
Format: Opus
Codec ID: A_OPUS
Duration: 4 m. 20 s.
Channels: 2 channels
Channel Location: Front: L R
Frequency: 48.0 kHz
Bit depth: 16 bits
Compression Method: Lossless
Default: Yes
Forced: No

A month ago I was there.
I drop it on my phone and launch it in MX Player Pro. I did not think that the phone could show this way: sveta: But Android Video Player died a minute later, began to stutter and tear the video.
So I think in order to evaluate the quality of the video characteristics of the device, they need to be checked only from local files.

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Urik27 @ 08.23.19, 04:49*
there is a connection to both devices without problems,

OAV65 @ 08.23.19, 02:23*
When the clock is connected, my head unit in the car does not connect

In addition to the clock, I get into the car, the radio is connected but asks about the connection, but the bluetooth whistle in this radio connected to AUX is connected independently without any requests, but it does not interfere. But requests for connections to the radio got a little.

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for the sake of the test: D

For the sake of the test, do not solder only the communication module: D

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turn off the Internet, Wi-Fi, turned on power saving and traffic saving

Turn off the Internet with Wi-Fi and enable traffic saving -: rofl: this is strong!

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What should I do?

Read what they wrote here about this.

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Friends, I don’t know where on the forum and ask.
Actually, I needed the Krenometer in the car, and in the radio tape recorder, then our sensor is dumb (gyroscope). The application of the same name does not work. Nobody met an external USB sensor so that it came to our radio tape recorder?

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I’m reading some posts on the last pages here and I understand how boring I live! At night, when I don’t need a nafig phone, some people get dirty themselves and begin to find out who’s waving electricity on the phone at night. I don’t care, I have a phone all night charging. And I don’t care that it charges up to 100%, I won’t control how some percentage of the charge is, the battery dies there and the way it goes, I’ll change it for a new one.

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Codemaster256 @ 08.19.19, 17:57*
I have already managed (for me personally) to find disadvantages - the inability to use the custom CleanSlate kernel and the inability to install LeeDroid,

: rofl: or maybe someone doesn’t have time for your Wishlist. They will write that the firmware has just appeared, everything has its time.

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BierKoff @ 08/18/19, 20:03*
on the router you can not see the client with the mac address of the camera?

Can not see. And what kind of xmeye. Found some, you need an Internet, asks for registration, registered, writes an error.
Along the way, the Wi-Fi module covered itself. I disassembled the camera, and he was barely warm.

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Prozak! @ 08/18/19, 20:59*
But I do not think that it eats because of this.

Do not think, check, what for you at night the Internet ...
Here ishereI offered 1000 for kiwi, no one guessed. Only* dimanz_79, was closer to the truth - in my village, MTC a day broadcast in 1G format Neither Internet, nor calls, sms only after three hours.

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Prozak! @ 08/18/19, 19:58*
except for the GSM module itself

Switch to only 2G network mode and you will get the result.

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Maybe someone knows how to check if the Wi-Fi module is working or dead.

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Eince @ 08/18/19, 07:53*
Who knows what is bombing in the comments?

Get fucked up. Did you understand what you wrote?

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