Rep: (26)
NT User @ 07/10/2019, 20:36*
And the ability to transfer to bluetooth along with contacts from the root directory of a flash drive?

Maybe you should see a doctor?
And how it does not go about any functionality of the android, so you immediately about bluetooth begin to rave.

Rep: (26)
* Sky_mail,
There is a version of unchained, which displays the names of contacts, but writes the program through one place. Half of what the source is saying is not audible.

Rep: (26)
* kazanova0604,
I practically do not use calls. In the chosen one contact hangs and does not disappear anywhere.

Rep: (26)
* JumpingJerry
Well, because I was given the opportunity to choose a codec, the recording did not appear :-D

Rep: (26)
* STEEL1976,
On moose there is a choice of quality, but there is no checkbox :-D
Attached Image

Rep: (26)
Put this igruhu, like the rules. But opponents are like bots (I launch the game against players). This is the Central Asian game, or with the level it will still pick up opponents who are not standing and looking at you, and who are playing?

Rep: (26)
JumpingJerry @ 07/05/2019, 20:26*
Mobile network in standby mode is eating too much. 4G change to 3G chtol, it may feel better)

Rather the opposite. 3g itself is eating more.

Rep: (26)
Orenfm @ 07/05/2019, 08:31*
Already the third operator refuses me to make a request to disable the service.
The operator says tell me the number who could be turned off, so that I could see the truth or not.
It turns out disabling this service, these applications will not be considered as a distribution?

Go to the office with a written claim.
Assassin225 @ 07/05/2019, 11:44*
All good mood!
Why with VPN enabled (OpenVPN for Android, VPN client for Android) when distributing the Internet from Android to PC the download speed is very low (152 bps)? While on the smartphone itself, the speed is normal ~ 1-2 mb / s. And also, if you distribute the Internet without VPN, then the speed is the same (~ 1-2 mb / s) and better. Enlighten me. I will not be in debt.

Because with VPN, first the traffic goes to the VPN server, and only then to you. That is, an intermediary appears who does not allow you to feel full speed.
With a different VPN it can be different.

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Rep: (26)
Mr_Scratch92 @ 07/04/2019, 16:23*
can I take a screenshot where? And then I can not (((

Just a long tap from scratch in the right category.

Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019, 12:49*
Of course of course. Lying “you can have 100,500 windows of any application on a 4th droid” is the case, and confirming with a screen is nonsense. Vedrofil they are

It is said that if one does not overcome maximalism in adolescence, then it flows into adulthood.

Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019 11:51*
What else to tell you? You lied, merged, that all showed. You can continue - it is funny, you can pretend to be a rag and stop gleaming - it will somehow be useful for you

Wow! Internet fighter!
Chpok_tunec @ 07/03/2019, 12:23*
I see you today in shock, so to speak, pressed against the wall and finish,
and how many of my facts in this topic were ignored and left unanswered

That is why I will not even prove anything to anyone, because when you write hamsters on business, they pretend they don’t see the message, and the next day they carry their nonsense again.

Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019, 11:35*
So will you continue to show your lies plums? Go on, funny to see the torment of the droidophile

What else will you tell?

Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019, 10:52*
Very ordinary programka. For an ordinary droidovralya

Nothing special.
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019, 10:52*
Do you repeat your lies? OK:

Try it.
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019, 10:52*
Come on, run it. Waiting for the screen. 100499 windows not gta is also a lie

All clear. Apparently, I have not even finished school yet.

Rep: (26)
* fshv78
Too hard for you?
No need to break anything at all. Xposed normal application. What is difficult to install the application?
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019 10:20*
Karoch, you lied and merged, it's a fact

So, where did I lie?
And yes, it’s funny that you, as a typical sectarian, threw yourself at the tabbed screen of the browser, went to the extreme and started shouting "Start GTA !!!!". Your garbage can at least 2 can run?

Post has been editedGoplex - 03.07.19, 11:32

Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019 09:43*
So do and show. I offer at least GTA in 4 windows

Well, when oyfon can, then I'll show you. What is not clear to you?
Or do you really think that I’ll run now to put Xposed to prove something to you?
Mr.Tobur @ 07/03/2019 08:28*
It just works. And it works well.

No, the iPhone does not work well. That's the thing. This myth is diligently supported by the Epel hamsters, but this is nothing more than a myth.

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Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019 09:21*
What does pont have to do with it? You just lurked and merged. This is typical for you and other droidophiles.

Where did I lie then?

Rep: (26)
Venenchik @ 07/03/2019 08:37*
Said - lay out, then lay out. Or should the page be filled with empty text, to put it mildly?

On the bluff, I do not need to take.

Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019, 00:19*
Come on ten. All less than yours 100,500

Well, when oyfon can do this, then maybe I'll post it. And so what?

Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/03/2019 00:00*
And of course the screen will be? Well, let's get some gta at least 4 windows

And you do not want ten?

Rep: (26)
fshv78 @ 07/02/2019 23:33*
that is, in the bucket only glitches and eternal holes patch and do not patch. Well, in general, that's right

He himself invented something, he agreed - independent.
fshv78 @ 07/02/2019, 23:42*
That's at least. How many windows of one program are there?

100,500 windows of ANY program, and not those that Epel will resolve, you could still stir up 4 buckets.
Some kind of strange screen.

Post has been editedGoplex - 03.07.19, 00:49

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