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If the firmware for the G900i, the memory is unimportant. Already we found it in the top of the page.

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URAAAAAAA !!!! Zefirku put an official with the Russian language!

I report:

With the help of a magic prog "SamFirm" and tick it "Binary Nature" downloaded Service 4 6.0.1 firmware file for NZC region (New Zealand) and successfully put it on your G900I 32Gb!

Well, to you, small my mates are rare in our part of the device, do not suffer, I spread it on the Yandex-ROM:

P.S. File actually heavier than the single-samsung-firmware on an update (almost two gig), there is no deceit (or even a few pages earlier this places lined chetyrehfaylovuyu zefirku INU).

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New Zealand flashed in my 32GB device, too, the error in size at the end of the file. I think so, maybe the problem in Partitioning? Wanted chetyrehfaylovuyu first Indian to roll and bounce, it is not anywhere anymore ...

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Oh, how, I thought that in this it differs from G900F ... getting old))) I have just 32.

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In terms 32GB version? I confuse something? G900I same all 32GB? If the firmware is still left, put on Yandex drive plz!

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dva974 thanks!!! for some strange reason, not all of the archive copy to your phone, this was among the nepopavshih.
For Amoleda quite a nice bonus for energy efficiency, and just absolutely adore black amoledovsky background :) And black skin without separators buttons rather inconvenient.

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When flashing forgot zabekapit skin, now I can not dig ... In packs of hats did not find (((
Maybe someone knows? screenshots from left:
Attached Image

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Need original enough tweak - in my car homemade wireless charging (based on charging from the PALM Pre), when the phone is on the bracket jumps out a window "wireless charging" for 5 seconds and you will hear a notification sound, from which interrupted the music (because hendsfri, priority by the phone sounds).
Actually, I beg of tips where to find code / tweak, takes away all the garbage (so that only the red LED lights up without notice).

P.S. Sound easy to understand - just rename the file charger_connection.ogg in the folder / system / media / audio / ui, it is good for me with any charging is not needed. But where to find a pop-up window - I'll never know.

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_Revan_ , I find the horizontal leather case in which a communication cabin, do not remember which one (Euroset, AltTelecom, connected - in the other did not seem to go). But took with him on the strength of a couple of weeks - all the time to cling to anything holster, the machine is too long. Tellingly, the HTC MAX 4G with such problems was not like, although the dimensions are not much different. Since carry in your pocket, without covers and backs, really like - thin, round, I do not feel it at all. The main keys and coins not to put to it;)

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Damn, no function "mark as read" the good of it ...
Zadolbalo - smska comes, you see it all on a regular pop-up message in the middle of the screen, respectively, you have nafig is not necessary to climb into the "message" and open it to lost hanging 'unread' message ...
Does anyone know of any way to deal with it?

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Eve ordered, poured into your ranks B)
Actually a question: now found aAccum much as 2300mAh. Ebeem himself never used (although the time to start already ...: blush:), yes, and it is not available in Russia, but find I think you can. Has anyone watched this device? Ready in Moscow in half with anyone order (there are 2 Batteries and Charger). And megabatarei on 3500-4000mAh with dop.kryshkoy as it does not tally with the image I have of a modern mobile device ...: D

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uh ... It displays allegedly degrees, but in fact the percentage is similar ... otherwise how to explain the fact that during rotation of the device about the axis of tilt angle ranges from -100 to 100, and should be in principle 90, in the case of degrees ...

P.S. ambient light sensor on the MAX 4G does not work, but that's our school devaysa that third-party prog does not appear illumination ...

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when flashing vaymaks module stitched?
And then I have a poser with irrevocable departure vaymaksa in idle mode and ... I'm the original firmware, and cmonex, nifiga does not help ...

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I ask the former owners LOOXov (lost / stolen / broken) to pay attention to my request:Need connector or LOOX720 / compatible cable
I plan to embed the connector into the holder in the car, for the following bundles: USB-GPS (Globalsat BU-353) + food (on Batteries Car) + music on the radio (via Line-in) ...

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Outcast-d.o.b , Funny happened))) I'm really in the end I decided not to suffer and buy SE K810i with great camera without any problems)
PS: By the way all my life dreaming about this devayse like your magnifying glass)))

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Armitage Was a program, do not remember exactly how nazyvaetsa ... just for layout switching YUSB-Claudia ...

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about rezet who have not heard yet, the simplest solution to the problem - sharpening the tip of the stylus and draw more accurately, and can rezet! :) With the camera - IMHO optics change is more important than the matrix, though she did not sugar))) And the stylus to buy will never more it is better to do himself if the opportunity is :)

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sturmovik C-SPB's backup should be doing the same thing, at least for me)

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regular1985 , Read the topic, the diode in a flash pulse, he physically can not shine longer than when taking pictures, it just burns out again, and it is powered by two capacitors, and they need time to recharge ...
But such a program include a white screen and the maximum illumination, or work only on devices that have light when shooting, rather than flash, because there it is physically possible ...
karec As far as I know you can not, unfortunately ...
sturmovik , Arthur Sympathize ... experience crushing palm-3 and HP-2410 enables you to understand me ... I hope that my luxe retires in the distant future, in one piece ...

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roma555 , I repeat: I have connected kpkshku and MDRG through and through vayfay-point at home, and through aktivsink, Asya WITHOUT tunnel plows on all but Beeline MDRG, and the tunnel is nowhere ... and the same thing, not only with Asya but also for example with the opera ... while on the laptop through a java-tunnel and Beeline MDRG Asya plows on hurray) and on PDA in any ... so the question is a respected Jimmer What can be a flourish ... o.O

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