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drive, don't drive ... and you have to climb and change the thermal paste - this is true not only for the Legion
stuck Wi-Fi 9260 - bomb theme!

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smeared with LM, downvolt -0.125v (below, there is a crash on the aida64 CPU AES test)
Total: in the stress test, the temperature spread over the nuclei is minimal, above 71g is very rare, there is no trotting
"homeless" version - i5-8300h / 1050

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Tell me, what could be the reason for the chaotic reboots?
What can monitor?

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Why on Orange Pi Zero Androyd ??! There is no human video output on the board even)
Console armbian or try dietpi. And no buckets.

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Good day.

Such situation. On Orange, all the rules work, I go by sssh. I start the process of working on the grid (goes to the Internet).
Close sssh. I’m walking an hour / two, after that I’m not able to get into the sssh, although the network process works (I see where I go on the host).

Tell me where to drip, what could possibly be? Sleep or what?
SD and PSU changed.

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Will the question go with TTL, if you connect another wi-fi router (with openWRT) as a repeater with a straightened TTL to this modem and all devices (with default TTL) to hook to the repeater?

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everything is described here and works
I did not succeed in the beginning because of the cable, the charge went and the ports did not open.
On the transition by url, my ports obviously did not open, everything started to work after starting the search for a device in dc-unlocker. Yes, it was like that - you start searching in dc-unlocker, but he swears, he doesn’t find anything and ports appear right there, well, and the second time all good

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first look at it

I did this article - everything is ok.

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Regarding the battery - go to the branch on ZTE AF3, in the header there are a couple of useful things. After I used them, the bodies lay without wifi - a day + 9 hours, while eating 15% of the charge. In the post on replacing the Alarm, there is the name of the application that is eating everything ... I also got rid of it. BUT, you need for all this ROOT!)

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disable auto-update and download the latest 5th AnTuTu from the site

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1.0.3 flashing the standards, cleared the A5 from the megaphone with it and put the patches described in this thread.
All system tweaks and rutting will not fly off after rolling back to the factory / cleaning the cache - TESTED!
By the free space I now have 3 partitions - the system (/), 0 and temp_sd, each of 2.23G (and there is also a swap invisible), but unfortunately - these visible partitions are only that available space that the bodies appear to memory properties :)))

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