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I read the topic, and something I do not see that someone complained of ghosting when the device hangs on the charge. I have a variety of chargers 20 pieces (including any Bazeus, BlitzWolf, two-port and three-port supporting QC on all ports simultaneously) and thus guaranteed without glitches phone is just being connected to the native (Xiaomi) charging. With the rest is more or less appear ghosting, brakes and more. And it is not only Mi9T, but also on Mi5s, Huawei P20Lite and Mi Note2 etc. Really it just me?

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Perhaps a stupid question, or may have already asked: how to configure the installed modules? In Xposed, they are usually seen as applications, but not here.
I just installed a module that supposedly stops charging the device at a predetermined level in%, and I cannot find where to set this level.
The module is called Magic Charging Switch. Poke your nose pliz.

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Sluhay, and that the new theme to the inability to view replays of fights in the arena ??? Some of them are gray and writes Replay not available. It's like it is switched-off? Someone can view and someone not ...

Posted on 07/05/2018, 20:52:

Ristretto @ 05.07.18, 20:38*
And approximately how much you need swords?

People here love figure 50k. I passed without swords. I did not know yet what it is and why it is necessary. :)

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Radiotehnika @ 05.07.18, 14:08*
It seems to be without it reduced.

The description did not see anything about it. Maybe so - not tested.

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t @ uru $$ @ 05.07.18, 13:07*
Sitting in 30 league and farm a few months things for 35 fighter, is still a perversion. It was possible to lvl 55 for this time swing and since white things for half a unit in the legend put the portal.

If this is about me, not a few months, and for almost a month, or more precisely 3 weeks. The problem is that at 4h30 I was just so hicks and came (if memory serves, the troop strength was something around 100k - stupidly arena meat), so that at least do something of themselves to represent, had to sit and swing, but he stepped - lifted the weapon shop to level 2 and again hemorrhoids. So most importantly, it is written - such as Level 1: Weapon 21-30, and Level 2 -oruzhie 29-40. Who knew that would be only 29-30 green? Nowhere is it written that the lower limit of the same epic upolzet to 33 until proapgredilos - I do not know. And when it - is already too late.

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Radiotehnika @ 05.07.18, 13:12*
I came out refreshed I realized reduced while leveling the players?

Advertising should look - while shrinking. Well, and a chest for advertising added. Let's see what it eventually falls. Promise even Legua. As for the rest ... GemBay'a

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So I dress. It is not a quick process. The 3 portals already earned Leahy - use? Dress can only charm the rest shit. In order to craft - again, it is necessary to violet, which I have only 1 rags and typed, if at all understand. As a result, nearly a month, and only 35 Amul orange hero. Well, how much of it has to wear? Six months? That's the thought that if 30nichkov pododet in violet - they look and in the arena, and the portal will be easier. Can pofarmlyu 10 level, and then only until 9. And this doubler only 42 souls for a pass ...

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t @ uru $$ @ 05.07.18, 00:40*
Just drive out 35. I do not see a problem with that at this level, it is the same for 2 days to deflate again (make advance alternate 28)

So the problem is not when a new pump over, but the fact that the Blacksmith has 2 levels - all at 30+ except greens, well, a forge armor initially on 30+ except green. It turns out only epic mythical chests - that somehow not so, because at 1 chest stash tired, and there is always garbage wagon and need anything ... That frowns - rolled away like there is no special meaning. In 40 league so that there is - xs. One may however, in the 40 to take off?

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Here write the contents of the trunk master of the arena depends somehow on who is in the barracks. I have a situation such TK 6, Blacksmith foolish bled on 2 levels, and a detachment of 30-30-28-35. And the trouble is that the level of 28-30 fighters dressed as himself. Well, the weapons are also not the best. At the magician so all greens. Due to the fact that a forge Level 2 I can not do blue or epic weapons to fighters below 30. From all of course also falls to 30-37. Is there still the possibility somehow to get stuff for up to 30 fighters? If they are put in the barracks, and 35 to withdraw and open master chest - there will be some level of armor? It is likely that there will be something for 30 or less? Or drove 35 do not fucking happen? Bad, that even drove, I could not forge anything for 30 and below :(

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artbester @ 03.07.18, 22:38*
As a portal farm at my level or if it is impossible to farm, where to take things ??

All right advice - doubler shower. Goblin at its discretion. I pick apples without night. Then I woke up, then something else - zhmaknul a couple of buttons, and again sleep course crowded kitchen in a couple of hours - so I lose a part of. But that did not stop me at the last portal Pharma turns the 8 Level 9 is slightly less than 10k dial shower. Enough for Legua (govnomech true) pair of epic Amul and poured the rest at random blue. But of course without a premium to sit and wait for every battle - it's a pain. Because bought prem. At the same time, and maybe more sympathetic apples ...
mknewbox @ 03.07.18, 22:17*
I am also very interested in this issue

Prior to such subtleties not yet reached, but there is a question - such as if you have different arts of warriors with the same effect (eg Well summon healing times, and another summon healing after the death of the war) Everywhere write that works siravnoone , So? Ok. I see the people in the arena, clearly Nuba, hung with the same artami, saw up to 3 identical. I wondered. Well, not fools Well probably. And the question is: why is that?
The head comes only that if one worked, and he was immediately killed, then it will work, and the second? (Such as would be the case). Or the first load valnuli earlier than art, then the same will work for a second? (This option did not seem to contradict the operation condition of only one). Or a third option - in many battles like the art works a few times - a kind of protection from the fact that once again someone closer to the end of the battle debris, and here at you and live with Art ... In short, tell me if anyone in the topic !
Also raises the question, if 2 artah same frail parts (by count of recoverable x) other things being equal (sometimes works, for example) - is there proiritet response?

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Zlodeiki @ 02.07.18, 07:27*
EmperoR [BMS], I remember killing him 2tanka one res and spells call for archer

There is not a spell on the TZ5. Okay, I will try.

ZY As I said. One artifact and red cattle defeated !!! However, with the power unit under the 150k I'm not the coolest in the arena 3x30. Chinese is a kind of grasshopper. And clearly are they there somehow organized play. Painfully odinkaovo all in all, as a clone. And the players are numbered and clans. A feeling that they are on shift intrudes in the outfit. And there is a certain task - to fill so many swords. Otherwise, I suppose shot. : Rolleyes:

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t @ uru $$ @ 01.07.18, 22:51*
That no one now swinging at these levels?

Personally, when I read about what's going on at these levels - there do not even want to. : Lol:

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vassago23 @ 01.07.18, 22:41*
aa, that was falling 2 heal, tank and res. about 3x30 - hardly

3x30 in the arena full of people in this armor. On my other account 4h30 was weaker than the current 3x30, but the magic pumped as TK was already 6. Expense of spells and valnul. But there is clearly a combination of some, once I had a 57k to omit 2-3k - is in fact quite a bit. Perhaps we need another 1 artifact ...

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vassago23 @ 01.07.18, 22:33*
it does not do not care for phys damage? it seems necessary to beat mages. tank and mages ests or frail

Not one. At the end of the level, skotorym Framework can buy armor and ax. Argonius epta.

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Somebody detachment 3x30 endured this quest red cattle ??? I am worn out today. All apples merge 2 times on it, poured all the magic. He remains the 2k 3k is life and that's it. Different combinations tried - nifiga. Can anyone remember how to cut it down? Power unit 128k (normal: Onion + + mage resoy tank in epic + 2 knives art)

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jabka1975 @ 01.07.18, 22:17*
Those. if not to take into account the bonus of armor and bizhi 1100 club best knives in 1000?

jabka1975 @ 01.07.18, 22:17*
THX. kind of figured

Too late, I had already written
Knives beat 2 times per second, well, that is, in your case, 500 each. Dubin do not remember, but if Veri Slow, then 1 every 2 seconds, but 2200 is obtained (at a time). Well, that is generally a better club. But there is a topic that until 2 seconds go by, well, for example 1.5 seconds have passed, the knives caused 1500 damage, and the club has not caused anything ... It can play piano ...

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DixiLT @ 01.07.18, 21:34*
Tank or the skeleton?)
Tanks RESA) Skeletons have not seen)

Fighter course. Well, now how many times the scene killed the fighter, mage then another 5-10 seconds lived, or anything. Skeletons esessno endured, then taken for an archer and mage. And the magician a bullet stick his and not RESA RESA tank. Well, that is for the fight he did one never Resa, because he killed for the tank after or almost simultaneously with the onions. Kakbe because of this garbage has merged several battles weaker rivals. Choate I do not like this situation ... I just read here that with the latest update they have something there namutili with a skeleton-armor. Oh, is not this?

ZY I think I understood what was going on. It is not skeletobronya. This mage armor, which in Dumaguete casts the stupor, and the magician invulnerable treated, but Nichrome does 2.5sek. Most likely this is it, but by golly stick magician waved neperestavaya ... Probably good armor when damazhit magician, but for the res-mage uniquely evil because when the tank dies, it first arrives in the scoreboard.

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jabka1975 @ 01.07.18, 17:29*
Simple question - on the arms painted figures "damage per second".
It really DPS, or just attack?

Here is how it is written, so it is. There are speed bumps in seconds, and the higher it is, the better because the bonuses to damage (by of armor) are added to each punch.

Posted on 07/01/2018, 21:31:

Maybe a silly question, but never read about this: if a fighter Skeleton reservation, why was not he RESA magician after death? This feature of the skeleton-armor?

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hatha @ 29.06.18, 22:45*
Again. 6 TK armor or cook, or are willing to take.
7 TK can take the chests, but gently.

Yes, I understand. I'm still on the 5th TK sit second in accompaniment ... 3x30 moved here yesterday. At first yes, TZ6 and 4h30 for a long time. Apnul all unknowingly. Sucking arena ... I recently got in 1-3 places. Today in the machine farmlyu 8-9 Level portal already. I am saving up for Legua doubler souls ... But the heavy, more than 100 times it is necessary to go.

Posted on 06/29/2018, 22:54:

hatha @ 29.06.18, 22:45*


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So it is that no one knows that there will be an arena for fighters 4h30 if the pump up to the value in the amount of more than 124? What is the next level / sublevel of the arena? reluctance to pump and then expel the fighter, if there is just a hell of a 55 ...

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