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Yes, on xda discussed - wheezing speakers. It seems the people quickly changed the warranty.

Without a clue, in the next branch they wrote that the asus has an international guarantee and you also have it, but I have not seen any reports about the practical side. I advise you to dial the service and find out the details.;m=Nexus%207

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maxminlove, Like a marriage oleophobic coating. My spot was on the small center is the same. Greatly annoyed. As a result, I ordered film and more have not seen him.

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ODY03, Appendix Lockscreen policy
Chislon Chow razrab. But after the program began to work 4.2.2 is not entirely correct - the clock on lokskrine the bold font is fine. The guy described it and made a request to Google. He has to do with it until nothing could

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verraz @ 14.11.2012, 23:18*
Link does not open. What kind of a program?
Lockscreen Features Policy

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Hello! I know that I, like many of us greatly annoys is * bad * frame from the neighboring widget to lock the screenshot, which is lit each time the device is switched on. So, already there is a solution:
My feelings about the firmware 4.2:
+ Dual socket with svichery
+ Chrome is faster, higher version of the latest marketovskoy
+ Zoom in the mail
+ New watches
+ Timer! They finally hit upon digging timer with it - lovely.
+ I incredibly like the work now goes to the button switch applications as they fly in and fly her - wonderful.
+ In detail there SNM

+ Not for the Nexus 7, but for mobile phones quickly, but abruptly realized the rapid processing of images, very level.

-Otkat panels up after stretching - controversial
-The most bulging panels at a certain motion can go now below the control buttons, which is sad
-Nelzya in it add your settings
Very stupid embodiment widgets to lock screenshot
-How strange looks extra ring for Google nau to lock the screenshot, though sometimes accidentally ran it instead unlock simple.
Do not clear what made the gray background in the gallery at this while navigating through the photos in landscape mode between the main control buttons, which have become a point (Why not hide it? This is too much space!) Where the ink and the photo itself is formed gray bar. It looks ridiculous.

Overall impression of the version as bud-pleasing innovations made, but in such a hurry to roll out what was left of a bunch of punch.

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insider92, Take the usual plastic card, you need to very carefully insert it in place of a joint rubber backdrop and edging, and begins to lead her along the body, notice how it will begin to flake off.

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Achtung111, I must say that I have finally decided not repeating this, but as I understand it - yes, you can.

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bernazky @ 06.08.2012, 11:06*
And more in detail it is possible?

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Hello! He came to me and the device. Bought at Play Store. Until hissing UPS delivered 1.5 days. From sizzling TNT brought to Kiev for 3 days. Very happy, finally the perfect smoothness, it works just yet incredibly smoothly. The materials are good, but I would like top gray edging still aluminum (Guba not fool - the price would be different). About marriage - I have a place to be, though small, and probably the most innocent and most common - Wake up and play a little left of the screen. You understand, it's Wake up to one millimeter, ie, it can only be felt, seen difficult. But of course it is annoying when the entire device is monolithic, and left some creaking and minimal sag. It is true there was a perfect solution, which can easily lead to life. Details on hda:;postcount=1
The most powerful of toys tried just GTA 3 - is perfect.
With regard to memory - there is a feeling that even the 16 GB is not enough.
About 25u.e. - keep in mind that if you just turn on and configure the device to Google objectionable countries - a quarter of a hundred you do not get. In order to get, you need to when you first turn on the device it not login to your Accu, configure VPN to Nexus thought he was in the United States and only after that login account.

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Kataphan, Tell me, please, whether the place has a problem with the screen, which surfaced recently? Peresvechivaniya associated with bright areas of photos. in this article.
Thank you =)

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There is a plug, which adds the ability to change the resolution in the heroes 3. Heroes hd. Called our friend did.

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Bought in June last year, amoled. 2.2.2 was flown alone. Never rutovany not sewn unofficial. Updated by alternately Instal with map updates the BIOS and firmware itself after here.
I hope it's something to tell you. Of the problems with Ginger - I was very frightened overweight self just 12 hours after the update, but more than I did not care. Well, Track Ball decided Lite flow applets.

PS- updated immediately after the appearance of files on the network.

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Strange turned update .. I have absolutely no complaints about the operation of the battery, on the contrary, began to keep a little more. Yesterday, for the small using wi-fi has lived for more than 2 days.

And yes, the expenditure - (a lot of talking on the phone) 73 - voice, 10 - connection to the network, the screen - 5 (not particularly sharilsya) system Android - 2 Android OS - 2 Standby - 10
is as at 12 and a half hours and even 74% of the battery.

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dron3d @ 28.02.2011, 00:35*
I found it through the AppBrain and installed.

But it was not possible to me, or the market opens, or hangs on .. You can install APK do? Through the same EU eksplorer. I will be grateful!

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And what kind of bug with the screen off?
And yet, there is a solution with a trackball -
Only here with a reduced convenience store, I can not even download the free program. Can someone give .apk?

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1. Do not met
2. It does not work with the version 2.3.3
3. It's OK
4. Do not met
5. There is a

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Yesterday put Giger, today had a bad moment - phone rebutnulsya arbitrarily. They say it was a problem Nexus C and its like as corrected. Unsubscribe, who / what.

If anything, all the rest - perfect nexus amoled.

ps. Trackball reminder of missed calls does not work.

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I tried it, when the game hangs when pressing the "load game" button
You will not prompt, the companies will work when pulled from the original game and support them no?

Ps Video settings I should jackdaw only 4/3, I do not like the stretched characters)

Pps Noticed a small bug that if once in many options to put a checkbox next to magnifier in addition to the magnifying glass there is a black frame is thin slightly off the most magnifying glass, as I understand it, it cured it by cutting out the first jackdaws (counting from the top), which refers to a magnifying glass)

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The last third update of the game not a test, and then sat down to play, and was very pleasantly surprised by how smoothly the game has become a go. Missing even the smallest lags in the conduct of a magnifying glass on the map! I doubt very much that this has something to do with Ginger flown, so once again thank you very much to the author!

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Everything is OK, they launched the PTA, and about the division of the parish no one says it just always comes with different delays for all, here and say it can take up to two weeks. The only thing that is alarming - no zip files, and no one has it not received.

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