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Cosmo2010 @ 21.04.17, 18:08*
ps without a guide not at all ...

You can call the voice menu and say "open documents" (or find it in the apps list).
By default, it displays the default folders Video, Music, Photo + mount network balls.
To display the internal memory of the Schild need to click on the appropriate item in the menu.
Really I do not think that they regularly use it will be convenient, but to install APK and tp descend.
As the owner of pro version ES conductor was not pleased to upset the lack of paid version. I set free and immediately demolished because of the advertising.

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Can anyone tell me how to turn off the set-top box IR-receiver

I need root. In remote.conf file (system \ etc \ remote.conf) need to line work_mode = 0 is replaced by work_mode = 1. Either change the value of factory_code.
More detail here:
Minix Neo X8, X8-H - Discussion

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Player BSPlayer lets you browse folders via smb. Es possible through the conductor to open and run in any player.
But honestly I do not understand what you exactly need. Just this thing easier than kodi implemented vryatli can be :)
Cody can mount a folder with movies. All of a home will need to select the video section and in it the folder you want, well, there's next film.
Own actions to do the same, but Cody can simply reduce it to a pair of click by the fact that it is possible to mount the folder.

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Make FOTA update to 004A. At 004 there was a problem with the load on the CPU

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You can update the software of FOTA, but there will have to be updated to the beginning of the 004A, and then only up to 005, but to update small in size. You can also zip vospolzovatsya firmware from the linkpapasha55 . Update without data loss before 005 immediately.
004 firmware problems it solves, because it successfully made the 004A, a long time ago.
According to the ideas in this firmware should have fixed a problem with a twitch video in WEB-DL. But now I have the opposite problem began. Video goes plavno.Osobenno not seen when the camera starts to move to the side. Maybe I just caught some local bug, because the office. Online there is nothing about this do not write. I wait for more money. If no information is displayed, it will wipe as originally planned.

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dimidoff @ 13.05.2015, 15:19*
Prompt at least one application that will allow to hang launch programs on the wireless keypad

Unfortunately, such an application does not and can not be.
The only way to launch applications using the remote control buttons that I know is to add in a file init.rc about this text:
service<activity>/ Path / to / yourservice
keycodes 107127

That's actuallythemeabout this question

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You have exactly the latest firmware? Ie after that I gave, left more OTA 500 meters. Here it is the last. If you have not updated OTA update and to reset to the factory. If you are upgrading, then just do a factory reset.

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First you need to putXposedAnd then himselfmodule. Enable module xposed and note which programs you need to make you think that you are using the wafer.

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The only thing that did not like it - it's the inability to take full advantage of Logitech Harmony Universal Remote

They're kind of programmed IR remote control, and then through a special dongle transmit this signal? Just in the household had such pieces. Given the power that works for you, then perhaps it's true.
Long ago I describedinstructionhow to bind a prefix to another IR remote control and actually how to expand the list of commands that prefix will be understood from the panel.
If Logitech Harmony have some set of profiles, you can use the free, that will not conflict with your other equipment and attach it to a button with the command in the console.

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Connect. The only thing that I do not know whether it needs to work wi-fi in general unnecessarily I have is wi-fi fake. But given the number of applications that require wi-fi, easy to put wi-fi fake.

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Why not at once. It is currentlythere is. It is possible through the browser, but it is better to put the client PC. To make the whole screen you need to hold down the felts ALT-ENTER, either CTRL-ENTER. I do not remember exactly. It will look just like on the TV screen, well, except that the video does not look, but the music but it is possible to listen to) a small delay. Even outside the LAN. But then of course the width and the channel quality is important. Well, in principle, and for the PC analogues above.
Here by the way I have already raised the issue of similar programs.

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Yes. This is a complete image. You can sew with any. But as written, all the data on the console deleted.

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Minix released 004 firmware for our devices. Fota is only next week.
FOTA firmware is complete rum, ie weigh about 500 mb. This is due to the fact that the 004 uses a new version of the sdk.
Generally the firmware must be Fixed many old bugs.

List of changes:
1.) Fixed various app compatibility issues
2.) Improved auto refresh rate switching compatibility (mainly for online contents)
3.) Added Google+ support
4.) Improved amplifier compatibility
5.) Added support for Vidon XBMC / Kodi (for technical questions regarding Vidon XBMC, please contact them directly, we do not answer questions related to this software since we do not make it and we do not know much about it)
6.) Fixed MX player playback crash issue
7.) Hebrew language UI bug fix
8.) Fixed HDMI-CEC long press freezing bug (on some TVs)
9.) Fixed mouse movement does not exit screensaver issue
10.) Fixed XBMC / Kodi wakeup bug
11.) Fixed AML remote control failed to connect issue
12.) Fixed MX player subtitle duplicating issue
13.) Fixed when muted the UI key movement still have sound issue
14.) Fixed HDMI-CEC multi devices issues

Plus many other minor fixes!

Free translation:
1) Fixed various problems with application compatibility
2) Improved support for autorefresh. Mainly for online content.
3) Added support for Google+
4) Improved amplifiers
5) Support for Vidon XBMC
6) Fixed crash mx player for video playback
7) Some bug fix in Hebrew ui
8) For the majority of tv Fixed a bug with a frieze HDMI-CEC (or still crash? I just have just fallen service)
9) Fixed a bug where the movement of the mouse is not recommended if saver.
10) Fixed on waking in XBMC / KODI
11) Fixed a problem connecting AML remote control
12) Fixed double subtitles Mx player
13) I do not understand what it was about. Something about the problem with the sounds of the keys off at UI
14) Fixed problem when using devices with multiple HDMI-CEC.
15) Many other minor fixes

Link to an archive withfirmware. Do not forget to unzip the download is completed.
Sew thisguide. When the firmware with the prefix to delete all data!
If you do not want to remove, wait a FOTA update. Or maybe Bob will make zip firmware.

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And do you switch the jumper does what?))) NO contact). So thatMonstro everything correctly advised.

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Clarify. Meant not seen looking exactly the same as the remote controller :) With a digital layout and TP. Actually I met, but came with the TV.
In general, if you want the buttons to a minimum, you can take and air mouse. Almost all of them, you can disable the mouse control.
Here is the sameminix m1. All buttons except the power (it unnecessarily IR) work great on PC. And c disconnected air mouse, even it is not bad to hold a charge.
So you can search amongair mousewith a small number of buttons and of a desirable option to disable mouse control lever to make sure we did not click on the button.

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Since IR there not plow whether bluetooth panels exist that look and work just like the IR?

Strange that miniks did not care about the driver to operate the remote under the windows. Why then he comes in the kit?))
To have that kind of windowsconsoles. We need to take the receiver.
Still there is such athing. Unfortunately, because of course, now it is not very cheap. This is essentially a programmable IR receiver which is determined by external devices such as a keyboard. Ie customize it to your IR dongle and is simply inserted into the appropriate drive. It does not matter on windows it, android or something - else.
Unfortunately bluetooth remotes I have not seen.

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On my latest works. Try to clean up the data and cache by mx player

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At the office, there is another forum topic with such a bug. It manifested just like you. But he consoles, and so uses English.
I have, in principle, the same bug is present, but only now appears to hang purple screen of death (a purple background on the entire screen).
It occurs when the prefix'm taking into sleep enabled software which interacts with background flash memory device / external drive. For example torrent rocking or samba.

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I want to buyHiMedia Q10But still have questions.
Automatic Change framerate is only in the katabatic player, or in the whole system, any player?
I read in this thread that's kind of like in the firmware 1.0.6 frame rate change does not work, and there?As I understand it for the Q10, 1.0.6 is the latest version.
Do repaired change the frame rate in the next firmware?
I see above that there is 1.0.8. So, is which version to buy better. European, or Chinese? -_-
Quarrels over so many questions, but slightly confused.

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1) I have invites for:
- Heroes of the Storm

2) need invites for
- Ingfilm

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