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Who know where to get the batteries?

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In this theme again continue to confuse warm and soft. Oyfon and vedroed different. It makes no sense to compare them. And for a long time. Do you want a smartphone - take a bucket. Do you want a multimedia phone - take oyfon.

I have long been a major vedroed, spare 5c. Conveniently. At least oyfone software. On the bucket - dofiga. Bucket lives day oyfon half. And my phone iPhone completely satisfied.

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ggeniy @ 18.03.19, 9:05*
Disabled is not completely blocked by the return of strawberries in the official

By the way, if converted into a client API to search on http ...

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MSI G70 @ 18.03.2019, 00:35*
*I did not write in Russian? Disabled on a server. All questions to the CD. There is no alternative.

Here's the rub, - if disabled on a server, then how it works in a browser?
Or all disabled in the API? But then the application with strawberries is quite possible.

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maxim1709 @ 03.03.19, 15:25*
Here is your avka similar to the legendary detective, maybe you know.

I have here a lot of questions - and a half years playing here and here you are - an evil dude selected acc ... Chet cat with lamp smell.
maxim1709 @ 03.03.19, 15:23*
Dear here it's not that I do not sluchae.I Sherlock Holmes to you exactly skazat.Ya just a warning to buduschee.Chtoby did not give details of akkov unknown people.

And here I agree.

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maxim1709 @ 03.03.19, 11:17*
Ruslan Abramich,
Ruslan would you threw in a hat preduprezhdenie.Chtoby people did not give details on who akkov popalo.Osobenno relevant now when we stand one Akka swing until 6000 soared rupey

And there is evidence that he is not that dude prolyubil acc?

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gStrings + tuner
Version: 2.2.1

Last update of the program in the header:12.05.2018

Attached ImageAttached Image
Screens to Russian version
Attached ImageAttached Image

Short description:
Guitar tuner.

Chromatic tuner. Accordingly, it is possible to configure any instrument, clear and easy control. You can adjust the sound through a microphone (works great), or by connecting the instrument to the headphone jack (not tested).
Author RussificationMigelius74

Google Play: https: //

Russian interface: there is

Version: 2.2.1 Post в„–104, author Migelius74
Version: 1.0.6 RUS gStrings tuner (Post # 7773231)

Past versions

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Reason for editing: new version

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Good day to all!
I am looking for a specific game, but there is one problem - play it God knows when, during the 2nd android. I remember - no fights, the essence of the game is that the little girl falls into a strange world where she was given wings and have to fly between suspended in the air blocks, flight is not infinite - apaetsya with wings, it is necessary to collect the crystals hanging in the air. I understand that I ask a lot, but maybe someone will remember ...

Wlace @ 12.01.17, 05:02*
I can not imagine it, a lot like fleppi Bird))

Amendment - to fly from one island to another, even though they were and tunnels ...

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extrider16 @ 29.06.2016, 09:31*
There are original in some places.

Well, we do not have in - ASC themselves recognized this =)

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dalv.71 @ 28.06.2016, 21:00*
It gavonnye Chinese pseudo displei.Hotite quality, place the original in the ASC.

Afflict you - even the original is no longer there.

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* mkudritsky You say popular phone ... Who popular? Beggars Russian students? It is not surprising that a professional team engaged in not junk, and flagships. I also have enough budget smartphones, but adequate person understands that he takes, and does not expect that the budget for the stuff someone will try both for a leader of one of the top manufacturers. Just when I wanted to support long, I took Sonya. And yes, I realize that my old Zetka sixth android will not.

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General-vlad @ 19.04.2016, 16:09*
You can only get better with every wipe.

What with a wipe - this is understandable, I was interested in the possibility of not using fleshtulom. Thanks for the reply - I will try =)

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Good day! I read carefully the cap, but they have not found it. Tell me, my 4.3 firmware, the official to flash through CWM currently 5.1.1 I need to flash first fleshtulom? Or I can just through CWM 4.3 put 5?

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* AMDuser,
And you than your words prove? Ali in the same news agency Strive to that of other hard amplitudes record? : Rofl:

Rep: (250)
sergej-svar @ 03.02.2016, 11:10*
I do not quite understand your sarcasm. I do it for a long time began to photograph. Back in those days, when taking photos in the bathroom, and even worked at one time photographer.

Simply mark with a sufficient number of people calling themselves photographers - from those who spend a regional exhibition of his works, to those who have bought a DSLR for the gallery itself in the bathroom. Therefore'm quite skeptical about the fact that people call themselves photographers.

Rep: (250)
sergej-svar @ 02.02.2016, 21:49*
I will say as a photographer ...

Oh, thank goodness, that only photographers so we multiply - bought a camera, became a photographer, not a desired profession ...
AMDuser @ 03.02.2016, 09:48*
I will not deprive myself of pleasure twice to soak you when infa informant proved to be false, to have been said before.

A proof of you will be ... Again, your fantasies? : D Well you with the facts categorically not friends! : Rofl:

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sergej-svar @ 29.01.2016, 19:26*
In what may be an inconvenience ...

The browser already is able to send you push messages? : D
sergej-svar @ 29.01.2016, 19:26*
For about the audition video in the background and they do not want to hear.

Because it has long been able droid: D And how with it at Bittern?
sergej-svar @ 29.01.2016, 19:26*
And that ... Android-have customers for the majority of websites in the internet?

On droid clearly morefunctional customers to websites than bitterns: D

Rep: (250)
sergej-svar @ 29.01.2016, 17:40*
That is, I need to put 20 customers, plus periodically add new ones.

And you at all sites to constantly monitor all the news and actively communicate? : D

Posted on 29/01/2016, 16:47:

sergej-svar @ 29.01.2016, 17:40*
Just because the browser for some reason inconvenient and without any customers for each site is not life.

You said so yourself, more than this no one spoke: D I'm telling you - you have such a visionary: rofl:

Rep: (250)
sergej-svar @ 29.01.2016, 16:12*
And how do I get perfectly read the news, read, reply and quote on the PDA without the client for the site. I mean now note.
Just imagine ...
Surfing the internet in a browser. From the standpoint of the present androfana-incomprehensible.

No, it's inconceivable only a single-celled brain understands only Boolean logic: D The others are well aware that it is easier to put customers need your website or forum and enjoy not only reading, but also tracking comments and other things. But, wait, I forgot - on Mazday no normal customers: rofl:

Rep: (250)
sergej-svar @ 29.01.2016, 16:08*
So Google Chrome is not a browser? Or just what that one website?

Say, you are aware of the existence of opinions, except the polar? Bittern or replace your logic? : D Either Bittern just enough and you fanatic screaming "no and ninada !!!! adynadynadyn!", Or not enough, and you just covers his popobol: rofl:

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