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A program to restore the firmware KN-1210 put 2.10 C out of the box 2.10 A

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The question is trying to return the firmware from the box Keenetic gives the error 0x830033
I change the firmware through the interface

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put an alternative firmware for v2 Luci openwrt 18.06.0 set it up it worked
but there was a question of speed Modem 3272 with HiLink firmware in PC Incoming connection 43.93 Mbit / s Outgoing connection 19.92 Mbit / s
TP-LINK TL-WR842ND v2 modem inbound connection 17.43 Mbps Outgoing connection 10.92 Mbps
This router cuts speed, and how to deal with it?

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tp-link tl-wr1042nd I understand that this router does not know how to work with modems?

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Faced problem
We have:
1. Modem 3272 with HiLink firmware
2. TP-Link tl-wr842nd v2 router firmware TL-WR842ND_V2_140922_RU

When enabled, we observe:
The router turns on, starts to run, the modem blinks with its light bulb
The router continues to start, turns up Wi-Fi, the modem at this moment is connected to the mains light, the router briefly blinks with a USB light,. In the status of the router opposite 3G it is written that the modem is detected. And the modem goes into blinking mode with a light bulb, that is, the network sees, but is not connected
After a few more seconds, the router opposite the modem is writing a connected USB light bulb lights up the modem also blinks without connecting to the network
I connect via wifi phone only then the modem connects to the network
How to make the modem not disconnect or connect automatically

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For some reason all channels outside the network do not work ufanet please unsubscribe from someone like

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Tell me what to do
When you connect to the computer, the sound when you insert the USB you pull out every 5 seconds

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Please tell me how to install the firmware which is in the format of RAR through TWRP

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Tell me such a problem when the phone goes into sleep mode, it goes into reboot when charging is connected, there is no such battery, the firmware is charged, the drain is

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tell me such a problem the phone when going into sleep mode goes into reboot when charging is connected such there is no battery charged

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Now put ttl 64 on the laptop and two smarts are all ok
I will test further

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on ttl 64 laptop

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I changed the firmware, I changed it, ttl fix did
I cling a laptop all, I cling smart and all hi from Yota
on smart ttl changed 64,65,66
What could be the reason
how to see which ttl on e5372

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Please tell me how to change it all the same.
via dc unloker writes COMMAND NOT SUPPORT what am I doing wrong

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Tell me why on the tablet I start the game when you click on the whole screen, a black screen crashes and hangs
What can be done

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Please tell me what to do to make the nano farm work.

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on the Samsung GT-I9300 Galaxy S III running
the truth is there android 4.1.2

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put does not help
Writing flash version 10.1 or greater is required
you have no flash plugin installed

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Tell me what to do to watch video onlain

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