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Gadlya @ 06/21/19, 19:29*
Last time I notice that I began to hear the interlocutors poorly. Stable Global

Also began to notice.

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Zin-Uru @ 04/25/19, 10:50*
From MTS still remained somewhere within Moscow, is there information?

In Shcherbinka, the station may be. When I myself took a sim card from them they were a shaft. But it is better to ring out and clarify.

Rep: (1)
DimonYD @ 04.17.19, 10:57*
How to remove the fingerprint when paying and leave only the input code ??? If you can screen .. thanks !!!

Unlock in the face?
He also suffered with such a problem until he was advised to turn it off. Now is beauty. I unblock the phone and pay for 20, 30, 40 tr. no questions asked

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FMFANFANFAN @ 03/04/19, 11:38*
Is it possible to organize rdp control over a computer in a local network through this router with a gray IP?
About KeenDNS those. Keenetic support says no.

It is possible throughNo-ip

Did you read this?

You can also use TeamViewer

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Boris 29 @ 02.02.2019, 20:26*
Hello again YearThe new validator. It didn’t work either this way or that way, either through a finger or through that. In general, there was no reaction or a couple of times in a dozen attempts — the ticket is faulty.
New ones are not everything, but they don't care what they say ...

What is the new validator? Last year I had problems with validators on which the logo is on display. I wrote a couple of claims, the answer came. In response to the formal reply, he sent a small statistics on the buses in which the ticket did not work and in which it worked (the route and number of the bus that was in the cabin). After a week on the route used by all the validators I reprogrammed and now there are 2 logos on them and it works without problems

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Dagalos @ 01/19/2019, 21:25*
There is, in the menu "sound and vibration / incoming SMS"
[attachment = "15093862: Screens ... ettings.png"]

Thank you, but this is not it. It is necessary for subscribers, as with individual ringtones.
For example ... From the bank one melody, from the operator another, etc.

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But is there such a question of charging a quick charge 4+ ??)

I have not met. It seems with some phones of some companies were included.
We are waiting for 5+ and it should support all previous

Posted on 1/19/2019 at 8:50 PM:

Is it possible to set your own melodies on sms for different numbers? You can call, but there is no SMS: (In 6 or 7 miui it was possible, it seemed.

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* DR_WELL , shopping up to 1000r.
Sometimes the rules, sometimes the password asks. I have a break in the face. I just do not understand the pattern, then asks, then does not ask for a password under the same conditions.

Up to 1000, I also have a face without a password, and asked for a password and an imprint above. Perhaps small purchases are summarized and when exceeding 1000 asks for a password.
I removed the unlocking on the face and with the phone unlocked both 20 thousand and 30 thousand. They pass without requests.

Post has been editedDR_WELL - 19.01.19, 20:43

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Marishka_ @ 01/19/2019, 16:06*
Why does Gpay payment sometimes work instantly, and sometimes asks for a screen unlock password, although it is already unlocked?

I was so with unlocking in the face. Disconnected and now large amounts fly by with the unlocked phone instantly.

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Came with ali acr122u + otg adapter. I installed an external nfc from the market. When reading a triple or mob. ticket application crashed. I wrote to the author, sent errors, screenshots and he sent me an updated version. Once counted the top three and again crash. In order for the application to work and do not crash, we had to delete the VK clone. Three, mob. ticket reads and writes.

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d -_- b @ 01/06/2019 00:04*
Is this about "external NFC" sense?
if yes, please write down how you try to record.

Xiaomi mi 8 pro miu 10 android 8.1 reads / writes. Added mobile ticket.
Whatever the application crashes, we had to disable the VK clone.

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Dimon_di @ 12/20/18 11:06*
I'm aware that it does not work, I ask everyone on 8.1 so? On the 7th android without root with an external reader, everything worked, replenished the top three.

I confirm.
On redmi 4 pro miui 10 (android 6) - does not work, crashes
mi 8 pro miui 10 (android 8) - does not work, crashes
redmi note 4x miui 10 (android 7) - works.

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Valasatik @ 12.26.2018, 07:33*
It means - before paying for the phone, you must unlock it with your finger or code, and NOT with your face

Got it, thanks, I'll try.

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DR_WELL, because your phone is unlocked in the face, and the face is not a reliable method, and therefore you have to put your finger or enter the code.

At the time of payment, the phone is unlocked. There is a simultaneous request for a finger and a code.

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Tell me, please, is it possible to somehow disable protection or reduce the number of gestures when you pay by phone for the sum of more than 1000 r? First, I attach the phone, then request a finger, a password and attach it a second time.

I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed. If yes, then please poke my nose.

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* jumbojet07 , * DR_WELL ,
And what firmware? I have miui 10 from android 8.1

Attached Image

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jumbojet07 @ 12/15/18 09:17*
My sim is on. I pay in the subway and shopping

Similarly, mi 8 pro.

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Toliyn @ 12.12.2018, 19:43*
Tell me, is there a way to activate a mobile ticket on a corporate sim card mts?
Simka has changed, but through the sim menu is not activated (does not respond to the activate button at all), SMS to 3210 is not sent. Maybe there are more options?

In theory, yes, and so ...
Day passed? After replacing the sim card for a day, the fin is blocked. operations and do not come service sms.

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1. Do not
2. Yes
3. No

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Somewhere in the settings I found a description about the state of the bootloader, how to unlock it with a detailed description. Now I can not find. Tell me where to find it?

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