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LeEco Cool1 - Unofficial firmware
Picturecool1 dual, C106, C103, R116
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In this topic, we continue the discussion of unofficial firmware, started in the topic.[ARCHIVE] LeEco Cool1 - Firmware » , With the exception of custom-based EUI / JUI.

Important information!
  • What firmware should I install? Which is better? Which is glitch-free and economical?
  • First of all, then we backup everything.
  • Before you ask a question, use the search on the topic, because 98% of the questions already discussed.
  • Before flashing anything, read the instructions and guides.
  • Remember that you do everything at your own peril and risk.
  • Most of all developments are done on a voluntary basis, so no one here is obliged to anyone.

Drivers, utilities, recovery, root

From Cuoco to android 6.
Unofficial firmware
Android 9.x
Android 8.x.x
Android 7.xx
Android 6.x.x

Updated post with firmware

Patches and fixes
Firmware reviews
Poll results
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PavelK @ 08/18/19, 09:25*
Only a complete reinstallation helped.

Not necessary. It helped to delete the application data.

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The catalog of the Android section - Firmware>Other brands> Amoi


Amoi A928W(V2x)

Amoi N820 / N821

Amoi N828(Amoi N850, DNS S4505, Imo S89 Miracle)

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* gadyaxrenova ,
Helped methisdriver on multiple computers.

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* k2kot
WITHby thisdriver sing any ears on my beech with seven.

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* cherva70,
: thank_you:

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* nafuk
* Malfurion,
* velikashkin
* sagitt67
* ferhad.necef,
* PlutonLine,
Thank you for your congratulations! : drinks:

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As far as I know, the radio can not be put on b / t headphones, because you need to stick the plug into the jack, and then the phone recognizes it as a headset.

Not everything is so simple. On the example of Xiaomi, Redmi Note 3 and 4X, when wired headphones are used as an antenna, it outputs sound to wireless ones. Redmi Note 5 and fresher so do not know how, which is sad.

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* cptn ,
Redmi Note 5, firmware Miroom 9.5.16
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Themaxbang @ 05/28/19, 00:11 *
stepped on the earphone (some dents on the case)

Optical illusion: blink: no dents. Used carefully, never even dropped. QS1, a couple of months in my ears, I discovered when I read about the cracks, I looked at myself and Oppa, in stock. The functionality and sound are not affected, and to hell with it.
For the rest, I agree with the majority: the ears of my money are worth it, the sound is not terrible, comfortable, aac plows with miui 10 on android 9, the reception is better at times compared to the existing QCY QY8 and JBL T110BT (bt5 after all).
Something needs to be done with the microphone, it’s a fact when I speak outside, they constantly ask me to call back, they don’t hear. Probably, I'll try to drill as written above.

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I didn’t beat, I didn’t throw, but I got a crack on the right. The same as the redmi suffer.
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LeEco Cool1 - EUI / JUI firmware
Picturecool1 dual, C106, C103, R116
Description | Discussion » | Purchase » | Accessories » | Owners Club » | Modification and decorations » | Power consumption (autonomy) » | Camera talk » | Development / porting firmware » | [ARCHIVE] Firmware » | Unofficial firmware » | EUI / JUI firmware »

Important information!

Drivers and Utilities

Official firmware

Unofficial EUI / JUI firmware



Recovery / Root

JUI (Journey UI)


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TWRP recovery from abdul_pt for 4.4 KitKat:here (taken from here )
Installation methods:link (methods 2,3,4,5,6). On the same link you can download 2 versions CWM recovery .

For the extended reboot menu, I use the programВ® Quick Boot
* fazergoo Did you mean this? Reboot

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I have a question about TWRP, can you tell me or give a link

the link in the cited post works, it’s still hereoops, I inattentively read the question. I'll look at the archives ...

A sourcehere
For 4.2, you can try this ( fileTWRP_1920_1200_rk31xx.img(3.36 MB)

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* okzm
The built-in TV center sees media files on the local network.
Also crawl on LANES File Explorer File Manager , ASUS File Manager (File Explorer) .

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* pskan
With samba, it didn’t come out of the cap; I couldn’t get the menu with any dancing.
WITHВ®LAN drive - SAMBA Serverwound up in a couple of minutes without shamanism.

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* Vladis19,
The ears are collected on snaps, open at the seam with a thininstrumentfor disassembly.
You can also use a knife if you are not afraid to lose your presentation.
I also have a problem with the microphone.
And at first the removal of the grid helpeddescribed here, but again, it was enough for less than a year, after the microphone died completely.
While lying, his hands did not reach the replacement.

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Romiks @ 02/09/19, 18:26*
Can not flash through recovery

What kind of recovery, what kind of error does it write?
Romiks @ 02/09/19, 18:26*
In recovery I select a wipe and a hard address, then it does not reset anything

Those. Swipe in recoveryswipe to factory reset or wipe - data , writes OK, but the data and applications after loading remain in place?

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Romiks @ 02/08/19, 16:26*
nothing changes at all

It is not clear what exactly does not change?
In more detail, what are you sewing on and why and what changes are you expecting?

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The catalog of the Android section - Firmware>Nokia


Nokia 3

Nokia 5

Nokia 6

Nokia 6.1

Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia 8

Nokia X / X +

Nokia X2

Nokia XL

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