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There is a local network with a router Zyxel Keenetic. Huawei B593 is used simply as a WiFi access point (WAN port is not used, the LTE modem, too, the patch is plugged into one of the LAN ports and is connected to the switch). When configuring Huaveya I put his patch cord to the port its network card and everything was fine. But after its integration into the local network configuration page, called by his ip address is not opened. Ip address huaveya converted into addresshttp: //homerouter.cpe/and output DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN error. And this is a bug climbs not on all computers in the local network. Only a few, including mine. Where to dig?

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ripazha13 @ 18.03.20, 09:17*
android with no associated not?

It does not.

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SONIK100 @ 17.03.20, 04:17*
The last 3 days have to recharge every night, with the time setting on the clock is already off zarchdku

I, when refused Force Touch (recognition power tap the screen), the problem is accompanied by an increased battery consumption. Check at work Force Touch. If you do not work - in service. If it works, remember that recently put in and unplug.

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magol2007 @ 06.03.20, 04:21*
how much did not change the iPhone, the difference between adjacent phones is almost negligible. Feel the speed boost if you change your phone in a generation, if not two.

Plus. The difference between the 10-Coy and 11th iPhones can be seen only in the tests or intensive games. Well, in the obvious - in the third chamber. For the rest, there is no difference. Maxim went on to 6S + - that's where the difference was.

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jenya19041975 @ 05.03.20, 16:26*
Realized I had a copy on your computer to make your old phone?

Exactly. Moreover, by checking on the "Encrypt backup". Only in this case, the backup data from the fall of Health. You have been set up backups in icloud? If so, then the backup is still there and can be rolled forward to the new iPhone, and thus restore all data, including exercise. Uchetki Apple ID you old? Check by going to Settings - his Apple ID - iCloud - Storage Management - Backups. If there is a copy of the old phone, then nothing is lost.

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jenya19041975 @ 05.03.20, 16:07*
the whole history of missing workouts with a new phone! This is normal? Who knows?

Of course normal. We had to make an encrypted backup of your old phone and restore it to the new phone. Then attach your watch to the new phone.

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Maksimiks @ 04.03.20, 19:52*
By the way, who uses what data fields for a run?
If you can share links and the reason for the choice.

I use this with the following fields: Sensor emergency, current tempo of the previous range of Tempo (kilometers), timer, distance, time of day. In the second photo shows the screen that is configured to run on PacePro.

Attached Image
Attached Image

n0Brain @ 04.03.20, 20:49*
I did not weight soars, and the fact that they hang out. If loosen - scrolled on the hand, tighten if more - hanging out with the skin.

In general, with such not encountered ever. Silicone Strap (cheap and at the same quality) Ali can be seen on the screenshot above.

Posted 03/05/2020, 6:14:

EasyWorld @ 05.03.20, 07:13*
When the backlight is on, the difference between screens simply colossal.

It would be helpful if you did the photo.

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Gramual @ 04.03.20, 18:09*
I understand correctly? be sure to watch was issued for the country in which the ECG is supported to activate the ECG by editing the configuration file? For example the US

Yeah, right.

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n0Brain @ 04.03.20, 14:32*
I asked it for the convenience of a larger screen maps.

I believe that all things being equal a larger screen and more convenient for cartography.
n0Brain @ 04.03.20, 14:32*
but to carry a piece of iron 90 grams on hand every day, and waving his arms in training ... no experience

I ran off the entire winter on the street: a jacket, sweater, shirt, two pants, two socks, hat + mask. Therefore, the extra grams of hours did not hover. And they will not soar in the summer even more;) I did not notice at the hands of the clock. IMHO, of course.

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Demon7777 @ 04.03.20, 03:01*
jacket presses

I while running jacket sleeves, sweat-soaked, pressed on the screen. It was, incidentally, one of the reasons to refuse AW.
Jafar @ 04.03.20, 01:20*
I would like to try that there is a radio and competitions

Radio - it Facetime Audio, optimized for hours. Only owners can enjoy hours of Apple. I function is not gone: treat yourself and scored. Competitions - function is active. You can compete (for burning calories) with other users hours. Search for opponents is carried out either by phone address book, or apple id input.

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n0Brain @ 03.03.20, 23:08*
You can show what fields you can add to the card (photo) mode?

I did not try to add data fields to the map. I do not why, and I'm not sure that this can be done. A plurality of data fields can be easily added to the screens for many sports. I'm talking about is trying to say.

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n0Brain @ 03.03.20, 23:08*
You can show what fields you can add to the card (photo) mode?


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Lossentaur @ 03.03.20, 19:37*
Does Garmin Connect -Umeet pull data aggregator Health Weight c on the iPhone? The Health-it conveys. But in my house used Xiaomi scales that are associated with their application, which stores the data of all members of the family, and my weight is fine passed in Health. It is possible to automate the weight transfer to the GC?

Can. Put My Fitness Pal, and connect it to the third-party applications in the GC settings. After that weighed on his scales, MiFit will transmit data to the Health, My Fitness Pal will take them from there and transmit to the GC. I have this bunch of works about 70% of cases.

Posted on 03/03/2020, 17:07:

n0Brain @ 03.03.20, 16:21*
if only see it, what's the difference?

In this case, the difference is not fundamental. But on the screen of my watch can display much more data fields. it is essential for me.

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n0Brain @ 03.03.20, 15:36*
those. the difference between 1.2 and 1.4 screens (information reading convenience) have

How not? The larger the screen, the course is more convenient.

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Gsmirnov @ 28.02.20, 18:19*
Installed third-party pedometer. Number of steps displayed on the screen, but it is updated only when manually entering the program. I understand this is not conquered or need somewhere something to click?

ChiefTech @ 14.02.20, 11:31*
You can not. StepsApp application itself does not consider the steps. Steps find themselves constantly watch. A specified application only reads information from the Health, which is the iPhone. If it is to do it all the time - hours of battery discharge. Therefore, does it with a certain periodicity or user instructions when he manually runs the application on the clock.

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n0Brain @ 03.03.20, 04:01*
Am I right? Who has any observations?

Cartography used on XC MTB competitions: pre-loaded track, provided by the organizers in the hours and drove around the track. Everything was perfectly clear before the clock turns vzhikali warning about them.

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Lancrock @ 28.02.20, 17:22*
Tell me please. that include internal in-app purchases?

App purchases allow access to topographic maps, Open Street, NOAA, FAA, USGS. At no time during use I did not have need for them. The standard version uses the standard Apple maps.

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Nero-Green @ 28.02.20, 00:31*
Do I understand correctly that the optical sensor starts to lie in the high pulse areas?

As the practice of this forum, it is individually. Someone there is no difference, for me, for example - is.

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ArhiZaman @ 27.02.20, 02:57*
Here are 4 Watch out of production.

In order not to create competition for the fifth, by which the differences - at least.

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As the "fun" you live on android: rofl:

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