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notebook: Windows 10

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This 15.6-inch laptop, which optimally balances performance and portability, is an ideal solution for gamers. Incredibly stylish device equipped with the latest high-performance components. Lenovo Legion Y530 has a full-size white backlit keyboard, as well as the most efficient and quiet cooling system. Thanks to this gamer can be included in the game anywhere and at any time.
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Intel®Core ™ i7-8750H 8th Generation
Intel®Core ™ i5-8300H 8th Generation
operating system
Windows 10 Home or
Windows 10 Pro
15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) display with IPS matrix (144 Hz, 300 cd / m2), or
15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) display with IPS matrix (60 Hz, 300 cd / m2), or
15.6-inch FHD (1920 x 1080) standard display with IPS matrix (60 Hz, 250 cd / m2)
Video card
NVIDIA®GeForce®GTX 1050 up to 4GB
NVIDIA®GeForce®GTX 1050 Ti up to 4GB
NVIDIA®GeForce®GTX 1060 up to 6GB
52.5 Wh
32 GB DDR4 (2666 MHz)
Storage device
PCIe solid-state drive with a capacity of 512 GB (in the maximum configuration), with the HDD or separately.
Hard disk capacity up to 2 TB, optionally with support for Intel technology
Audio system
Harman® speakers with Dolby Audio ™ technology
Ports and connectors
3 USB 3.0 Type-A ports
USB 3.1 Type-C port
Mini DisplayPort 1.4 Connector
HDMI 2.0 connector
RJ-45 Ethernet Connector
Combo audio jack
Novo Hole Connector
Communication media
Wi-Fi 2 x 2 AC + Bluetooth.4.2
Wi-Fi 1 x 1 AC + Bluetooth.5
Dimensions (H × W × D) 365 x 260 x 24.2 mm
Weight 2.3 kg
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E-my scared, tell someone how to cut down these idiotic pop-up icons?

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Buntr @ 03/16/19, 14:24*
While not seeing any visible changes, CO is also often included.
But I believe that our laptop works very quietly, periodically included coolers do not interfere with me at all.

I take my words back, under load, in gamesperceptible decreased temperature and noise from the fans.
Updated from 9VCN12WW to 9VCN15WW.
Map 1060.

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Disa2908 @ 03/16/19, 13:05*
Does the laptop run coolers every 2 minutes in office tasks and simple? Is there a difference on different versions of the BIOS?

While not seeing any visible changes, CO is also often included.
But I believe that our laptop works very quietly, periodically included coolers do not interfere with me at all.

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And what kind of version does this Vantage show, at the latest of the last - 8JCN48WW (Jan 28, 2019).

metalcorbl4 @ 03/16/19, 10:24*
Most likely on 1060

Stark-t @ 03/16/19, 00:02*
I generally stopped looking for him) stopped at 46 and does not offer new ones)
Who knows what the plug is?

Yes, the laptop on the 1060 video card, in contrast to the laptops from 1050, we have different bios.
As a result, figured out, the installation helped manually.
1. Go to the site
2. On the website in the upper right corner, enter the serial number of the laptop (you can find it in the lenovo vantage, lower term).
3. Expand the list of BIOS, download the latest version and run the executive file.
After the start of the installation, do not touch the laptop right up to the Windows welcome window, there will be several reboots.

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Not what is not installed update bios.
The topic seemed to have such problems, what solution?
Bios backlash enable did not help.

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Well, what can I say, I am a little disappointed with the top-end picking of the 63RU, the LG LP156WFG matrix has highlights in the corners.
If you slightly bend the screen with your fingers, then the light disappears, in the closed position I noticed that if you look at the laptop from the side, the screen lid does not lie evenly, but slightly curved outward in the center by about 1mm. (See picture.) Rather, because of the curved cover, the matrix is ​​deformed, which gives light in the corners. Or just poor-quality assembly.
Highlights are visible only on a black background, and at maximum brightness, diminishing the brightness of the light decreases proportionally.
It seems to be already reconciled, but it’s thought that by giving almost 100k I should get a perfect laptop.

Friends, what would you advise in this situation? Within a few days I can return it and order the same, but where is the guarantee that will come better?

Other impressions:
The 144 Hz screen is cool, the smoothness of the picture is really felt, the contrast and juiciness of the picture are also very good.
Everything else is at its height, compared to my 7 year old HP, this laptop is very quiet, even at maximum speed.
The speakers are normal.
Witcher on the ultra flies.

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* Sw-777,
Please tell me if it makes sense to check the laptop in the store (Citylink)?
Or take your laptop home and test it in a calm environment? After all, within 7 days you can still return the money.
I heard that in the system do not give to check the laptop before paying for goods.
Is the opened box legally a violation?

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Vardo @ 09.02.19, 09:29*
I got to passive stand for laptop

Is it not a big slope of the laptop, it is convenient to work in this position?

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Friends, tell me when buying a new laptop with dos, ssd is marked up in the MBR or GPT?
In which mode to install windows legacy or UEFI?
If we have a UEFI support mode in the laptop, how to switch from the BIOS to the UEFI graphical interface?

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* Alex on spot, So you probably have a config with dos, i.e. without Windows!
What is the model code?

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ZK1983 @ 01.24.19, 21:15*
without inclusion in the network should not be included (battery in conservation mode)

Tell me this is true? Driving on fiction?

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And where is the Windows on the new laptop? On hdd or ssd?

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Who has a hard drive, try using the Victoria program to adjust the "noise level" HDD.

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Here at CES2019 Laptops were presented Lenovo Legion Y740 and Y540.
As I understand it, it looks nothing like 530, the same stone, but the video card will be more powerful - RTX2080.
Well, the cost has grown significantly in retail from 100k.

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I read on Wikipedia about thermal interfaces.
The composition of their different and very different, it all depends on the price.
I will quote:
"In the manufacture of thermal pastes as heat-conducting components are used fillers with high thermal conductivity in the form of micro-and nanodispersed powders and their mixtures:
metals (tungsten, copper, silver);
microcrystals (diamond);
metal oxides (zinc, aluminum, etc.);
nitrides (boron, aluminum);
graphite / graphene.
Mineral or synthetic oils, liquids and their mixtures having low evaporation are used as binders. There are heat-conducting pastes with a binder polymerizing in air. Sometimes, in order to increase the density, easily evaporated components are added to their composition, which make it possible to have a sufficiently liquid thermally conductive paste during the application process and a highly dense thermal interface with high thermal conductivity. Such heat-conducting compounds usually reach the maximum thermal conductivity within 5-100 hours of work in normal mode "

I'd add Thermal grease should not be in a liquid state, it should harden to a certain degree and gain density. The denser the material, the higher its thermal conductivity. The article also says that thermal paste needs to reach maximum thermal conductivity within a few hours, which means that when it is heated, an internal reaction takes place (evaporation, solidification?).
So until there is a real test with the temperatures before the replacement and after the replacement of the thermal paste, under equal conditions (taking into account the exposure), I will not believe that such slag comes directly from the factory.

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4e | _o \ / e4e |< @ 08.01.19, 17:32 *
replaced thermal grease today

Thermal grease of very poor quality?

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Who will explain to me?

Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH 81LB000YRU laptop
15.6 "LED 1920x1080 FHD / TFT IPS 144Hz / Intel® Core ™ i7 8750H 2200 Mhz (4100 MHz) / RAM 16 Gb / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 Gb / HDD + SSD (Separate) 1000 Gb + 256 Gb / No Drive / Windows 10 Home SL 64-bit / 2.3 kg / Onyx Black (Black)

On the official website, this configuration costs 121,990 rubles.

Lenovo Legion Y530-15ICH 81LB0063RU laptop
15.6 "LED 1920x1080 FHD / TFT IPS 144Hz / Intel® Core ™ i7 8750H 2200 Mhz (4100 MHz) / RAM 16 Gb / NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6 Gb / HDD + SSD (Separate) 2000 Gb + 256 Gb / No Drive / DOS / without OS / 2.3 kg / Onyx Black (Black)

This configuration also costs 103590 rubles.

As you can see, configs differ only in HDD capacity (and in a cheaper configuration it is more by 1 TB) and in the presence of an expensive Windows home model.
The difference turned out 18400 rubles.
Is the Windows so expensive? (looked, on average, Windows costs about 9 tr)
So what's the matter, maybe the components are cheaper?

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What tests do you need in games?) I7 1060

Witcher 3, and in general tell me what impressions about the laptop?

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Everything)). I am the happy owner of legion y530 model 81LB003yru cost 83400.
Today we will experience 1060)

Congratulations, waiting for tests 1060.: rolleyes:

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