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Who in the cold phone loses its connection?

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In the cold and the phone loses its connection is blocked, there is no patience, who knows how to solve and may have been someone like that?

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In the cold and the phone loses its connection is blocked, there is no patience, who knows how to solve and may have been someone like that?

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Alundraxxx @ 06.10.2018, 17:57*
Proposes the downloaded video into storys instagrama.
The gallery is smooth. I know this problem is not present.
Who knows how to solve this problem?

Also very problem, some subscribers have the same problem, working version 50 and everything after it does not work
Device xiaomi mi5s, let's face write kollektivke

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Do not wait, notifications do not work, what with what can it be?
All right? the fact that 2.6 without Ceyla

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* impactw0w,
iphone 4 ios 7.1.2 is running and all is well)
Thank you: blush:;)

Posted 04/24/2016, 8:38:

* SkyNET8,
But who do you want to pull your passwords)

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most likely they reset the blast before moving on from ios 8
but the product they really became shit, all right, why was the update - marketing?

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* Oleg200008,
Send complaint to the post in added cap (Installation xposed)

Posted on 12/22/2015, 12:51:

Guys!If someone SOMETHINGNEW SAMPLES,Experiments with the device

Sure to write and to do at least WRITTEN GUIDE
4.11. The title of the topic and posts is prohibited:
4.11.2. Writing topics and messages in CAPITAL LETTERS;
Check outForum Rules!

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* S.Gomer,
That is, Google has not stood originally on the phone service? or do them when it removed?

Posted on 12/21/2015, 10:18

And what kind of firmware such "R08" can be in Russian?* Byvalyy2,
It is through flashtool?

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* S.Gomer,
Yandex Disk is much better used and so and so

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* subaru121212,
You can statement publicly that as a yes?

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* subaru121212,
Be sure to throw off such things are very important.
You're right on the clean backup made?

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* 7th !!!,
Here are our army calibrators replenished =)

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Perhaps placebo, but cyclical in any case helps.
google and google is not, this is not an official source. The main works for me, and if someone tries the same to anyone because hands are cut off? I suggest to everyone to experience it for yourself, it is the right of every

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* user777555,
I do not know, everything works wonders ... maybe not as file deletion affects the process as cyclical charge discharge ... but it works, and rightly so.

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* igorz74,
* subaru121212,
Calibrating the battery to help, I always helped in this situation
with this phone ptfu ptfu ptfu ...

Posted on 12/16/2015, 12:07:

Directly on the Internet hammer "Battery Calibration"

Posted on 12/16/2015, 12:11:

What am I torturing you something ... I do

Below is an example of a previously-calibration done at Lenovo, there was a battery 2000, and held almost 3-4 days with moderate use)
Observe everything that is written here - for calibration loses all meaning.
1) Any way to completely discharge the battery - as long as the device did not turn off. At last gasp (2-3%) backlighting
remove as much as possible, turn off the SIM cards, Bluetooth and all that consumes battery. We are waiting for the phone is turned off.
Then we try to turn on your smartphone a few times (I took one, because the phone is not fully turned on) - to
battery is already completely exhausted. any waiting time.
2) Connecting the native charge (or equivalent), and NOT INCLUDING smart phone - to fully charge the battery. Why not including,
so that the battery life is not simply spent and there was no "pause". As well as charging will happen faster. At the end,
We see the green light
3) Turning off the charger for a few minutes and remove the batteries. Do not want to open the cover - wait a moment.
4) Insert the battery back again connect socket included in the charger. Now is not disconnected from the charging
smartphone, include it.
5) Wait until the body load. CHARGER is not disconnected !!! For when loading system significantly drain the battery,
but we need the full.
6) Run the program Battery Calibration - if the charge is 100% Muzychko hear - after the press "Battery Calibration"
and reboot the phone (normal reset)
7) And the last stage - when we will complete 100% reload the device again, and only after a full load of Android
- the charger is disconnected.

After all the manipulations necessary to phone 3 times to fully discharge, and fully charge because Battery overwritten file and must be set again.Attached KB)

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* Oleg200008,
vibration works just it is not so sensitive, decrease the value of the knowledge of

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* loadrunnerxxx,
that's right)

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* loadrunnerxxx,
Viper Viper) usilienie placed in the midrange podubral pancake yes ETOGES Chinese everything you need on the idea =)

Posted on 12/14/2015, 04:04:

I try config bring to mind and lay

Posted 12/14/2015, 4:06:

As observed from the start of the forum those who took to the phones are not ali express all those kosyachny denies all

Posted on 12/14/2015, 04:08:

Look piezo doogee from Internet stores can find really replace
or make out a look at the speaker look for such a network.
How to do something quieter or deprive frequency is a mockery

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* 7th !!!,
The sound of the right lung, if not satisfied, programmatically

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